Alliance Defending Freedom is here to win. So what does winning look like to Michael Farris, ADF's new President, CEO and General Counsel?
Many business professionals yearn to live an authentic life — to conduct themselves according to the principles they hold dear.

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Alliance Defending Freedom filed a lawsuit against Colorado State University to defend the free speech rights of Students for Life and its student leader on CSU's campus.

Colorado State Prefers “Feeling Affirmed” Over Free Speech Rights
Amid transition at ADF, nothing is as comforting as seeing the ideals this organization has been committed to for nearly 25 years honored with continuing victories.

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If Minnesota has the power to dictate the content of films, it also has the power to force countless newspapers, writers, photographers, painters, and speakers to promote messages with which they disagree.

Minnesota filmmakers ask court to halt state control of their films
Alliance Defending Freedom filed a friend-of-the-court brief Tuesday with the U.S. Supreme Court in support of a Virginia school district's policy which preserves single-sex locker rooms and protects students' right to bodily privacy.

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Get to know Michael Farris, Alliance Defending Freedom's new CEO, President and General Counsel.