“What these volunteers do, these few days or weeks of their lives that they’re giving up, they’re affecting people’s lives for years and years and years to come. They have shown me that you can’t underestimate humanity. There are still people out there who are willing to help others.” - Trinity Rose
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Because of you, we have witnessed the power one can have in making an impact in the lives of millions. This weekend, we're kicking off with a special series of stories that inspire us. Featuring individuals from all around the world. Get ready to be moved. Take part in this incredible message and #SharetheGood
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We just wrapped up an incredible week in Nepal, dedicating two new schools in the Nuwakot District: Prithivi and Kalyani Devi. It was an emotional week full of celebration and inspiration. We are now more motivated than ever to continue to move the ball forward for the kids in Nepal. It's not too late to join us!

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What's happening all around the world with All Hands Volunteers this week? Check it out!
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"We extract all metal, shovel the ash, remove unsafe trees and even sift for any precious memories that may be left behind, buried in the rubble. If we can even find just one thing for the homeowner, it might be enough for them to get the closure they need to start over" says Scott Calestein, an All Hands Volunteer.

Local masons are a big part of the family here on Program Nepal, but at the Bachchhala mobile site it is quite literal with father and son pair Sher and Dipak working together. Sher, and his son, Dipak love working with volunteers despite the language barrier. “Even though we don’t understand each other, we laugh and have a good time. I left behind my profession in carpentry to work with the...
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Today, we are posting in memory of Lois Exell, a member of the All Hands Volunteers Family (alumni of Project Leyte and Project Nepal) who sadly passed away in December of 2016.
While the #EveryChild campaign has come to a close, the desire to reach as many children and families affected by disaster is as strong as ever at the heart of All Hands Volunteers. We offer our heartfelt gratitude to all those who supported #EveryChild, which culminated in an incredible $221,500. Thanks to YOU, thousands more kids around the world will have safe places to live, learn and...
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What's happening all around the world with All Hands Volunteers this week? Check it out!
Netra is 72 years old and this is her #EveryChild story.
We are delighted to announce that starting in January 2017 we have commenced a 2-year partnership with Beazley Group - global leaders in insurance. In addition to making generous donations to our programs, Beazley will be working with us to create a series of fund raising challenges including an Everest Base Camp climb, kayaking challenges and cycle challenges, so there will be fun for...
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A local student of Prithvi school is happy that he will finally have a safe space to learn. Let’s give more kids safe spaces to learn when natural disasters make getting an education impossible. #EveryChild
Here's to a new year and to making a difference in more lives.

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Take a look at the impact you made this year. 2016 has been a huge year for us and we couldn't have done it without you all. Thank you!
Never underestimate the impact you can have on a child's life. Watch Soujon's story and join us in our goal to reach #EveryChild impacted by disaster.

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Your Part in #EveryChild

This is Efrain. When the earthquake hit, the walls collapsed on top of the bed that he slept on. Efrain happened to be at his grandma's that night. Thanks to you, the family now has a new home and sweet Efrain has a safe place to sleep. #EveryChild
"This work gives me a tremendous sense of purpose…everything I’ve got I can use” said David. Let's show our support and choose David Campbell, our Founder, for this year's NGO hero! Click 'recommend' now on The Guardian.

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GuardianWitness - David Campbell, founder, All Hands Volunteers

This little guy is standing by the remains of what used to be their school in Port-Salut. The living conditions have been hard since Hurricane Matthew and there are big lacks of the most essentials in life, but the future of these children is our motivation to keep making a difference. #EveryChild
A child from the Dranu village is holding a paintbrush for the first time in her life. Many children in Fiji and around the world do not have the opportunity to be educated because of a natural disaster. With your help, we can give #Everychild a chance.