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Cat people vs dog people ... (w/ @ryanhattaway #AmandaCerny )
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What girls really think ... ( @katjaglieson @loulou_gonzalez #AmandaCerny )
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If they call you crazy... you're on to something
Honest dates w/ @simplyaryia
First day of training ! Came with a few bruises but So much fun! No pain no gain !!!!! Can't wait To see what we can do a few months from now @katjaglieson @actionactingacademy
Another day. Another slay.
DON'T BE SO COLD ❄ (w/ @curtislepore @thegregfurman #AmandaCerny ) TAG YOUR FRIENDS
Intelligent conversations Stay in school kids ???? ( w/ @vitoreznik @michaelraveney @ryanhattaway #AmandaCerny )
This is why @kingbach and I aren't dating.. #AmandaCerny
KUNG FU CERNY!!!!!! Watch here : [ Link ]
There is a song for everything. RIP GEORGE MICHAEL .. and RIP blonde friend @j.palhegyi ❤ #AmandaCerny
Raining in Miami so finally decided to jump on a plane and get back to work in LA
Vroom vroom
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to The love of my life...My sister !!!!???? Thanks for letting me host you tonight Watch out Miami!!!! #CernySisters
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Hi. My name is Amanda Cerny and I am a gringa who is in love with Latin music and short ice skates in Miami Beach. (Ladies and gentleman please comment your dating profile in below... maybe this video can allow you to find true love and I can be the flower girl/Dj and your wedding! #DjConCERNY )
Me pretending to be a model GOD I LOVE MIAMI ❤