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Blue skies and sunny drives – that’s the #AmarokWayOfLife, alright!
Where are you headed this Sunday?
Photo: @idrolisi
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REMINDER. If you’re in the Cape Town region this weekend, head to Malmesbury for the KykNET Buite Ekspo running from today until Sunday. Chat to Amarok expert, André de Villiers, about all things 4x4 and the upcoming 10th season of Safari 4x4 Roetes– and you can even score a free ride in the very Amarok he drives in the popular TV series.
Visit for further details.
See you there!
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Conservationist, Cathy Dreyer, and the Forever Wild - Save the Rhino team recently saved another rhino calf orphaned through poaching. Big brother Amarok is no stranger to nature protection and helped transport some precious cargo in the form of a companion rhino calf to the new orphan to ensure he's not alone after the tragedy.
We look forward to following the progress of these two new...
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Don’t miss out on visiting the KykNet Buite Ekspo 2017 this weekend. Located just outside Malmesbury, the festival covers everything to do with adventure and the great outdoors.
You can also meet up with 4x4 expert, André de Villiers, and experience the thrill of driving with the Safari 4x4 Roetes host in his #ToughSmart Amarok!
For more info, visit .
See you there!
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Keeping it in the family...
Eddy Rust is not only the lucky new owner of an Amarok, but a vintage Porsche 356 Coupé too.
Who wouldn’t mind having these legends in their garage?
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The Amarok may not give you butterflies, but it sure does get your pulse racing for the #AmarokWayOfLife. Happy #ValentinesDay.
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Progressive styling and a German-engineered power house; others follow where the Wolf Pack leads.
Lead by example this Monday.
Photo: Daniel Stewart, @d_stewart_
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Looking for the best car wash around?
Constantun van Deventer says the 27mm of rain they recently had did just job!
Here’s hoping the clouds bring more much-needed rain to dry parts of the country soon.
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The Amarok’s Off-Road ABS and Electronic Stability Programme ensure that off-road adventures don’t take you off-course.
Safe handling and firm grip will have you heading to the hills this weekend. #ToughSmart
Photo: Eunice Van Lill Greyling
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The best feature of this Amarok?
The smile on his little face when he sees you arriving home in it.
Photo: Abner Mphela
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Last year Adrian Abrahams set off as a lone wolf in search of epic journeys across South Africa’s less travelled routes...and he’s still on the move.
Adrian's travels recently took him past Pofadder en route to Springbok, trekking through intense desert terrain.
Adventure always comes knocking when you drive an Amarok!
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“Love the life you live. Live the life you love.”
Today we remember the late-legend, Bob Marley, on his birthday.
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Charl and his mates recently ventured to Mozambique via Giriyondo for a holiday that satisfied the interests of both off-road and beach enthusiasts. He described the drive in his Amarok as hugely enjoyable, exceeding his expectations in terms of towing capabilities, especially in strenuous sandy terrain.
If you're as big on life as Charl is, be sure to share your adventures with us using...
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Never too young to enjoy the #AmarokWayOfLife.
Photo: Jo-Anne Fourie
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Married to the #AmarokWayOfLife.
Cobus and Ilze recently celebrated their 10 year wedding anniversary just outside Prince Albert with this VIP guest by their side. We wish you both many more happy and adventurous years together with the company of your Amarok!
Photo: Cobus Groenewald Meandro Bassets
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Set sail for new adventures – it’s the #AmarokWayOfLife.
Photo: Leon Botha
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Let’s kick off this week launch control style!
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Let out your inner daredevil this weekend, and perhaps your tyres too...
Photo: Piet van Heerden, @pietvh
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Being part of the Wolf Pack means you often get to bare your teeth…in delight that is.
Keep smiling with that Friday feeling today, like this fella!
Video: @elizna06
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With a legal towing capacity of up to 3 tons on the Amarok Auto, you can take what you want, where you want.
#ToughSmart always leaves others following in our tracks.
Photo: Luvuyiso Mxunyelwa