Allianz Golf
Allianz Golf
04/22/2017 at 09:00. Facebook
The digital revolution may have made the world feel smaller. But for many, societies’ shifting sands have left those in less digitalized habitats exposed to increased isolation and a decline in local services – some forced to wait weeks, even months, to consult health specialists.

Did you know that Allianz boasts an array of cloud based services for the shipping industry? Including medical...
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The digital revolution may have made the world feel smaller But for

The Virtual Doctor Will See You Now.
Goldete Priszkulnik
Allianz Golf
Allianz Golf
04/20/2017 at 15:31. Facebook
From 0-80mph in under a second.

Is it any wonder the Drone Racing League is gaining plenty of attention from the guys at Thrillist?

Be sure your friends know about the Allianz World Championship Race Series - show them this now!
Stefano Bellavia
Trey Aylett
Ian Falconer
Allianz Golf
Allianz Golf
04/20/2017 at 14:27. Facebook
The New York Times visited the nerve centre of The Drone Racing League.

If you missed it, tune in now and see for yourself what all the excitement surrounding the Allianz World Championship Race Series is about!
Muhammad Rizky
Imam Zacky Moebaroxx
Allianz Golf
Allianz Golf
04/20/2017 at 09:51. Facebook
Are you aware that the #US, #India & #China contribute over 50% of global #CO2 emissions? But with America’s transitional political landscape, it’s China & India who are poised to lead #renewableenergy investment.

China’s wheels are already in motion – cancelling plans for fossil-based power plants and closing existing coal-powered plants – aiming to increase #wind & #solar energy supply by...
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Are you aware that the US India China contribute over 50 of

Asia’s Power Players
Guangqin Wu
Jun Li
Guangqin Wu
Allianz Golf
Allianz Golf
04/20/2017 at 09:51. Facebook
Did you know that #India, #China & the US account for more than half of the global CO2 emissions? But these countries are also the largest investors into #renewableenergy.

In 2016 alone, India exceeded its annual targets in #solar and #wind installations by 43% & 116%. And by 2022 India plans to generate 175 GW of its #electricity from #renewables.
Did you know that India China the US account for more than

Asia’s Power Players
Run by Allianz but led by our customers - welcome to the Allianz Global Digital Factory! A place where dozens of #Allianz digital experts from 5 continents co-create to develop unique digital solutions for our customers.
Florian Volk
Myriam Mehroug
Kemala Elias
That’s a wrap for the Formula E Mexico City e-Prix and the launch of the Allianz eVillage & Explorer Zone proved a huge success!

Allianz aims to pioneer innovation and invites everyone to explore future-gazing technology, like virtual painting in 3D, creating 360° GIFs of themselves and even experience the G-force that FIA Formula E drivers endure when racing.

Stay tuned to see what...
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Ary PT
We believe in the importance of a diverse and inclusive workforce. Welcoming young talent from all backgrounds and encouraging inclusion and personal development - this is a major driving-force behind the success of our global company.

Watch this short video and tell us what you think are the business benefits of an open and inclusive working environment.
Joannica Dass
Ana María Massó Heras
Allianz support 55 million customers in emerging markets with products like #climatechange insurance and cattle #insurance.

Why is this so important? Because around 2 billion adults globally have no access to formal financial services such as micro-insurance.
Allianz support 55 million customers in emerging markets with products like climatechange

Solutions for Emerging Economies
Meet Delphine Maidou, our regional COO Africa, speaking at the Africa CEO Forum 2017 in Geneva, about Allianz' longstanding history in Africa, risk-taking and the importance of mobile insurance solutions for African farmers. Watch the video and let us know your thoughts.
Suzanne Dowd Zeller
Sylvanus Obiaderi Precious
Manfred Schneider
‘Out of darkness, comes light.’

Once again for #EarthHour, Allianz Arena will be going dark in support of climate change action. We hope you will join us and switch off all non-essential lights for 1 hour, this evening, between 21.30-22.30 CET.
Out of darkness comes light Once again for EarthHour Allianz Arena will

Sustainability at Allianz - Encouraging Tomorrow
Lukas Krambeer
Indra Nielsen
A new season has arrived and temperatures will rise at the Australian Grand Prix. Excited? Show us with your best emojis
Robet Half
Have you ever dreamed of following golf’s greatest footsteps? Thanks to BMW Golfsport you can make this dream a reality!

For your chance to play Allianz’ annual Old Course tournament at the Home of Golf, St Andrews Links, upload a photo or video, with a comment that reveals your passion for golf. Remember to include the hashtag #DRIVENBYPASSION — good luck.
Have you ever dreamed of following golfs greatest footsteps Thanks to BMW
Justin Cooke Andra
Spot the moment this high-speed manoeuvre pushes competitiveness to the very edge.
How excited are you for the new season of the Allianz World Championship Drone Racing League?
Ton Garcia
Prince 'Sof
Ari Budi Prasojo
Welcome to the world of #AutonomousVehicles.

Launching in Germany, Norway and the United States, Allianz are proud to announce our partnership with EasyMile. Pioneering autonomous vehicles and smart, sustainable mobility solutions.

Tell us which city you'd love to see EasyMile to come to.
Welcome to the world of AutonomousVehicles

Welcome to the world of Autonomous Vehicles.
Joe Morgan
Gerry Schab
Abu Idris
What good is progress if only a fortunate few can benefit?

That is why we focus on #socialinclusion - breaking down boundaries like language, age, gender, culture and country. At the heart of #Allianz’ social inclusion approach is #education and #employment for all.

Youth development, financial literacy and skills training are some of the ways we’re aiming to change the lives and mindsets of...
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What good is progress if only a fortunate few can benefit

Social inclusion is one of the pillars of sustainability.
Lamin Colley
Lucky Aigbuza
Vhec Panteria
Motorsport reinvented: efficient – powerful – driverless. This is what Roborace stands for and it makes engineers the super heroes of the race!

Alongside Allianz’ partnership with the FIA Formula E Championship comes Roborace – the world’s first driverless electric race series, which acts as a platform to research and progress AI technology in a safe environment. The future of transportation...
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Ans Mtr
Tanthowi Jauhari
Céline Thomas Lorinquer Olivré
It’s Friday. It’s #StPatricksDay. Of course the Allianz Arena is going green.

But did you know that the arena’s 380,000 energy-efficient LEDs’ outer-shell feature an innovative membrane that makes them 60% more efficient than conventional stadiums, saving 362 tonnes of CO2 per year?
It’s Friday It’s StPatricksDay Of course the Allianz Arena is going green

Happy St Patrick's Day from Allianz.
David Owen
Antonio Guarino
Irvan Milano
Wouldn’t it be great to pay lower #insurance premiums for driving hybrid or #electric cars? And what about pay-per-use car insurance or #telematics solutions that encourage you to drive in an environmentally-friendly manner and pay less in premiums? We offer 152 #green #insurance solutions to our customers, many of which are in the area of #mobility. Check out what’s available in your market!
Wouldnt it be great to pay lower insurance premiums for driving hybrid

Tackling climate change
Luciana Maria
Flavio Adalberto Andreis
Steen Larsen
The perfect apex isn’t as straight-forward as the Drone Racing League’s drivers make it seem. Brace yourselves for some adrenaline-fuelled crash-landings in the Allianz World Championship Drone Racing League – coming in June.

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