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“I tell her, ‘It’s not funny, Mom, and sometimes you really do make stupid mistakes.’ She snorts, ‘That’s true, I made you.’"
This is just one of the mom-inspired quotes from TwinkleKhanna’s “Mrs Funnybones”. Witty, funny, or both? Tell us in the comments!
Amazon Kindle India
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Poetry is wonderful. It is pure emotion and truth. And no matter who you are, there’s a poem out there that will touch you. Share your favourite poetry lines! Happy #WorldPoetryDay
Amazon Kindle India
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Kindle fires up Nysa Agrawal’s imagination in more ways than one. What about your kids? Tell us how Kindle makes their everyday more eventful! #PreciousPossession

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Little wonder Nysa Agrawal must have experienced ‘many worlds’, thanks to Kindle. But, we’re sure she never imagined one of it coming to life! Check out her #PreciousPossession story: [ Link ]
The entire Kindle team was touched by Nysa Agrawal’s hand-written letter. So, we decided to delight her in a way she didn’t expect! With a fantasy-themed bedroom, a Kindle Paperwhite & lots more! See for yourself. #PreciousPossession
Little Nysa gave Kindle a pleasant surprise. So, it’s only fair to return the favour, albeit a little differently! Stay tuned for the ‘magical’ transformation. #PreciousPossession
We received this letter from a young Kindle fan – Nysa Agrawal and we just can’t stop smiling! You’ll find out why, after you read it too.
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Today, make a mess with the Cat in the Hat, dance around with the Fox in Socks, hear a Who with Horton, and count the red and blue fish. Because it’s #DrSeussDay #HappyBirthday
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