Neighbors ignored a lonely dog tied to a pole in the freezing cold. He was barking and snapping, and wouldn't let anyone come near. Finally, a woman who was down on her luck and living in her van stopped and decided she couldn't just let this poor dog suffer outside... and that's when she noticed the note tied around his neck.

Woman Spots Growling Dog Tied To A Pole, Then Sees A Note Around His Neck From The Owner
Most of us see these little packets as just another thing to throw out, but they can actually be incredibly useful around the house! Did you know they could do so much?

10 Reasons You Should Never Throw Away Those Silica Gel Packets
Kiah was once just a sad, lonely stray. Now, she's helping to keep America safe and crime-free — and teaching people everywhere that appearances can be deceiving.

Pit Bull Abandoned In Grocery Store Parking Lot Becomes Proud K9 Officer
The bond between brothers is a very special one. When you don’t get to see your brother for long periods of time, the time you do get to spend together is even more special. This is exactly why this football player was so happy at his pep rally, where he got quite the surprise!

Football Player Thinks It’s An Ordinary Pep Rally, Then He Sees His Soldier Brother Walk Out
Zack, 17, collapsed during gym class and went into cardiac arrest. For 20 minutes at the hospital, doctors said he had no pulse and was legally dead. But just as his family was about to say goodbye, Zack miraculously woke up — and the first thing out of his mouth left everyone around him stunned.

Teen Is ‘Legally Dead’ For 20 Minutes, Then Suddenly Wakes Up And Tells Mom He Met Jesus
Yoga has become one of the most popular fitness trends for all age groups in the United States, but it turns out that it’s not just humans who are pulling off some of these hard stretches: animals have gotten in on it, too!

It Was A Normal Day On The Farm – Until Dad Spots His Baby Horse Doing A Strange Yoga Stretch
When my roommate moved back home to Texas earlier this year, I was sad to see not only her face leaving our apartment, but also her sweet cat that I’d grown pretty attached to over the years. Of course, she was worried about how the little fella would handle flying halfway across the country, but she later told me that he was perfectly well-behaved the whole time.

Unexpected Passengers: 10 Surprising Creatures Folks Have Spotted On Their Flights
Being a parent is both one of the most incredible experiences of someone’s life and one of the most exhausting. And one overworked mother managed to capture that experience on film in one of the funniest videos online ever!

Overworked Mom Freaks Out When She Realizes Both Her Babies Are Asleep. Then Their Eyes Open
For pet owners everywhere, the mere thought of losing a pet is enough to reduce them to tears. There’s little that’s sadder than losing a member of the family, and to many, a pet is just like a child or a sibling.

Deaf Dog Is Dumped At Tattoo Shop, Then Shelter Who Takes Him See He’s Been Missing For 9 Years
Nowadays, we like to consider our society very open to all races and creeds. However, it seems like that isn’t the case, and many children have picked up terrible habits from adults around them: They start picking on others because of the color of their skin, for example.

Kids Call Boy Names Because Of His Skin, Then He Finds 20 Bikers Waiting Outside School For Him