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The Trump administration’s first day in office was a remarkable one. Not remarkable with accomplishments or in uniting the country. It was remarkable in absurdity. Trump did manage to bring a…

Alternative Facts
The Wall!
My poor dead grandfathers are turning over in their graves!
I did my exercise!
We miss out... Now we have to suffer our bad choice. I didn't vote Trump, but I did not do enough to work against him.
Trump deserves neither support or the presidency...
Drain the Swamp! Ya thanks, Donald...
It's working!
You have the mandate. So crank this shitshow to eleven. Unleash two years of absolute carnage. Deregulate and destabilize and destroy. Show us the true face of unchecked greed. [...]

Dear Republicans, Burn It To The Ground - Politically Incorrect USA
Vaccinate your children!