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90 year old #FridayFundraiser Dorothy has been fundraising for Alzheimer's Society for over 28 years!

She began supporting the Society after her husband was diagnosed with dementia.

'I have always supported Alzheimer’s Society in memory and happiness of my late husband. I want to continue to use my skills and experience to help others affected by the condition, and will do so for as long...
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For Mike Brookes, 75, who has vascular dementia, meeting Side by Side volunteer Guy has made a tremendous difference to his life.

He says ‘I was really craving male company and someone to just have a chat with each week. It’s given me a new friend and a focus in my life. Between that and going to the gym every day which I still love doing, life is good and I feel happy.'

Read more about Mike...
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Mike and Guy - making friends and staying active through Side by Side
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Those odd earrings or that broken bracelet can help us create lasting change for people affected by dementia.

Donate your unwanted jewellery and we’ll recycle it to raise funds. Let's take on dementia together.

Donate your old jewellery to Alzheimer's Society
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Have you seen the news today that a genetic test may be able to predict a person's risk of developing Alzheimer's disease?

Our Head of Research, Dr James Pickett, says 'This genetic risk score could help identify people to take part in research studies, but is not opening a door to genetic testing for dementia risk in the clinic.'

New Alzheimer's test can predict age when disease will appear
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People with dementia experience stigma and discrimination. This is also true for people with Down’s syndrome, who are at an increased risk of developing dementia.

On World Down’s Syndrome Day, researcher Karen Watchman busts some of the myths around both conditions, and how research can help people with learning disabilities to manage their dementia.

Mythbusting Down’s syndrome and dementia
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'I’m a lot calmer thanks to the support I’ve received. My dementia adviser has been marvellous. She understands me and knows she can tell it to me like it is.'

61 year old Sophia lives with Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia. She tells us about how the support she's received has helped her, and her life as an army driver. [ Link ]
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Giving up driving can be a difficult decision for many people with dementia. They may feel as if they are losing their independence.

When is the right time to give up driving? We look at both the practical and legal matters surrounding the issue. [ Link ]
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When Glenn and his wife, Maureen, found out she had Alzheimer's disease five years ago, it came as a complete shock.

‘I'd never seen her look so frightened,' Glenn says. 'She had looked after my mother, who'd been diagnosed 20 years earlier, and was devastated by it.' [ Link ]

The couple attended Clacton-on-Sea's popular dementia café, as well as enjoying Singing for the Brain,...
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Today is World Sleep Day. What can you do to ensure you get a better nights sleep?

We look at the risks of poor quality sleep and what you can do to try and prevent it. [ Link ]

Waking up to sleep as a risk factor for dementia - Alzheimer's Society blog
Wendy Mitchell was diagnosed with young-onset Alzheimer's disease when she was 58. She now writes a blog to share her thoughts and experiences online, and is an Alzheimer’s Society ambassador.

Wendy says ‘For me, my blog is my memory, but as others started to read it, I realised it was also a way to raise awareness and dispel stigma and myths. I want to show that a diagnosis doesn't have to...
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When Marie's husband Joe was diagnosed with vascular dementia, she was frightened and worried about the future. At first she struggled to cope with her role as a carer, then she was encouraged to attend Singing for the Brain.

Marie says 'I was not persuaded... I did not feel like laughing and talking! And singing was not for me. On that first day I saw a transformation in Joe - he was smiling...
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‘Indeed they are the angels of hope, strength and inspiration’ - Alzheimer's Society blog
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to take part in dementia research? Our new video series follows Martin, Eva and Gary as they undergo assessments such as an MRI scan or lumbar puncture.

If you're thinking about taking part in dementia research, these videos should give you an idea of what the experience is like. Find out more about how you can get involved: [ Link ]
Watch our live Helpline Q&A from 13 March. The session has now finished, but you can find contact details for our Helpline at [ Link ]
Today marks the second anniversary of the death of Sir Terry Pratchett. Sir Terry passed away eight years after his diagnosis, having continued to raise awareness of dementia for many years. He gave a voice to others living with the 'embuggerance'.

You can find out more about the disease Sir Terry lived with online: [ Link ]

Earlier this year the BBC aired 'Back in Black' a film...
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Isabel Castanho is a PhD student at the University of Exeter Medical School. Her research involves looking at how our genes contribute to Alzheimer’s disease.

She says ‘to find new treatments that can slow or stop Alzheimer’s disease, we need to know more about the underlying mechanisms that cause the disease to start and to progress over time. My research aims to help understand changes in...
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Janet’s mum, Gladys, has dementia and is registered blind. Janet says that meeting Side by Side volunteer Katie changed her mum’s life for the better.

‘Katie visited Mum for a couple of years before she had to move away for work. Having Katie to spend time with made such a difference to Mum, she thoroughly enjoyed their afternoons together. When Katie left she gave Mum a gift of a framed...
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Dog walks, jazz sessions and baking cakes - all in a day's volunteering...
Dementia can make it hard for people to communicate. This can be upsetting and frustrating for both the person with dementia and those around them.

If someone's not able to express themselves properly, they can lose confidence, or feel anxious, depressed or withdrawn. They may also behave in ways others find odd, because they are trying to communicate what they can no longer say with...
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Communicating and language - Alzheimer's Society
The Spring Budget yesterday included £2 billion extra funding for social care, but the government must follow through and deliver change that fixes a broken system for people with dementia. Here's our full reaction to the announcement.

Response to Spring Budget 2017 - the social care crisis is a dementia crisis - Alzheimer's Society blog
Today we've been celebrating women that are helping make a difference to people affected by dementia. This International Women's Day, women the world over are being asked to Be Bold For Change for a more gender inclusive world. [ Link ]