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A recently discovered peatland in northeast Peru contains two years worth of US carbon emissions, writes Joe Sandler Clarke, but it's under threat from the rapidly advancing 'palm oil frontier'. Now scientists are calling for the wetland's immediate protection - before it's too late to save it.

Scientists: protect vast Amazon peatland to avoid palm oil 'environmental disaster'
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“Greenpeace considers the accusations against JBS to be extremely serious, and therefore we are suspending negotiations with the company until it can prove that the meat is free of deforestation, slave labor and conflicts with indigenous lands or protected areas,” said Tica Minami, Amazon Director of Greenpeace Brazil.

Greenpeace Brazil Suspends Negotiations with Cattle Giant JBS
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Say what now?

"The World Bank has been declared the equivalent of a sovereign state, and in this context is placed above any law as if it possesses diplomatic immunity. But can it be argued that the lending organization uses its immense power wisely?"

World Bank claims 'sovereign immunity' to escape liability for its crimes against humanity
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"We stand in solidarity with Sarayaku protecting and defending the living forest and with the Achuar and Shuar people who we also met," Nahko continued. "We understand the importance of giving the same kind of rights that we as human beings have to the rest of creation. We encourage our viewers and fans to educate themselves on alternative forms of energy and to put...
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Visiting Indigenous Communities in the Amazon Rainforest with Nahko of Medicine for the People
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The biodiversity of the Amazonian savannahs may be lost before it is known, unless scientists, conservationists and policymakers come together quickly to protect it.

The highly threatened and little known Amazonian savannahs
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Nahko Bear, the musician and frontman of Nahko and Medicine for the People, and his bandmate Patricio Zuñiga Labarca have just returned to the U.S. after a week in Ecuador, where they visited the pristine rainforests of the Ecuadorian Amazon and met with indigenous leaders and communities to hear first hand about local efforts to protect their rights, forests, and cultures, and shared stories...
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Musician and Activist Nahko Travels To the Amazon To Build Bridges of Indigenous Solidarity
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On International Day of Forests, and this entire month, local and Indigenous communities around the world, supported by thousands of citizens, are taking peaceful action under the umbrella of the Break Free movement, to protect their lands and forests, demand recognition of their rights and keep coal, oil and gas in the ground.

By recognizing communities’ rights over their ancestral lands, we...
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How community land rights can save our forests and climate
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On #WorldWaterDay we want to re-share this video of a @Chevron (Texaco) worker stating that he was forced to dump toxic waste into Amazonian rivers. Oil spills happen almost daily in the Amazon, but rarely has any company been as willfully destructive as Chevron. While operating as Texaco the company deliberately dumped 18 billion gallons of toxic waste water to save money on production. They...
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On #WorldWaterDay some extra special love towards the Amazon River - over 9 MILLION years old!

Amazon River no younger than 9 million years, new study shows
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Yesterday was International #ForestsDay and today is #WorldWaterDay, but the Amazon is both. Not only is it the world's largest tropical forest, but it is the world's longest river.

Both the forest and the river are life giving wonders, but they are in danger. Daily oil spills in Ecuador and Peru threaten many indigenous communities and countless forms of wildlife.

On #WorldWaterDay help us...
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Tensions have been growing for some time. The indigenous group’s representatives claim this corner of the Amazon was theirs long before the first Spanish colonisers arrived, and that in the years since they have been given little choice in land demarcations decided by governments with more military, economic and political power.

In 2000, when the territory was packaged up for copper mining...
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Amazon land battle pits indigenous villagers against might of Ecuador state
Happy International #ForestsDay!!!

Remember the Amazon rainforest - largest rainforest on Earth and vital to the survival of life on our fragile planet.
Now, however, the easing of environmental regulations in Brazil and the desire to combat the country’s brutal recession appear to once again be accelerating the demise of Brazil’s portion of the Amazon, known as Amazonia — deforestation rates were up 29 percent from the previous year. Low humidity caused by the loss of rainforest has already triggered record droughts in Brazil’s northeast. And...
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Brazil is handing over the Amazon rainforest to mining companies and big agriculture
The industrialisation of the Tapajós River basin is high on the agenda of the Temer government. Hydroelectricity harnessed from a series of dams along one of the Amazon’s last major, free flowing tributaries would power massive mining operations and make it possible to transform the basin’s rivers into an industrial waterway principally geared to transport Brazil’s soybean crop to Atlantic...
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Is Chinese development finance enabling rainforest destruction in Brazil?
Happy #FirstDayofSpring! Love is in the air. (Photo by Bejat McCracken)
If China and California are going to be the climate heroes this piece suggests, they will HAVE to stop working together to drill, export, refine and sell Amazon Crude. By doing so they undermine any real climate goal, they destroy the Amazon - vital to mitigating climate chaos - and they trample the rights and very lives of indigenous peoples.

#EndAmazonCrude #ClimateChange #EndFrontierOil

Why I think there's still hope for the climate in 2017 | Adam Levy
The World Bank's private sector lending arm continues to put profit first and to inadequately monitor projects that could pose social and environmental risks to local communities, according to two new reports, including one by its own ombudsman.

According to an internal audit carried out by the World Bank’s Office of the Compliance Advisor/Ombudsman, the International Finance Corporation is...
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IFC still failing to track impact of investments on local communities, reports say
Brazil cattle ranching - bad for the Amazon & for health: Brazil meat-packing giants 'exported rotten beef'.

Brazil meat-packing giants 'exported rotten beef' - BBC News