Almo Nature
Almo Nature
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What is the world coming to? #everyanimalmatters #adogisforlife
Shari Algar
Karen Bardett
Isabelle Beyaert
Almo Nature
Almo Nature
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"My cat Murmel was fading away to nothing, literally starving herself to death, she has a new lease of life thanks to finding Almo Nature." Murmel's favourite dishes? "Tuna & Sole Fillet Cuisine, closely followed by Tuna & Whitebait!"

We are delighted to hear Murmel is back from the brink... We love hearing our customer's success stories. If you have an #AlmoStory to tell we'd love to hear it
My cat Murmel was fading away to nothing literally starving herself to
Almo Nature
Almo Nature
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Paws for thought - can you match the paws to the animal? Fun wildlife quiz from Buzzfeed.

#quiz #respecttheirnature #wildlifematters
Paws for thought can you match the paws to the animal Fun wildlife quiz from Buzzfeed

Can You Match The Animal To Its Claws?
Almo Nature
Almo Nature
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We really need to rethink our relationship with plastic... Beaches of a remote British island, a World Heritage Site called Henderson Island, in the South Pacific are littered with an estimated 36 million pieces of plastic. The wildlife inhabitants are at daily risk of death #BiodiversityDay #naturealert
Dennis May Karlsson
The battle to save the Ethiopian #wolf - Africa’s rarest carnivore and the only wolf in the whole of Africa [ Link ] #wildlife #conservation #EndangeredSpeciesDay
The battle to save the Ethiopian wolf Africas rarest carnivore and the

Battling to save the Ethiopian wolf – Africa's rarest carnivore
Dodger the Dog I Love Dodger Dog loves his Almo ❀

Dodger and his owner, author Karen Gee, do great work helping Staffies across the UK by promoting responsible pet ownership. Dodger Dog is on a mission to stop thousands of healthy Staffies and Staffie Crossbreeds from being euthanised every year in the UK. You can read more about their work here:
No matter the colour of their eyes or fur, the spellbinding feeling when you look into a cat's eyes is one we know – and understand – very well <3
Nature is amazing, we must do more to nurture all our ecosystems for future generations and understand what a key role wolves and other apex predators play in restoring the balance to wildlife habitats around the world.

#biodiversity #wildlife
Animals have the power to unite people: like in Dublin recently, when a cat's life was saved by a caring stranger while members of the public willed him and the cat on <3
#animallovers #RespectTheirNature
Ann Schuermans-Cuypers
Michael Adamou
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A 2cm layer of CatLitter is all you need to ensure perfect performance of the litter: a bag lasts up to 4 weeks! Maximum duration, minimum waste. Try it – you will never want to change your litter brand again! #almoCatLitter
The ocean, a precious resource for all of Earth's inhabitants. The largest living space on Earth is fast deteriorating. All species are in danger - including humans. #MotherOceanDay #protectourseas #RespectTheirNature
Heather Barlow
Back where she belongs ❀ Rare Russian tiger is returned to the wild #wildlife #respecttheirnature #freedom
Aline Kleinschnitz
31 years after the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl, nature is taking back possession of the deserted territory. A photographic tour documents how amazingly resilient wildlife can be and how much we need to protect and preserve it. #biodiversity #natureislife #naturewild [ Link ]
31 years after the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl nature is taking back

Endangered species thriving around Chernobyl 30 years after disaster
Come and visit the Almo Nature team at The National Pet Show this weekend (6-7 May, ExCel London). Stop by stand **D110** to pick up a sample of our delicious cat and dog food – it’s bursting with fresh meat goodness.

We will also be exhibiting our revolutionary, new, all-natural, biodegradable, compostable and flushable cat litter made from vegetable fibres. It’s the best cat litter around,...
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Come and visit the Almo Nature team at The National Pet Show

National Pet Show - London!

Karen Gee
Easy disposal? No, super easy! CatLitter clumps dissolve rapidly in water, so there's no risk of clogging up the toilet! Try it, you’ll never look back! #almocatlitter
A new, wild way to cross the road. Anything is possible when respect and love meet nature and animals #biodiversity #wildlife ❀
[ Link ]
A new wild way to cross the road Anything is possible when

Bridges for Animals to Safely Cross Freeways Are Popping Up Around the World
Heroic human comes to the rescue of soggy moggy Felix who had fallen in the Thames
Joyce Elliott
Julie Johnson
Barbara Carr
How can someone be this heartless? If you commit to taking an animal on, you should make sure it is cared for if you find you can't keep it. Hope Tessa has lots of love from now on ❀ [ Link ]
How can someone be this heartless If you commit to taking an

Lonely dog left in a field with note around her neck after being abandoned
Claire Fiona Campbell
Sue Jones
Andrea Louise Carpenter
Clare Dugdale
Elaine Braker