“A Navy Corpsman will go to hell and back for his wounded Marines.”

It Takes Something As Heroic As This To Receive The Navy Cross

Tracy expected blue or pink confetti, but was stunned when a bunch of multi-colored pieces of paper burst out of the balloon instead. The gender reveal was a complete failure, and her family was to blame... or so she thought.

Wife Is Confused By Rainbow Confetti During Gender Reveal, Then Husband Grabs A Box On The Grass

A 9-year-old cheerleader broke down in tears at Parents Day when her fellow cheerleaders had their fathers hoisting them up into the air. Her dad was in the military and not present. That's when a high school student stepped in as a fill-in dad.

Cheerleader cries when army dad can't attend 'Parents Day,' so teen jumps fence and steps in

This man had a perfect response when he found women skinny-dipping in his pond.

Man Has Unexpected Reaction To Finding Women Skinny-Dipping In His Pond

They created a Veterans Treatment Court. Vets who have misdemeanors and nonviolent felony offenses are allowed to be a part of the program.

Criminals May Deserve Jail Time, But Veterans Deserve Help

Because of all the abuse she was put through in her past, Nora the 8-year-old English pointer was absolutely terrified of people. But when little Archie was born, everything changed. Do you believe all rescue dogs deserve a second chance?

Rescue Dog Is Terrified Of Every Human — Except Her 11-Month-Old Best Friend

“My son went abroad to help people that he'd never met, that he would probably never see again… It's just that, in some ways, it’s human nature to want to help others.”

This Father Honors His Son’s Military Sacrifice Through This Unique Community.

Here are some of America’s proud veterans that finally received recognition for their service.

These Proud Veterans Waited A Long Time Before They Were Recognized

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A man was driving on the freeway when he saw this cat in the corner near a fence. He stopped his car, walked over and took a closer look. That's when he saw it.

Man Notices Cat Near Fence On Highway, Quickly Realizes There's More To The Story (Video)