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Alley Cat Allies condemns WI cat hunter's boasts. We are currently investigating and speaking to authorities about the case of Samuel Wood, a Wisconsin resident who boasts on his Facebook page of killing cats and other animals.

We are still reviewing the matter to make sure that the letter of the law in Waushara County and Wisconsin is being followed, and will advocate for stronger laws if...
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Alley Cat Allies Condemns Wisconsin Cat Hunter’s Boasts
Alley Cat Allies
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Today is Love Your Pet Day! Who in your life gets extra petting, playtime, and treats today? Don’t have a pet? Nancy or Seamus would love to meet you! Learn more at
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We couldn’t if we tried, Office Cat Oliver.
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The abandoned cats we rescued in Bethesda, MD are doing well as barn cats at their new home, Maryland Horse Rescue. While their kittens were socialized and adopted into indoor homes, these independent cats prefer an outdoor lifestyle. And they’re flourishing! This lovely lady has been renamed “Valentina.” Thank you, Maryland Horse Rescue!
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Beat the heat of kitten season by spaying and neutering! When the weather gets warm, kittens are born. But spaying and neutering helps in more ways than preventing surprise litters: it also prevents certain cancers and improves behaviors. Keep the cats you love healthy and remember to spay and neuter! Find out more at
Sinnie and Possum have been adopted just in time for Valentine's Day, but we have other cats still looking for love! Read about them at
Learn all about community cats and Trap-Neuter-Return! Our 45-minute webinar shows you all you need know. Watch it Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at 2:00 p.m EST. Read about it here: [ Link ]
Congratulations to Humane Rescue Alliance for launching their Blue Collar Cat program! These neutered and vaccinated cats aren’t social enough to be good pets, but they’re willing to earn their keep as pest control in your Washington, DC area business. Learn more about the program here at [ Link ].

Blue Collar Cats
One of these days Office Cat Charles is gonna chomp all over your boots.
We’ve been sprucing up around our community cat colony on Pennsylvania Ave in Atlantic City, NJ. Thanks to our volunteers, we were able to do repairs on feeder boxes. Check out the new roofs on these community cat feeders!
Need some inspiration on shelters for your community cats? Check out our ideas and video at and [ Link ]
Our “Helping Cats in Your Community” webinar is back! Learn about community cats and the basics of Trap-Neuter-Return! This 45 minute online demonstration will show you what you need to know.

Helping Cats in Your Community Webinar
Spaying and neutering is great for community cats – and for your cats at home! No surprise litters means no kittens for you to find homes for if your cat gets outside. Spaying and neutering prevents uterine and testicular tumors and cancer, and it saves female cats the stress of going into heat. Cats that don’t feel the urge to mate are less likely to roam, fight, or spray.

Learn more about...
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If you missed our packed session last Saturday at #NAVC2017, Better Together: TNVR and Public Health with Dr. Weedon, stop by booth #51 and pick up all the resources we handed out!
Stop by and say hi—we're at booth 51 at #NAVC2017 until Wednesday! We've got great resources and information to share, giveaways, and, get your photo taken with #FranktheFeral (and then share it)!
Who to root for today? That's a tough choice Office Cat Oliver—but we're always rooting for you! #LOLcats #ATLvsNE
The Alley Cat Allies staff had a full-day seminar with cat behaviorist Kelley Bollen. Kelley is the owner and director of Animal Alliances, which offers educational seminars and workshops that address the behavioral care of shelter animals.

Alley Cat Allies is committed to the humane and compassionate treatment of all animals. We had so much fun learning about cat behavior and how to apply...
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February is National Cat Health Month! A great way to keep cats healthy is to spay or neuter them as soon as they’re ready – 2 lbs or 2 months old. Spaying and neutering stabilizes population and has health and behavior benefits! Learn more at
Hawaii residents, act now to save cats! Bills HB 606 and 904 could potentially allow cats and countless other animals to be rounded up and killed. Tell your legislators that you oppose killing animals in the name of conservation.

The humane, effective way to stabilize cat populations is Trap-Neuter-Return. Don’t let these dangerous bills undermine that work. Share this with friends in Hawaii!

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Take a sec to watch these cats go after they've been trapped and neutered! Tell us about the community cats in your life. #FeralTuesday