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Allianz Golf
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#Manchester #ManchesterAttack
Manchester ManchesterAttack
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Allianz Golf
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Blink & you'll miss it! At 130 kph, the Drone Racing League offers pulse-raising speed, skill & adrenaline-fuelled entertainment.

This is your chance to witness the Allianz World Championship Race Series finale at London's iconic Alexandra Palace on June 13th.

Book yours now to experience this unforgettable 'Sport of the Future' first hand.
Kurtis Marshall
Julian Roggendorf
Allianz Golf
Allianz Golf
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3 down, 7 to do! The #BlueTogether team have gone one greater & reached the 200,000 km threshold in the #AllianzWorldRun 2017's objectives!

What does this mean? That 129 children in Socoura, Mali, will benefit from emergency food and water aid, sanitation supplies and medical support thanks to the great work being done by SOS Children's Villages International.

Have you signed up to join the...
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3 down 7 to do The BlueTogether team have gone one greater

The Allianz World Run 2017
Castillo Anne
Allianz Golf
Allianz Golf
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Allianz's partnership with Wingly brings private pilots and travel-minded passengers together.

With just a few clicks, you and your friends can take to the skies to experience the joy of light-aircraft travel at a fraction of the cost of commercial airlines.
Mike Fletcher
Allianz Golf
Allianz Golf
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Another incredible weekend of action in the FIA Formula E.

Check out these shots from the Allianz eVillage at the Monaco ePrix and tag some friends who would have enjoyed being there!
Another incredible weekend of action in the FIA Formula E
The #BlueTogether team's great start continues.

Reaching 100,000 km is the 2nd milestone in the #AllianzWorldRun 2017. It will support SOS Children's Villages International to provide vital water, food, shelter & medical supplies for more than 100 children in Quito, Ecuador.

Do something amazing - sign up today!
The BlueTogether team's great start continues

The Allianz World Run 2017
Martha Lucia Nieto
50km down! An amazing start by the #BlueTogether team, who yesterday hit their 1st milestone in the #AllianzWorldRun 2017.

But there are still many miles to run in support of SOS Children's Villages International's fantastic projects. One of them is a village of Beira, Mozambique where, thanks to your efforts, 150 children will benefit from medical, hygiene, shelter & irrigation supplies!
50km down An amazing start by the BlueTogether team who yesterday hit

The Allianz World Run 2017
Congratulations Delphine Maidou on receiving the 'CEO of the Year' award for her contribution to Africa’s economy as CEO of Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) Africa.

Under Delphine’s leadership, AGCS Africa expanded significantly its number of employees and range of insurance solutions for corporate clients across the region. In February 2017, Delphine joined the board of management...
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Congratulations Delphine Maidou on receiving the CEO of the Year award for

Congratulations Delphine Maidou - CEO of the Year!
Daniel Okemeh
Mercy Alakis Awhana
Last year 12K Allianz employees globally ran over 1.3million km, setting a world record for the “longest cumulated distance run by one team in 90 days”!

Today, we're excited to announce that REGISTRATION IS OPEN to Allianz employees, for the #AllianzWorldRun 2017, as the #BlueTogether team aims to go even further over the next 90 days in support of incredible projects run by SOS Children's...
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Pascal Androny
Julia Dörries
Lara Navarro Pereira
Did you know that by 2035, 1/3 of all vehicles on our children’s roads will be partially or fully automated? Is this scary? Exciting? Or, as to be expected?

Read out latest report on Autonomous Cars and tell us what you think.
Did you know that by 2035 13 of all vehicles on our

Where Do You Stand on Autonomous Driving?
Cecilia La Paglia
David Harries
Rob Woolmer
Are you a new home owner worried about the effects of rising #interestrates? #Allianz' new study reveals optimistic findings.

#Eurozone’s households can “digest” the effects of higher interest rates as the extra interest burden will not be substantial enough to fuel fears of another economic slump.

But is that true for all eurozone countries? The Portuguese households stand to lose the most....
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Are you a new home owner worried about the effects of rising

Rising interest rates: Nothing to fear but fear itself
Scott Hathis
Sunita Sookun
Bethan Moxley
The digital revolution may have made the world feel smaller. But for many, societies’ shifting sands have left those in less digitalized habitats exposed to increased isolation and a decline in local services – some forced to wait weeks, even months, to consult health specialists.

Did you know that Allianz boasts an array of cloud based services for the shipping industry? Including medical...
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The digital revolution may have made the world feel smaller But for

The Virtual Doctor Will See You Now.
Goldete Priszkulnik
From 0-80mph in under a second.

Is it any wonder the Drone Racing League is gaining plenty of attention from the guys at Thrillist?

Be sure your friends know about the Allianz World Championship Race Series - show them this now!
Stefano Bellavia
Trey Aylett
Ian Falconer
The New York Times visited the nerve centre of The Drone Racing League.

If you missed it, tune in now and see for yourself what all the excitement surrounding the Allianz World Championship Race Series is about!
Muhammad Rizky
Imam Zacky Moebaroxx
Are you aware that the #US, #India & #China contribute over 50% of global #CO2 emissions? But with America’s transitional political landscape, it’s China & India who are poised to lead #renewableenergy investment.

China’s wheels are already in motion – cancelling plans for fossil-based power plants and closing existing coal-powered plants – aiming to increase #wind & #solar energy supply by...
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Are you aware that the US India China contribute over 50 of

Asia’s Power Players
Guangqin Wu
Jun Li
Guangqin Wu
Did you know that #India, #China & the US account for more than half of the global CO2 emissions? But these countries are also the largest investors into #renewableenergy.

In 2016 alone, India exceeded its annual targets in #solar and #wind installations by 43% & 116%. And by 2022 India plans to generate 175 GW of its #electricity from #renewables.
Did you know that India China the US account for more than

Asia’s Power Players
Run by Allianz but led by our customers - welcome to the Allianz Global Digital Factory! A place where dozens of #Allianz digital experts from 5 continents co-create to develop unique digital solutions for our customers.
Florian Volk
Myriam Mehroug
Kemala Elias
That’s a wrap for the Formula E Mexico City e-Prix and the launch of the Allianz eVillage & Explorer Zone proved a huge success!

Allianz aims to pioneer innovation and invites everyone to explore future-gazing technology, like virtual painting in 3D, creating 360° GIFs of themselves and even experience the G-force that FIA Formula E drivers endure when racing.

Stay tuned to see what...
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Ary PT
Monty Metzger
We believe in the importance of a diverse and inclusive workforce. Welcoming young talent from all backgrounds and encouraging inclusion and personal development - this is a major driving-force behind the success of our global company.

Watch this short video and tell us what you think are the business benefits of an open and inclusive working environment.
Joannica Dass
Ana María Massó Heras
Allianz support 55 million customers in emerging markets with products like #climatechange insurance and cattle #insurance.

Why is this so important? Because around 2 billion adults globally have no access to formal financial services such as micro-insurance.
Allianz support 55 million customers in emerging markets with products like climatechange

Solutions for Emerging Economies