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Freedom isn’t a popularity contest. And no great and lasting change has ever come through shutting down one side of a debate.

Have Christians Finally Had Enough?

The government has no authority to second-guess the religious standing of faith-based ministries. SHARE if you agree.

US Supreme Court to hear cases involving religious freedom of hospitals

The practice of hunting down and outing those who might hold beliefs that the culture considers “unacceptable” is a disturbing trend. SHARE if you agree.

Breaking “News”: Chip and Joanna are Christians… And We Should Defend Their Right to Be

When public universities discriminate against points of view they don’t prefer, they violate both the First Amendment and a core purpose behind their own existence. There will be a hearing Monday in this case, SHARE to spread the word!

Young America’s Foundation v. William Covino

Euthanasia was legalized in Belgium in 2002 and since then about 8,000 cases have been officially registered. Experience shows that demand grows with availability. SHARE if you agree that life is worth protecting at ALL stages.

The inhumanity of euthanasia in Belgium | NRL News Today

Where there is no freedom to speak one’s mind, there’s no freedom to speak one’s heart. And that’s a threat to every American. SHARE if you agree.

Amid a Growing Trend Toward Censorship, Two Key Wins for Freedom of Speech and Religion

Don’t miss this: it’s the small things that matter most. The US Supreme Court will decide whether the safety of children on religious school playgrounds is less important than the safety of children on other playgrounds.

Read the Latest Issue of Faith & Justice

It is time to put bad laws on trial before bad laws are able to do worse to conscientious objectors. SHARE if you agree.

A New Defense for Religious Liberty: Going on Offense against Bad Laws

In today’s world, anything that is considered offensive or might hurt someone’s feelings must be silenced. But the freedom to disagree is worth fighting to preserve. SHARE if you agree.

Have Christians Finally Had Enough?

Defending the American conscience from unjust government action matters in principle and in application, before unjust consequences and after. SHARE if you agree.

Fighting Unjust Laws Before the Unjust Punishment

The First Amendment prohibits the government from forcing citizens to express (or help communicate) messages that they find objectionable. But that is being challenged in Washington state.

Artists' Free Speech Rights at Stake in Washington Florist Case

Manhattan fashion designer Sophie Theallet has every right to refuse to use her creative talents to design clothes for Melania Trump.

The question is, why are so many other Christian creative professionals under attack for making the same decision?

Free at Last: Creative Professionals Free to Follow Their Conscience Again

Check out this #GivingTuesday video to hear from a few Ministry Friends, as they answer questions like: Why do you invest in the work of ADF? Why does it matter?

Learn more: [ Adflegal.org Link ]
With your help, we can defend people like Barronelle, Blaine, and many other Christians who simply want to be free to live out their faith. This #GivingTuesday, we ask you to prayerfully consider standing with us to defend religious freedom.

This #GivingTuesday, Help Defend Religious Freedom for Future Generations

SHARE the good news that the abortion rate continues to decline - evidence of the success the pro-life movement has had in building a culture of life in the United States.

U.S. Abortion Rate Continues To Decline