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Don’t let the weekend slip through your fingers – live the #AmarokWayOfLife to its fullest.
Photo: François du Toit, @f_dutoit
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#ThrowbackThursday takes us back to 2011 when Amarok launched in SA. Rally legends Sarel van der Merwe and the late Gugu Zulu had an awesome time taking up a series of Amarok Challenges – take a look at one of our favourites.
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With off-road mode selected, Anti-Slip Regulator (ASR) deactivated and your tyres deflated to 1.0/1.2 bar for sand track driving, you’ll be ready to take on the Kgalagadi Transfronteir Park between Botswana and South Africa. Known for its deep sand and hot conditions, the Mabuasehube Wilderness Trail is a must-do for our adventure-loving Amarok community. #ToughSmart
Photo: Ludwig Swanepoel,...
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Whether you’re cruising the city, taking the back roads or navigating off-road, pull aside and take a photo of the view in your side mirror and show us what your Monday looks like! #AmarokWayOfLife
Photo: Henning Gawrisch, @collateral_me
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A Saturday afternoon wouldn’t be complete without it – a tasty braai enjoyed in the company of a good mate, your ‘Rok!
Photo: Sbusiso Dhlamini
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This word of advice comes just in time for the weekend – don’t leave it too late!
Photo: Karl Little, @rokda4wdlife
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If a setting like this is not on your horizon this weekend, we’d suggest reconsidering what you have planned.
It’s the #AmarokWayOfLife at its finest.
Photo: @hillsrain_
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The look to give when you’re waiting for the last person to climb in so you can hit the road.
Can you relate?
Tell us where you were headed this Tuesday.
Photo: Ryan Kleynhans
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Don't look back...
The Ultimate's rear view camera mounted in the bumper relays a visual of the distance behind the Amarok to the touchscreen display while you reverse, so you’ll know where you’re headed without craning your neck.
Navigate safely through this week 'Rokers.
03/12/2017. Facebook
We can all agree it’s been a scorching summer across the whole of SA!
But when Amarok fan, Enzo, recently travelled the mountainous Richtersveld in the Northern Cape, he drove through some sweltering conditions. At 58°C, it's safe to say these adventurers appreciated their air-conditioning.
Have you ever experienced temperatures this extreme whilst adventuring?
Photos: Enzo Ferrari
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Go beyond tradition.
Surpass expectations.
Apply innovation.
Be #ToughSmart.
Photo: Nico Portaluppi ,@nicolasportaluppi
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Others leave when storms arise; the Wolf prepares to ride them out.
Photo: Willie Jacobs, @williejacobs88
03/08/2017. Facebook
4x4, or 4x6?
Boasting the widest load bay in its class, wide enough to fit a Euro pallet between the wheel arches, the Amarok Ultimate never 'tires'.
Photo: Pierre Grobler
03/06/2017. Facebook
Rise and shine ‘Rokers.
It’s a new week with new goals – let’s not keep them waiting!
Photo: Agustin Bergalio, @bochitabergalio
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With current water restrictions in place, it’s important that we do our bit and save wherever we can.
Driving through a river crossing is a great way to rinse off dirt and dust from your Amarok, and be close to nature at the same time!
What are you doing to save water at home?
Photo: Erik Du, @irnrok
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Friday calls for a happy dance, agree?
#AmarokWayOfLife #TGIF
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The Wolf is a creature of the night...
Photo: Erik Du, @irnrok
02/28/2017. Facebook
Farm life doesn’t come without its struggles and unpredictability, but finding the right vehicle for the job doesn’t have to be like finding a needle in a haystack.
Thanks to the Amarok’s generously sized load bay and #toughsmart strength, you can get the job done, with satisfaction in tow.
Photo: Azwianewi Mathobo
02/27/2017. Facebook
Sit? Stay? Fetch?
No ways!
We’re obedient only to the #AmarokWayOfLife.
Photo: @albythenewfy
02/26/2017. Facebook
The Amarok never lets the tail wag the wolf!
Should your Amarok encounter instability while towing, Trailer Stabilisation kicks in and steadies the vehicle-trailer combination. It does this by automatically reducing engine torque and applying the brakes to certain wheels.
That's #ToughSmart.
Photo: Deon Slabbert