In oral arguments before the Washington State Supreme Court, the state attorney general admitted that floral art is speech. So how is it that the Washington Supreme Court still ruled against Barronelle? How could they force her to create artistic expression that violates her beliefs?

It’s because the government is not concerned about protecting Barronelle’s speech. The state’s attorney...
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If Floral Art Is Speech, as the WA Attorney General Admits, Then Why Punish Barronelle?
University of Southern Maine gets the message: It's FREE speech, not FEE speech. Student group won't be charged $450 to host speaker school said was "controversial."

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U. of Southern Maine agrees not to charge conservative student group $450 for “free” speech
WATCH! Washington floral artist Barronelle Stutzman and ADF attorney Kerri Kupec on America's News Headquarters on Fox News Channel! Barronelle is headed to the U.S. Supreme Court after a ruling from her state's supreme court took away her artistic freedom and may cost her everything she owns - once the ACLU demands its legal fees, which could reach into SEVEN FIGURES.

"We could lose...
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Christian florist vows Supreme Court appeal
Norma McCorvey - "Roe" of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision - passed away over the weekend. What you might not know is that she became a pro-life activist later in life, when she realized how the abortion industry had lied to her - and millions of other women.

Here are just a few of the lies that Planned Parenthood tells to protect its abortion gold mine. SHARE to spread the truth about this...
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Planned Parenthood Still Can’t Make the Numbers Work in Their Favor
ALERT: Barronelle Stutzman and Kerri Kupec will appear live today with Shannon Bream on America's News Headquarters.

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Barronelle Stutzman was simply living according to her faith, when she was attacked by the government and the ACLU. Now the Washington Supreme Court has ruled against her, and she could lose everything she owns. But she’s not powerless. We’re appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court. Do you believe in freedom? Will you help?

A generous Christian family has offered to match your gift now, dollar...
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The Little Sisters of the Poor - because of their faith - have given their lives to care for ill elderly patients.

Please CONTACT President Trump and ask him to sign a Religious Freedom Executive Order protecting Little Sisters of the Poor from being forced - in violation of the faith that inspires their service - to offer abortion drugs through their insurance plan.

Call (202) 456-1111 and...
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Barronelle lost a battle with the government and ACLU, but she is not powerless. We are appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court. The ACLU recently raised $24 million in a weekend, and we know that they use their resources to bully grandmothers like Barronelle to violate their deeply-held beliefs. Do you believe in freedom? Will you help?

A generous Christian family has offered to match your...
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Barronelle’s Faith Could Cost Her Everything
Did you know that "Roe" of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision - which ushered in nationwide abortion-on-demand - became a pro-life hero?

Norma McCorvey, like so many millions of women since that fateful Supreme Court ruling, was used and abused and lied to by the abortion industry.

But her eyes were opened to truth in the mid-90s when she came to know Jesus and became an advocate for the...
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Norma McCorvey, The "Jane Roe" in Roe v. Wade Who Eventually Became A Pro-Life Activist, Dies At 69
Religious intolerance at the USDA is the latest example of why it is crucial that Pres. Donald J. Trump keep his promise to make religious freedom his "first priority"

Please contact President Trump and ask him to sign an executive order protecting Americans from bureaucrats like the ones threatening this family business.

Call (202) 456-1111 and e-mail [ Link ]
Fake News?

Not so fake for Barronelle Stutzman.

Barronelle's small business, home, and life savings -- everything -- are at risk. Why? Because she politely referred a long-time customer to other floral artists who would have gladly helped celebrate a same-sex wedding. Instead of respecting Barronelle's freedom of conscience, and despite the fact that two men had their wedding and got their...
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New Registry Allows Engaged Same-Sex Couples To Choose Which Christian Florist To Put Out Of Business | The Babylon Bee
The U.S. Supreme Court announced that it will hear oral arguments April 19 in arguably the most important religious freedom case this term, the Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia v. Pauley. ADF represents a Christian preschool which was unlawfully discriminated against by the state of Missouri.

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US Supreme Court sets oral argument date for highly important religious freedom case
"In a free America, people with differing beliefs must have room to coexist." ADF Senior Counsel Kristen Waggoner, who represents Barronelle Stutzman. On to the US Supreme Court to seek #JusticeForBarronelle. SHARE if you believe in freedom!
"Good friendships across partisan lines and religious divides help bind a pluralistic culture together"

What if Barronelle Never Met Rob?
There are thousands of faith based organizations providing more than a TRILLION dollars worth of services to the homeless, the orphaned and the needy every year...will you join us in asking President Donald J. Trump to sign the #ReligiousFreedom executive order to help defend their efforts?

Please contact President Trump to make your voice heard:
Call (202) 456-1111 and e-mail [...
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Learn more about Alliance Defending Freedom's one-week training program for college students and recent graduates pursuing careers in law, government, business, and public policy.

3 Past Attendees on the Impact of Areté Academy
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Washington court rules against florist in gay wedding case