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An American #wildlife photographer is fighting to save endangered species by 'making us fall in love with them' [ Link ]

Joel Sartore: The man who takes studio photos of endangered species - BBC News
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Pretty Boy the cat takes on the role of midwife. Watch the video from Pretty Boy & Copper to see farm cat Pretty Boy giving Copper the goat a relaxing pre-birth massage >> [ Link ]
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Stray dogs on the streets of Istanbul given blankets by volunteers after temperatures fall to -15C [ Link ] #doglovers

Freezing stray dogs in Istanbul are given blankets by volunteers
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#Brexit poses 'a huge risk to UK #wildlife and habitats' and a new environmental law will be needed, MPs have said [ Link ]

Law needed to limit Brexit's environmental impact, say MPs - BBC News
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Almo Nature Legend is 100% HFC: this is how we define our finest quality cat food for healthier cats, prepared with ingredients originally fit for human consumption. Read more: [ Link ]

[photo credit @yuna-the-cat Instagram]
Japanese photographer makes hats for his cats from the hair they’ve shed [ Link ] #catlovers #weirdnews

Japanese photographer makes hats for his cats from the hair they've shed
Hope for Paws recently saved an animal in such a desperate condition it was not even recognisable as a dog. The mystery animal's rescue and transformation will surprise and delight you! >> [ Link ]

Julia: a wolf? a coyote? a dog? This rescue is a MUST SEE!

Please donate $5 today and help us save many more animals in 2017: Special thanks to our friends at ART N' Paws for finding Julia ...

Determined Ultra Marathon dog Gobi finally has her happy ending after returning to the UK with the runner she chased and adopted ❤
Although experts say hugging your dog can make them feel threatened and increase stress [[ Link ] it appears some dogs insist on having a cuddle on their terms. Is your dog a 'lap dog'? #CuddleUpDay
A British winter can be tough on animals, but there are plenty of things you can do to help our friends:

Seasonal advice for winter - RSPCA
Lulu has chosen the simplest and highest quality Almo Nature recipe, Alternative: 99.5% chicken breast, 0.5% rice. The quality of the ingredients? HFC: the very same as you would choose for yourself! Read more:

[image credit poum.poum.pidou [ Link ]
Need a little help waking up in the morning? This cat has a very novel approach. Think he might have been a rabbit in a previous life How do your pets wake you up? #BackToWork #wakeywakey
Found your calling in life yet? Maybe Rakesh Shukla will inspire your goals for 2017 >> [ Link ] #NewYearsResolutions #BeYou #animallovers

The man who looks after 735 dogs - BBC News
We thought we'd celebrate out last post of the year with one of the most watched cat videos of all time ... This infamous 'stalking cat' could give Dr Who's Weeping Angels a run for their money. Hope you have a fun-filled Happy New Year from everyone here at Almo Nature
Get cracking on those #NewYearsResolutions: ‘Britain’s biggest walking festival’ The Festival of Winter Walks, is back and everyone’s invited - even dogs on many of the walks... Running from 17 December to 8 January 2017, the festival includes Ramblers group walks, health walks and Ramblers Routes for those who prefer walking on their own. Find a walk near you! [ Link ]

Winter Walks | Walking for Health
The real-life Mowgli: Incredible story of the little girl who spent her first 10 years growing up in the African bush with an #Elephant as her 'brother' and a #Leopard best friend [ Link ]

The real-life Mowgli
When a dog was found howling at the entrance to this drain an unbelievable rescue ensued - watch 'til the end and prepare to be amazed >>
Feeling tired after all those Christmas overindulgences?
Wishing all the cats and cat lovers , dogs and dog lovers and animals and animal lovers out there a very safe and Happy Christmas! Take good care of your precious friends, respecting their nature #AlmoChristmasWishes
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