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We continue to stand with #StandingRock as with our allies in the Amazon who face similar adversity every day. The movement to protect Mother Earth and the rights of indigenous peoples will continue to grow. #Keepitintheground
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This article provides a good explanation for why palm oil production is so bad for rainforests, wildlife and human rights.

"Aside from their environmental damage, palm oil plantations are generally not a positive working environment for laborers, and indigenous peoples who live in areas where palm oil plantations are built are often evicted from the land.

An investigation by the...
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An oil that can be found is popular foods like Nutella is harming wildlife
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-Eye On The Amazon-

Late last year, a group of indigenous nations in the northern Peruvian Amazon mobilized to protest decades of oil pollution poisoning their rivers. Amazon Watch was honored to visit those water protectors in the town of Saramurillo during their three-and-a-half month action. Soon afterwards, they won! They forced the government to send high-level officials – including the...
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Saramurillo: Justice This Time for the Indigenous Peoples of the Peruvian Amazon?
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It's not just the people living in Ecuador forced to drink the water Chevron deliberately poisoned. It's children and families living near fossil fuel production everywhere. Yet another reason we MUST #keepitintheground!

“Over 378,000 Coloradans and millions of Americans currently live within a mile of at least one oil and gas well, and petroleum development continues to expand into...
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Study Finds Connection Between Living Near Oil and Gas Development and Childhood Leukemia
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Brazil's indigenous leaders push for Amazon land rights as Carnival kicks off. #IndigenousRising

"We will make Carnival a political event."

Brazil's indigenous leaders push for Amazon land rights as Carnival kicks off
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A decade after the “Save the Rainforest” movement forced changes that dramatically slowed deforestation across the Amazon basin, activity is roaring back in some of the biggest expanses of forests in the world, led by Cargill and other food giants are pushing deeper into the wilderness.

That resurgence, driven by the world’s growing appetite for soy and other agricultural crops, is raising...
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Amazon Deforestation, Once Tamed, Comes Roaring Back
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Languages around the world are dying, and dying fast. Today is International Mother Language Day, started by UNESCO to promote the world's linguistic diversity.

The grimmest predictions have 90 percent of the world's languages dying out by the end of this century. Although this might not seem important in the day-to-day life of an English speaker with no personal ties to the culture in which...
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Four Things That Happen When a Language Dies
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We can still stand with Standing Rock and help them as they take their struggle from the ground to the courtroom. For more information, visit the official Standing Rock Sioux Tribe site.


These last moments of the Standing Rock protest will break your heart.
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As Ecuador prepares to replace Rafael Correa, its debt to China = 38% of GDP, much of which is repayable in oil that costs more to extract than its market value - not to mention the ecological damage caused by drilling in the Amazon. Presidential hopefuls must address this, writes AW's Kevin Koening in Diálogo Chino

China’s Amazon footprint gets scant attention in Ecuador’s election
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Each tree species has a distinctive set of chemical traits, such as levels of nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus in the leaves. Collectively, those characteristics can reveal a lot about the makeup of the forest.

Mapping rainforest chemistry from the air reveals 36 types of forest
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By our friend and ally Sonia Bone Guajajara, executive coordinator of the Indigenous Peoples’ Network of Brazil (APIB).

"The study “Economy of Climate Change in Brazil” (Margulis, Dubeux and Marcovitch, 2011), shows that the average loss of soya production in the country attributable to climate change could reach 20 per cent by 2050. With a loss of 6 billion reais per annum.

One third of...
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LAB - Brazil: hate speech threatens the Xingu
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Could the recent mobilization held at Saramurillo in the Northern Peruvian Amazon be remembered as the one that finally brought much needed justice to indigenous peoples affected by over 40 years of irresponsible oil activity? In mid-December 2016, 49 agreements were signed between Peruvian government officials and indigenous peoples. Will things be different this time, will the accords be...
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Saramurillo, justice this time for the indigenous peoples of the Peruvian Amazon? - Chaikuni Institute
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Good news! Belo Sun DENIED license to drill in the Xingu River's "Volta Grande" gold mining project in the Brazilian Amazon! While a tenuous victory, it is nonetheless an important step for environmental justice. Stay tuned.

Justice suspends installation license» Justiça suspende licença de instalação da mineradora Belo Sun
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This is pretty amazing.

"The video captures 12 hair-raising seconds of a giant anteater going toe-to-toe with a jaguar – a battle rarely, if ever – seen by human eyes. Taken in Gurupi Biological Reserve in the state of Brazilian state of Maranhão as a part of a survey on jaguars, it shows just how agile and deft a giant anteater can be, like a gangly martial arts master."

‘Insane’ camera trap video captures rare battle in the Amazon
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Lenin Moreno leads Ecuador presidential election but run-off vote likely. Stay tuned.

Lenin Moreno leads Ecuador presidential election but run-off vote likely
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Hug a tree.

"Trees are nature’s memory stick, even at the molecular level. “Each growth layer that they put on every year contains a bit of the air from that year, transformed into carbon, and so the tree physically holds the years and years of the life of the city,” Benjamin Swett, author of New York City of Trees, said in a radio interview."

What We Can Learn from Trees
It's an alarm alright. And we're responding by working harder with indigenous peoples to protect their territories and fight for their rights. Will you respond to the alarm and join us?

"It is an all-time record that has set off a loud alarm among scientists, environmentalists and everyone who knows that the region is not only the so-called “lung of the planet” but also home to about 2.5...
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Deforestation in Brazil increased 30% in 12 months, agency says
Stopping climate chaos means protecting forests. Most strategic way to do that - defend the rights of forest stewards.

"The researchers found 2,018 protected areas across the tropics store nearly 15 percent of all tropical forest carbon. This is because protected areas tend to have denser, older forest – thus, higher carbon stocks.

Their study uncovered that, on average, nearly 0.2 percent...
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Protected areas found to be ‘significant’ sources of carbon emissions
BP and Total are set to drill for oil near newly discovered coral reef of Brazil's Amazon.


Amazon reef: BP and Total set to drill for oil near newly discovered coral reef - Energydesk