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No words or translation needed
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Happy #DogBiscuitAppreciationDay #AlternativePetFood

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Err, looks fun, but no! #walkingthedogday
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A global analysis of Earth’s threatened and endangered species has upended our scientific understanding about the extent to which climate change is affecting wildlife. “We are massively underreporting what is going on,” James Watson, a co-author of the new study and director of science and research initiatives at the Wildlife Conservation Society, told The Huffington Post.

The research,...
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Climate Change Is A Far Bigger Threat To Wildlife Than We Thought, Study Says
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Happy Love your Pet Day ❤ #loveyourpetday
A young UK vet backpacking around Sri Lanka was so moved by the predicament of the street dogs that she set up a charity to help them #RandomActsofKindness
“Mom, I want to do strike #abluecatstory #almonature #bowlingtime #kitten #petfood #alternativepetfood” – abluecatstory shares a magnificent pyramid of their favourite Almo recipes on Instagram

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Valentine's day is the perfect occasion to show our beloved how much we love them. But what about the planet? One of the deepest and strongest love stories ever... #ShowTheLove
<3 Valentine's Day <3 The perfect day to show how much we are in love with our cats and dogs ❤ #ShowTheLove #aLmore
The perfect #ValentinesDay date for #catlovers awaits them at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home >> [ Link ] #AdoptDontShop

Singletons Can Spend Valentine's Day Chilling With Cats Thanks To Battersea Dogs And Cats Home
"Pets may make better companions than siblings" research has found. Agree?
The best diet for dogs? Prime meat cut, fresh fish, vegetables slow cooked: it’s Alternative! The unique dry food for dogs with no meat meal, only 100% Fresh meat or fish - HFC quality! The best and healthiest quality available today! [ Link ]
From feral cat to ICU therapy cat being wheeled from patient to patient, cuddle to cuddle - meet Duke #catlovers
The importance of wolves on a region's biodiversity is quite staggering as this video about Yellowstone National Park's reintroduced wolf population shows >>
Tough new dog breeding rules are being brought in to make it illegal for anyone to sell puppies under eight-weeks-old and to ensure breeders are properly licensed in order to crack down on animal cruelty and 'backstreet breeders'.
Don't think she realises she's been spotted Naughty tail!! #doglovers
"Is this all for me? Thank you thank you mommy! Aren't you going to open them?? I'm waiting... " [Instagram Share melady_thebirman] What are your pet's favourite Almo recipes? We'd love top hear... Don't hesitate to include photos of your pets in the comments below
Cat or fried egg? When a cat owner realised that their white fluffy cat resembled the perfect fried egg when they placed an orange on its back*, they sparked an epic Photoshop battle on Reddit – A snow man, a slap-up breakfast and more – see the creations this #eggcat picture inspired >>

[credit fried egg cat [ Link ] /

*probably best not to try this at home :-)

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While in Italy there's a big movement to protect wolves from being hunted and shot, in the US the predators seem to have a completely different future :-( [ Link ]

Minnesota, Wisconsin and Wyoming to eradicate wolves...
Betty the #Gloucestershire cat rescued from the top of an electricity pole after overnight ordeal #CatLovers