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Consumer input is invaluable in helping us improve the diagnosis, care and quality of life for people living with dementia in Australia.

Our friends at Alzheimer's Australia NSW are currently looking for people with dementia and carers to participate in a survey on the effect that a diagnosis of dementia has on their relationships, social roles, and identity.

The research findings will help...
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"We loved her to bits we were so lucky to have her as mum," Sue Pieters-Hawke.

Alzheimer's Australia National Ambassador Sue Pieters-Hawke shared how dementia touched their lives and the work that is being done to bring more understanding and awareness to the condition to reduce the stigma associated with a diagnosis of dementia and change the negative perception that "life's over as soon as...
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Hazel Hawke's legacy lives on
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We're part of the Neurological Alliance Australia (NAA) with nine other national peak not-for-profit health organisations.

Today we jointly released a position paper on People with progressive neurodegenerative diseases in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

NAA believes the NDIS will transform the lives of people living with progressive neurodegenerative diseases and has...
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"I want to show cooks and chefs in aged care that I think they have the most important job" - Maggie Beer

Cooking icon Maggie Beer is on a mission to revolutionise nutrition in residential aged care. She shared her top tips with ABC News:

* Always use fresh vegetables in season (no frozen vegetables)
* Get rid of boosters from the pantry and make your own stock
* Always use butter (not...
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Maggie Beer's mission to improve aged care food
Such a fantastic idea - so many people thinking outside the box at the moment on so many fronts, it's really encouraging to see!

Anyone working on respite programs, day programs, activity or recreation programs - this one could be fun to try:
[ Link ]

Walking Football to Stay Active | Stannah Stairlifts USA
We've reached the end of the Brain Awareness Week #loveyourbrain challenge!!!

Why not celebrate with a fruity mocktail?

If you drink alcohol, try to reduce your intake and aim for at least two alcohol free days each week - your body and your brain will thank you for it.

You've made it this far, challenge your friends - share the pledge:

7 Day Challenge | Alzheimer's Australia
Meet Cam AKA 'The Running Cam'.

For the last two years Cam has been going the distance to raise vital funds for Alzheimer's Australia Dementia Research Foundation and also for his mother who was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia in late 2013.

In that time Cam has clocked up close to 2,000kms and raised over $23,000. He plans to enter in several events and marathons throughout 2017...
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The Running Cam - going the distance for dementia research | Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia Research Foundation (AADRF)
Is it nap time yet?

Making sure you get enough sleep is important to rest your brain and recharge for the next day.

So why not #loveyourbrain and get a good night sleep?

Take the Brain Awareness Week pledge:

#loveyourbrain | Alzheimer's Australia
Scientia Professor Henry Brodaty AO has been travelling around the country delivering a series of free public lectures about the latest in dementia research.

You'll need to turn your sound on for this one, but it's worth it.

Professor Brodaty almost missed his taxi to the airport, but wanted to make sure you had an update on the very latest in treatments for dementia and has included some...
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What a lovely day for a dose of nature.

Rest, relax and restore today by getting outside if you can, it can help you de-stress and recharge your batteries, giving your brain a much-needed break.

Connecting with nature can help calm your brain, reduce blood pressure, anxiety and improve mental health.

Want to take part? Share to pledge:

7 Day Challenge - #loveyourbrain
Who's up for a challenge? Day 4 of the #loveyourbrain Brain Awareness Week challenge is to challenge yourself.

Your brain will benefit from learning a new skill, so if you've always wanted to learn a second language or try out the guitar why not give it a go today?

It's not too late to take the pledge:

7 Day Challenge - #loveyourbrain | Alzheimer's Australia
Your brain really benefits from social activity - so for day 3 of the Brain Awareness Week 7 day challenge make sure you keep it social and keep it fun.

Some light-hearted chit-chat could give your brain the health boost it needs. To pledge visit: [ Link ] #loveyourbrain

#loveyourbrain | Alzheimer's Australia
There's still time to register to see Harry Johns President and CEO of the Alzheimer's Association and Scientia Professor Henry Brodaty in Canberra tomorrow - but make sure you hurry to reserve your spot: [ Link ]

NHMRC National Institute for Dementia Research: Public Lecture Tour 2017 - Canberra
It's World Delirium Day today - delirium is not the same as dementia.

Delirium (also known as ‘acute confusional state’) is a sudden and severe deterioration in mental functioning. It is a common yet poorly understood condition. Delirium arises over hours to days and triggered by acute medical illness, injuries (like hip fracture), surgery, or by medicines.

Older people, especially those...
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Delirium and Dementia - Fact Sheet
Time for challenge number two: let's get moving!

Just 30 minutes of physical activity a day can make all the difference to your brain health. It boosts blood flow, keeps your heart healthy and improves vascular health which can reduce the risk of stroke (sometimes linked to vascular dementia).

So why not check out the page for more info about the seven day #loveyourbrain challenge: [
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7 Day Challenge - #loveyourbrain | Alzheimer's Australia
It's Brain Awareness Week, 13th March – 19th March, a global campaign to increase public awareness around the benefits of good brain health that can reduce the risk of cognitive conditions, such as dementia.

This week, our friends at Alzheimer's Australia (Qld) are encouraging all Australians to #loveyourbrain.

There's a simple and easy way to look after brain every day of the week and you...
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Alzheimer's Australia | Brain Awareness Week
More than half of the 413,106 Australians currently living with dementia, are women.

On International Women's Day we're asking you to Be Bold For Change and take steps to reduce the risk of dementia.

Visit: the five simple steps could start to turn that statistic around.

To all of those dealing with dementia in their lives today, both men and women, we are thinking of you and working...
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The Economic Cost of Dementia in Australia 2016-2056 has made the Alzheimer's Disease International February update!

News from Alzheimer's Disease International
Did you know? About 20% of people with dementia living in the community live alone.

If you or someone you know is feeling isolated, remember: we're better and stronger when we're together.

Our experts are ready to lend a listening ear, and get you connected in your community. Call 1800 100 500 to chat.
Before his diagnosis, Trevor loved getting out and about, playing sport, seeing his friends and family. After his diagnosis, he's decided to keep doing the things he loves, knowing that life doesn't stop with a diagnosis of dementia.

Now, Trevor's strategy for living well with dementia is "spending time with my family and friends, enjoying cultural experiences, participating in regular sport...
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