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There's no stopping this thing.
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950 HP? That thing must MOVE.
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There's just something about the domino affect of a NASCAR crash.

Phoenix has seen some awesome NASCAR wrecks
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If you drive a diesel, you should know how to stop this before it's too late.

Watch these diesels destroy themselves
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This has to be one of the greatest cars currently on the planet!

The $2.3 Million Aston Martin Even Bond Couldn’t Handle
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Storm water runoff is a serious problem that a lot of residential developers have to take into consideration when planning anything.

Concrete That Soaks Up Water Faster Than You’ll Ever Believe
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If you're out and about doing some supercar hunting you might consider seeing either of these incredible beauties a supremely rare treat.

[VIDEO] Watch a $2,300,000 Bugatti Veyron L’Or Blanc Back Right Into a $1,400,000 Ferrari LaFerrari
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Who says you need to spend a fortune on cars to have fun?

These cars show you don’t have to spend a fortune to have fun
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The Golden Gate bridge has to handle a huge amount of traffic.

The Golden Gate Bridge’s Road Zipper is an Awesome Traffic Control Vehicle
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If you thought a riding lawnmower was the ultimate way to both mow your lawn AND relax then you haven't met this little guy.

Mow Your Lawn with an RC Tractor
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We love watching anything with a lot of muscle try their own on the quarter mile and this particular Camaro doesn't disappoint!

Blown Chevy Camaro Demolishes the Quarter Mile
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It took four years and 127 races, but he finally made it back to the winner's circle.

It took this driver four years to find his way back to victory lane
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Aircraft carrier catapult systems are designed to get 32,000 pound jets up to speed in 300 feet or less.

Watch an aircraft carrier show off the strength of its catapult
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In Tampa, Florida the dash cam of this Chevy Silverado caught a Jeep Wrangler cutting across traffic in front of them.

Horrible Crash Sends a Jeep Wrangler into the Front of a Silverado
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Check out another crazy video out of South Africa here.

South African Cop is Master of Gun and Bike