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"Forced to live in the shadows or flee for their lives."

Javid started a petition on All Out | Your Petitions asking his country's authorities to adopt an anti-discrimination, hate crime, and hate speech law: [ Link ] #vosazerbaijan

Have an idea for an LGBT campaign? Start your own petition: [ Link ]
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01/20/2017 at 18:58. Facebook
Azerbaijan is the "worst place to be gay in Europe", and Javid is fighting to change that.

He started a petition on All Out | Your petitions, and it already has over 8,500 signatures! [ Link ] #vosazerbaijan

Start your own petition today: [ Link ]
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01/20/2017 at 15:51. Facebook
It’s Inauguration Day for Donald Trump. And the beginning of a huge fight to protect the rights of millions of Americans.

One big attack we could face is the First Amendment Defense Act - a law that will allow any business, organisation, or person across the country to discriminate against LGBT people.

Congress is ready to pass it. Trump promised to sign it into law. And we’re ready to...
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Take away the rights of some of us and you have to deal with ALL of us.
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01/19/2017 at 22:58. Facebook
All Out is proud to be an official partner of the Women's March on Washington on January 21. [ Link ]

Because women’s rights are LGBT rights and human rights. We fight for equality.

There are more than 600 sister marches around the world. All Out campaigners will also be present at the Women's Marches in New York, Boston, Mexico City, and Rome. Join one in your city: [...
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01/18/2017 at 16:52. Facebook
Trump's regime takes hold in two days. With your help, we can send a powerful message: take away the rights of some of us and you have to deal with ALL of us.

Commit to the fight to defend LGBT rights by becoming an Equality Champion with a monthly gift today.

We’ll send you a free “FIGHTING BACK” tote bag, as our gift to you:

[ Link ]
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01/16/2017 at 12:00. Facebook
Does business have a role in advancing global LGBT equality? Today at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Open For Business and All Out will host a discussion to address this question with global activists.

This panel marks the first time leading LGBT activists from around the world will have a dedicated event at the WEF. It's an opportunity to inform global business leaders on the realities...
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01/09/2017. Facebook
Want to make a difference in your community? You can now create your own petition with All Out: [ Link ]

All Out | Your Petitions is a new tool that puts All Out members in the front seat, allowing anyone to start their own online petition on LGBT issues. Get yours started today!
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12/30/2016. Facebook
Let’s face it: 2016 was a pretty terrible year. It seems like everywhere we turned this year, insecurities, anger, and intolerance won out over solidarity, community, and love.

But progress isn’t a straight line. Our wounds will heal. Battles will be fought in the name of those we’ve lost. And together, we can create real change, as long as we support each other.

We’re going to need all the...
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12/28/2016. Facebook
Isaac Mugisha, Pride Uganda: This year we’ve seen some of the world’s biggest bigots rise to power. But their power is fragile and supported by hate. Our power is ultimately stronger, supported by an unshakeable belief that everyone deserves to live safely and with dignity, no matter who they are or who they love.

We’re not giving up. If you’re ready to keep up the fight in 2017 with partners...
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12/26/2016. Facebook
Heading into 2017, forces of bigotry are empowered by Trump’s victory and Brexit. We have to fight hard to help our partner groups in Africa defend their communities against the import of hate.

Donate before midnight, December 31 to help keep exported hate out of vulnerable LGBT communities in Africa next year:
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12/23/2016. Facebook
Görkem from Istanbul Pride: All Out members inspired us to keep fighting. They gave us strength and dignity. But the government continues its crackdown and hate groups keep attacking us. As we head into next year, it’s clear we need a global movement.

That’s why it’s so critical that All Out has enough funding to continue to work with activists like Görkem next year. Donate by Dec. 31 to help...
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12/22/2016. Facebook
For many, it feels like those who want to hurt our community are rising to power in so many places. But if we stick together, love will win once again. We’re not giving up, and we hope you aren’t either.

Chip in to fuel the fights we’ll be facing together in 2017: [ Link ]
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12/21/2016. Facebook
Xiaoyu Wang, All Out member: Young people across China face homophobic harassment every day. We’re drugged and put in “conversion therapy.” We’re told that we’re “sick” because of who we are and who we love.

But with the global support of All Out members, we actually stand a fighting chance. Help make sure we have that fighting chance next year by chipping in before Dec. 31:
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12/20/2016. Facebook
2016 was full of challenges and tragedies for the LGBT community. In the face of that, All Out members showed solidarity and love.

As we look ahead to 2017, we have one message: Bring. It. On. [ Link ]
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12/19/2016. Facebook
Dear 2017: Bring. It. On.

Some of the world’s biggest bigots have risen to power. All Out will keep on fighting. If you’re ready to fight back too, chip in by December 31 to fuel global campaigns for love and equality in 2017:
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12/18/2016. Facebook
Tens of thousands of people around the world have voted and the results are in. Your Homophobe of the Year is Mike Pence.

We have one message for him: We won't back down against your #homophobic hate in 2017.

Share this message if you agree!
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12/17/2016. Facebook
Over 30,000 people have voted and the results are in. Your final two candidates are: Mike Pence and Vladimir Putin.

Cast your vote in the final round of Homophobe of the Year today: [ Link ]
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12/15/2016. Facebook
It's time for round two - just four candidates left.
Cast your votes today: [ Link ]

Help us crown this year's biggest homophobe and expose their anti-LGBT agendas. Together, we'll unmask the hate and make space for an empowering political debate based on love and respect.
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12/12/2016. Facebook
We’ve paired up some of the biggest homophobes of 2016. They’ve gone above and beyond to disempower, threaten, or hurt LGBT people around the world.

Voting will happen in three rounds of match-ups. Cast your votes in the first round today: [ Link ]
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12/09/2016. Facebook
Fantastic news from Morocco: the girls are free!

This is a huge victory for LGBT rights in Morocco. After a huge outcry from brave Moroccan activists and more than 103,000 All Out members from all around the world, the girls were found innocent by the court.

But this is just the beginning. The girls should have never been charged in the first place, just because they were spotted kissing...
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