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It’s #NationalReadingDay and we’re settling in with some old favorites. What’s the first book YOU ever loved? #AmReading
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If you're looking for some portable magic, check out these 16 #EditorsPicks that will have you exploring new worlds: [ Link ]
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#Imagination can spark when you least expect it. Browse books that will set your creativity soaring: [ Link ]
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Check out the #AdventureTime Marshall Lee Spectacular, featuring three all-new, original stories. It’s available EXCLUSIVELY on Kindle and #comiXology. [ Link ]

Kindle Exclusive: 'Adventure Time Marshall Lee Spectacular'
This #MLKDay, we honor and remember Coretta Scott King, tireless #CivilRights leader, activist, and partner of Martin Luther King Jr. Get the full story behind her bravery and love: [ Link ]
Books give us so many opportunities to learn, escape, experience and imagine. What was the last book that ignited your imagination? [ Link ]

12 Books to Ignite your Imagination
"I had the feeling that I was leaving the 21st century entirely.” Discover 'The Lost City of the Monkey God' by @douglasjpreston and other new #EditorsPicks: [ Link ] What book will you explore next?
Whether you want to find balance, advance your career or declutter your home in 2017, here are some books to help motivate and inspire you to achieve your resolutions this year. [ Link ]

10 Books to Help You Achieve Your 2017 Resolutions
Did you make any resolutions? We're excited about these #EditorsPicks for finding personal balance in 2017: [ Link ]

12 Books to Help you Find Balance in 2017
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If you could transport yourself into any book, where would you go? We’ll see you in Narnia… Immerse yourself into a new world and start reading now: [ Link ] #NoPassportNecessary
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Want to create more good habits in 2017? Goodreads asked Charles Duhigg to revisit his 2012 bestselling book, 'The Power of Habit,' to share his updated insights and further learnings. [ Link ]

Exclusive: Kickstart 2017 with New Notes and Highlights on 'The Power of Habit'
Frank Herbert’s masterpiece #Dune was rejected 23 times before it was published. Fact or fiction? #NationalTriviaDay
What cool #SciFi technology would you love to have in real life?
We wish we had our own #HitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy
What books are on your list of must-reads in a lifetime? Check out today's selection of deals on books that we feel make that list: [ Link ]

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Happy New Year, from Kindle. Wishing you an incredible, book-filled 2017! What are your reading resolutions?
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Highly rated Kindle books, $3.99 or less
What's one book you wish didn't have to end?