Amanda Cerny
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Always overtip your waiter ( w/ @kingbach @directedbystro #AmandaCerny)
Amanda Cerny
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Amanda Cerny
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American woman who is madly in love with the World!!! Where are you from???!?!? ( TSHIRTS coming soon )
Amanda Cerny
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Love you Unconditionally
Amanda Cerny
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My music video debut!!!????How'd I do ??? ( w/ @justinroberts44 @remyboymonty1738 @johannes.r.bartl #AmandaCerny )
Independent women be like... I FEED MYSELF GRAPES!!!! by @sarahorbanicphotos
LOVE ARMY . @saltystate@jessicahlicata_mua
And it's magical... Part 1/9. @Brakhax2 @nicole_san @saratintari
The voice of angel w/ @steviemackey #AmandaCerny
If they call you crazy, that means you're on to something ❀
I chose this photo because my friends told me it showed who I really am
Strive to learn new things and better ourselves every day Day 2 of lessons ( @paulbarris #AmandaCerny) TAG YOUR DANCE PARTNER!!!
Let's meet up for caramels sometime
Let's meet up for caramels sometime
Sometimes life just hands you the perfect Latin man (w/ @sebbbbas @iamstevenspence #AmandaCerny )
When he finally texts back !!!
Day 1 baby !!!! With my dance partner @paulbarris ( tag your friends you want to learn with )
When he finally texts back
California Heat