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Through dance we connect with Africa. As our feet beat upon the soil, we celebrate the rain that is to come.

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With its eclectic ingredients and Amarula’s smooth taste, our Citrus Crème cocktail can be enjoyed wherever you are in the world, rain or shine.

Find this and other adventurous recipes here:
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On #InternationalWomensDay, Amarula stands with Dr. Paula Kahumbu and her inspirational efforts to keep our giants safe.
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After the Marula fruits are chosen at harvest by hand and trunk, Amarula’s journey to the world begins…
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Africa’s summer storms fill the air with the scent of ripe Marula, prompting elephants to travel from all directions for a taste.

Let the harvest begin.
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Our Love for Africa cannot be contained, or expressed, in one month.

The same could be said of Amarula – a smooth taste to be enjoyed, and loved, all year round.
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Amarula fan, Tony Cronin, expressed his love for Africa’s elephants by designing and naming his very own.

Meet Chauncy. He was created to help raise awareness about the dangers our elephants face. You can too: [ Link ]
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Made from Africa. Made for sun and snow.

Alwyn Du Plessis brought a little bit of Africa’s warmth to the white snowscapes of Vancouver, Canada.

Where are you taking the Taste of Africa? #AmarulaAnywhere
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In Africa, the Marula tree is also called the Marriage tree. Beneath its wide branches we gather to celebrate what is sacred.

Enjoy #ValentinesDay with Amarula, the drink made from the fruits of love.
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Made from Africa. Made for two.

Select the cocktail that best defines your relationship this #ValentinesDay.

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Like love, Amarula, and all good things in life, a little too much can be overwhelming.

Celebrate the month of love with just the right amount.

Drink Amarula responsibly.
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Africa’s animals, landscapes, and people spark the flame of adventure.

Set the sun as your compass, the horizon as your guide, and toast to your love of Africa with the taste of Amarula.
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When you love something dearly, you would do anything to protect it.

Help WildlifeDirect and Amarula raise awareness about the danger Africa’s herds face by creating and naming your very own elephant:

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While we don’t have groundhogs in Africa, we do have the ever-inquisitive meerkat…

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What’s better than ice lollies on a hot summer’s day? An Amarula Chocolate Ice Cream Lolly of course! You can make them yourself thanks to this mouth-watering recipe by The Kate Tin by Katelyn Williams – try it and let us know what you think.

Recipe: [ Link ]
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The more elephants that leave footprints in Africa’s soil, the better.

Defend our herds against poaching by creating and naming your very own elephant, right here: [ Link ]

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Amarula is born from the riches of Africa, from its deep valleys and wide plains.

Welcome to the beauty of our home.
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Like the teeming plains of Africa, a new year is brimming with hope and opportunity.

What does new mean to you?
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Made from Africa. Made New.

The spirit of Africa gives us strength to greet the new year with renewed vigour.

Do the heavy lifting from today, and reap the rewards tomorrow.
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In 2016, we introduced Amarula’s beautiful new bottle and partnered with WildlifeDirect for the #NAMEThemSAVEThem campaign to protect our African elephants.

Pour an Amarula on ice and toast to the new, exciting opportunities that 2017 holds.