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Kitten Season is when kittens are born at a rapid rate in spring and summer. You can prepare and “beat the heat” if you spay and neuter cats before warm weather.

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Possum, named for the colors in his fur, is very loving cat. In fact, he would love to go home with you! Learn more at
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“Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?”
― Martin Luther King Jr.
Take a moment to read Becky Robinson's latest Huffington Post blog: The Power of One [ Link ]
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Want to help cats? Make your voice heard! Our tips allow anyone to be an advocate for cats in their community.
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Australia plans to kill millions of outdoor cats across the country in a misguided attempt to protect wildlife. But new research shows that reports of Australia’s feral cat population have been drastically exaggerated. An article by Drew Creighton of The Brisbane Times explains that while previous guesses have suggested up to 20 million feral cats in the country, the real number is closer to...
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Alley Cat Allies Statement About Australian Feral Cat Study
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These black cats can cross our paths any day – we know they’re really good luck! Are you lucky enough to know a special black cat? Tell us in the comments.
Want to help cats on a more consistent basis? Our Cat-alyst Society is for people that schedule a monthly donation. Learn more at [ Link ]
Is there a red-headed cutie in your life? If so, give them a peck on the cheek or a scratch behind the ears because it’s National Kiss A Ginger Day!
Do you want to use your skills to help cats? Our Feral Friends Network of individuals and groups puts you in touch with people and cats that need you. Volunteers, veterinarians, rescue groups, and other cat experts around the world provide help and advice in their own communities. You even get access to our exclusive Feral Friends Network Facebook group! Join the Feral Friends Network today!...
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Shirts, buttons, and bags, oh my! By popular demand, we’ve made our shirts available to the public and we have new button and tote bag options. See all the new items in our online store at .
Kitty, it’s cold outside! Give outside cats a helping hand with these winter tips. Learn more at
Office Cats are the sweetest treat at Alley Cat Allies. We donut know what we’d do without you either, Charles.
What’s the most fun you can have with your computer? Looking at cat pictures, of course! Choose your favorites from our selection of digital wallpapers and your computer desktop will be the Cat’s Meow! Download them at
Polydactyl means “many toes” and refers to cats with more than five toes on their front paws or more than four toes on the back paws. Author Ernest Hemingway kept polydactyl cats as pets and was so fond of them that extra toed felines are often called “Hemingways” in his honor. You can spend your #NationalTriviaDay learning more about cats at
We are looking for foster homes in the D.C.-Maryland-Virginia area!

Fostering an Alley Cat Allies cat is so rewarding and super easy. We pay for everything—you just provide the love! If you're interested in fostering for us, fill out our foster application form today: [ Link ]
Vinnie from Pennsylvania is one of our 2016-2017 calendar cats. Learn more about him and the rest of the cats we featured at .
Here’s a “Thank You” gift basket for all of you that support Alley Cat Allies and cats around the world. We share your passion and commitment to making 2017 the best year possible for cats and kittens like these!
Alley Cat Allies is proud to follow this advice from scholar Margaret Mead, and we’re thankful for all of our supporters. Together, we’re helping more cats than ever.
With help from our supporters, Alley Cat Allies has made great strides for cats in 2016. Together we can continue to protect and improve the lives of cats in the new year. You can contribute a special, tax-deductible gift here: Let’s start the new year off on the right paw!