Well, there are few places left on the Strip where you can get free parking. Not only is MGM raising its parking fees up to 39%, now Caesars is going to start charging for parking.
Well there are few places left on the Strip where you can
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All Things Vegas
All Things Vegas
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While owners of other gaming companies are building additions to their properties or buying existing resorts, Stevens is preparing to tear down older venues and construct a new resort in their place. The Las Vegas Sun interviewed Stevens last week to talk about ...
All Things Vegas 06/21/2017

Stevens relishes blank canvas in devising downtown resort

Vegas Vickie came down today, but she'll be back soon.
All Things Vegas 06/13/2017
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شيطونك بالا
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On this day in 1929, Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal was born in Chicago. He operated the Stardust and other Mob-owned Las Vegas casinos in the 1970s and early 1980s, and Robert De Niro’s character Sam “Ace” Rothstein in the 1995 classic “Casino” was based on Rosenthal.
All Things Vegas 06/13/2017
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The kicking neon cowgirl is currently perched above the the closed strip club Girls of Glitter Gulch.
All Things Vegas 06/08/2017

So long, Vickie: Iconic Fremont Street sign riding into the sunset

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Slot machine play will return to downtown’s Las Vegas Club and the Mermaids casino later this month — at least, for 16 hours.
All Things Vegas 06/08/2017

2 closed Las Vegas casinos to open temporarily to preserve licenses

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This is so wrong!
This is so wrong
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Do we need to say this twice??
Do we need to say this twice
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With honor and gratitude, we remember.
All Things Vegas 05/30/2017
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Where would I end up if I walked a mile in your shoes? ????
Where would I end up if I walked a mile in your shoes ????
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Holy cow. Can you imagine??
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