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It is in the nature of our volunteers to seek out any way they can help the community. Jess Morley, who has taught English in both Hong Kong and Thailand, has taken her experience and shown some classic All Hands initiative by launching an after school program with the kids at Bachchhala Devi in Nuwakot, Nepal.
All Hands Volunteers
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We are continually overwhelmed by the generosity and support of our volunteers, partners and donors. Thank you for sharing your experience to inspire friends and family to #volunteer in Nepal.

It is because of you that the doors of Prithvi Secondary School are now open. To join us as we continue to build new schools, apply here: [ Link ]
All Hands Volunteers
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We couldn’t agree more with All Hands Volunteer, Michael Ellis, about the impact you can make. “I would say to someone who is thinking about volunteering, just jump in there. Don't be afraid. The biggest thing is to listen to people who have been hit by a disaster. They need to get things off their chests and just having someone that shows a little compassion is a HUGE help," says Michael...
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What's happening all around the world with All Hands Volunteers this week? Check it out!
All Hands Volunteers
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We are looking for lifechangers who want to join us in impacting over 24,000 lives of kids and families in Nepal. Join our #AllHandsOnNepal movement to register 100 new volunteers by 3/1 to come to Nepal by the end of July and experience All Hands Volunteers for yourself. It will change your world.

Apply to #VOLUNTEER by 3/1 and receive a chance to win a flight around Everest! [ Link ]
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Kindness is just love with its work boots on. How will you spread kindness or pay it forward? Happy National #RandomActsofKindness week!
This Valentine's Day, we want to share some love! Our volunteers and the children from the Bachchhala Devi School have been hand-making special valentine cards in #Nepal, where our team is building more schools. Come join us and volunteer today! #HappyValentinesDay

LEARN MORE: [ Link ]
Share the love by making a donation in the name of your #Valentine and receive a beautiful e-card that lets them know the world just got a little bit better because of them.

Give Love Today: [ Link ]
Great news! We made it to #TheClassy100 this year! We're honored to be recognized as one of Classy's Top 100 growing nonprofits and look forward to another incredible year of reaching out and helping those in need together in 2017. Who's with us?

Read more at [ Link ]

100 Nonprofits That Grew on Classy in 2016 | Classy
When the floods hit Denham Springs in #Louisiana, everything changed for Trinity. Read this special story.

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From the Ashes of Disaster – Trinity Rose
Our #Louisiana Flood Recovery program has diverted a team of volunteers to help residents struggling in the aftermath of the 7 tornadoes that hit Louisiana yesterday. This recent devastation falls on the heels of two massive floods in 2016 and has left many families truly suffering. The message? We're still here. JOIN US!

DONATE: [ Link ]
At least 7 tornadoes touched down in Louisiana today, including one of the areas where our team has worked since the flood hit last August. Needless to say, this is another big blow to several communities that are already struggling. All Hands Volunteers is actively assessing the damage and the need for additional assistance. Check back for updates.
NEW story on the The Huffington Post by our own Tanya Glanville-Wallis featuring All Hands Volunteers in Nepal and what compels us to act in the face of adversity. Check it out now and share!

NEPAL: Where Hands And Hearts Meet
May 7 - May 22, 2017
We are thrilled to announce our second annual All Hands On Everest Challenge where we will see two teams of All Hands Adventurers take on the Himalayas and trek to Everest Base Camp and Island Peak! Kicking off on May 7, 2017, the aim of this endurance challenge is to raise funds for our ongoing projects in Nepal, with all...
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All Hands on Everest | All Hands
After learning the shocking damage that was done to the Sunshine Acres trailer park in Adel, the team immediately set out to provide owner of the park, Mr. William Bush, and the community with help. “There was 30 trailers totally destroyed. The debris was scattered across a total of 500 yards or more. A lot of it in the woods. Most people lost their entire contents of their house. Yesterday...
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We are proud to announce that our Manos a la Costa project, designed and implemented in #Ecuador by our very own Rory Thor Dickens, has received a prestigious HONORABLE MENTION by the SEED Network.
Manos a la Costa was selected for excellence in Public Interest Design through a highly competitive jury process - an incredible achievement...
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Why did you come back? "Because the smiles of the children makes it all worth it". There is still work to be done today and we need your help! Watch this video to hear from the heart what our dedicated volunteers have to say and then, JOIN US. We hope to see you there!

Sign up now to #volunteer in Nepal: [ Link ]
In our 8 weeks in #Tennessee, we started off running the Volunteer Reception Center (VRC). This meant that as people heard about the plight of the people of #Gatlinburg and showed up to help, we assigned them a job to do. And in the process, we heard story after story of loss and heartbreak accompanied by pleas for help. So once we'd enabled 18,000 spontaneous...
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Meet Janet Morgan. She was a social worker for 20 years before she became disabled. And when the flood hit #Louisiana 5 months ago and her house filled with 6 feet of water, she lost everything she owned. Yet here she stands with a big smile on her face for everyone she meets, counting her blessings at every turn. In her thick southern drawl,she says, "As much loss as I've had, this is a...
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After the #Tennessee Wildfire, our team was tasked with the back breaking job of clearing away the ashes of entire homes that literally burned to the ground with all their contents inside. But in the midst of this sometimes grueling labor, our team takes the time to sift through ashes by hand in strategic areas where homeowners are hoping precious items might be found. It's painstaking work,...
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