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Reflecting on the amazing Paralympic Games in Rio, here are Caroline Larsson's hopes for the future of the sport.

Tell us why you believe golf should be included in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. #ThoseWhoDare
Allianz Golf
11/29/2016 at 10:45. Facebook
In timely fashion ahead of Scotland's #StAndrewsDay celebrations, Ryder Cup winner and Allianz ambassador Paul McGinley explains why the Home of Golf, St Andrews Links, is his all-time favourite place to play.

To win Paul's signed cap, tell us which course you enjoy the most & why. #ThoseWhoDare

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Behind-the-scenes at the Home of Golf, St Andrews Links with Ryder Cup winning captain Paul McGinley as he discusses turning pro 'late' — at the age of twenty-five.

Sports injury? A new hobby? Change in lifestyle? Tell us how, when or why you gave golf a try and have never looked back! #ThoseWhoDare
Ryder Cup winner and Allianz ambassador Paul McGinley discusses superstitions, favourite clubs and the importance of familiarising oneself with all equipment to be best-prepared for a great round of golf.

What superstitions do you have when playing golf? #ThoseWhoDare
"Sometimes my caddie mocks me."

Watch Solheim Cup winner and Allianz ambassador Beatriz Recari describe her love of challenging landscapes (as a spectator). A love that swiftly turns to loathing when it's her who's competing.

What hazard do you fear the most on the golf course? #ThoseWhoDare
Thanks to all those who shared their Halloween horror stories last week. Some of your shocking scorecards, hated holes and wretched rounds really had us laughing.

Fear not — Ryder Cup winner and Allianz Ambassador Paul McGinley is here with his expert advice on not letting a bad round get the better of you. #ThoseWhoDare
As Halloween fast approaches, Allianz ambassador and pro-golfer Caroline Larsson has a trick or two to help you overcome those dreaded horror rounds on the course and remain positive.

Tell us of a time when nothing's gone your way in golf for a chance to win a signed Beatriz Recari shirt or Paul McGinley cap! #ThoseWhoDare

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With a week until Halloween, we want to hear all of your golfing horror stories!

Here's Beatriz Recari's expert tips for getting back on track when times are tough.

Tell us of a time on the course when nothing's gone your way, for a chance to win Beatriz' signed shirt or Paul McGinley's signed cap! #ThoseWhoDare

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"It's the same sport. But it's a different game."

Us golfers take our clubs for granted. Our friends at Kingarrock Hickory Golf Course reveal why it's so technically challenging to play with traditional clubs. We guarantee you'll be begging for your irons and drivers back.

What's your go-to club in treacherous times on the course?
Every golfer must overcome moments in life when the challenge to get back on course seems overwhelming.
Allianz Ambassador and Solheim Cup Champion Beatriz Recari turned a corner this year, adding new strengths to her game in doing so.

How do you re-focus when times get hard? #ThoseWhoDare
Is there one place which inspires you to play your best game? Allianz ambassador Caroline Larsson reveals her favourite place to tee-off.

Which course unleashes your game's strongest side? #ThoseWhoDare
One of the highlights of the Allianz Golf Camp is the chance to embrace the game's gentler pace and enjoy golf as it was played over a century ago — at the Kingarrock Hickory Golf Course.

Where's the most fascinating course you've ever played?
Here's Allianz ambassador Paul McGinley on the importance of looking to pros and senior players for inspiration to better one's game.

Who has had the biggest impact on your game? #ThoseWhoDare
As we near the climax of this year's Ryder Cup, we asked Paul McGinley how he manages to overcome the inevitable doubts that creep in when the pressure mounts.

Tell us how you remain composed when playing with a minimal margin for error.
Reflecting on the amazing Paralympic Games in Rio, here are Caroline Larsson's hopes for the future of the sport.

Tell us why you believe golf should be included in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. #ThoseWhoDare
That overwhelming sense of satisfaction when you achieve your goal! When you work hard to be victorious, how do you celebrate? Beatriz Recari tells us her ritual. #ThoseWhoDare
What a weekend it’s been! The Allianz Golf Camp winners spent their final full day at St Andrews Links on the Old Course with the inspirational pros, Beatriz Recari and Moritz Lampert. Is it a dream of yours to take on this historic course? #ThoseWhoDare
Ever played a tournament with only a few spectators? Then you’ll know that the Paralympic athletes deserve to have a full house while they compete. That’s why we’re supporting the #FillTheSeats campaign, securing 3,000 tickets for Brazilian school children to attend the Paralympics. Watch the video in full and give your support here: [ Bit.ly Link ].

#FillTheSeats Get Brazilian Kids to the Paralympics

Details of the fundraising page can be found here: https://www.generosity.com/education-fundraising/brazilian-kids-to-the-paralympics-filltheseats The Intern...

Having tunnel vision is no bad thing when daring to win! Beatriz Recari tells us how she keeps her focus and deals with distractions on the golf course. Do you enjoy the landscape or is your full attention always on the challenge ahead? #ThoseWhoDare
Preparing for any round can be nerve-racking but can you imagine how nervous you’d feel stepping up to the tee box in a tournament? Barbara Castro Landeira, Allianz Golf Camp winner asks Beatriz Recari for some mental tips when preparing for a round. What’s your routine? #AskThePro #ThoseWhoDare