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While a zombie apocalypse isn’t likely, that hasn’t stopped many paranoid individuals from building the perfect homes to keep them safe just in case.

8 Houses That Would Get You Through A Zombie Apocalypse
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For the majority of the day we tend to stare aimlessly at screens, whether they be computers, tablets, cell phones or even digital screens in our cars. The light emanating from these electronic screens not only harms our circadian rhythm but it also leads to us getting a little bit slow and groggy.…

4 Riddles That Will Leave You Stumped
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After a long day at work there are few things that are comparable to a cool, refreshing beer. But whether it’s a bar or a club, those drinks tend to get a bit pricey. And if, like me, you frequent bars and would like someone to get YOU a couple of drinks for a change, there’s a solution. Here are a…

Top 4 Bar Trick Bets You Will Always Win
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In order to express ourselves, we have a lot of different methods that we use to spruce up our look or change our fashion sense. Whether it be

8 Hair Mistakes That Make You Look Older
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See celebrities then and now as they pose next to their young selves. It’s a blast from the past and maybe even slightly creepy, but you can see how much they’ve grown and changed.

Slightly Creepy Pics Of 16 Celebrities Posing With Their Younger Selves
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Color photography changed the landscape of photography forever, and it also changed the way we look at history and photos of historic moments. Although black and white photography is more timeless, putting color into pictures sometimes can give it more life. Color makes a statement and in a way make...

24 Colorized Photos That Will Take Your Breath Away
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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But for those of us living in Western society, we possess a stagnant and unoriginal view on beauty. Generally, a celebrity or athlete who is considered pretty or good looking will almost always be considered beautiful by our society. This does not mean that beau...

4 Unusual Women Beauty Standards Around The World
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In one of their more recent efforts, “WowShow” decided to see what would happen if they threw a bunch of random objects on a hot pan.

This Is What Happens If You Drop Toothpaste Into A Hot Pan
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What separates humans from other animals is our innate ability to imagine. We can foresee things without actually doing them. We can look forward and imagine how things will be. We don’t need to touch a blazing fire to know that it will incite pain. We don’t need to jump on a piece of Lego to know t...

16 Funny Expectation Vs Reality Photos
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Human beings have the pleasure of being accompanied by a wide range of other animal species on this planet. Apart from us, there are thousands

28 Real Photos Of The Weirdest And Rarest Animals In The World
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As the internet continues to fill with new information on health and wellness, more people are starting to become aware of some of the unhealthy

The Color Of The Yolk Can Tell You If The Egg Came From A Healthy Chicken
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Crushed aspirin is a great product to use for different things. For this treatment take ten aspirin tablets and crush them into a fine powder.

Cotton Balls And Aspirin Can Help With Your Dry Cracked Feet
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Do you ever wonder what the point is behind certain things, or why they even exist? If you’re like me, you probably just throw these kinds of things away, or disregard them all together. Well, throw away and ignore no more. Lots of little things in life actually have some pretty useful tricks behind...

16 Things You Didn't Know The Use For
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One of the best Christmas movies of all time is Home Alone. The movie is hilarious and nostalgic, and it featured scenes that went down in movie history. The whole concept of the movie is so absurd yet so relatable to any parent that it’s almost perfect. In today’s generation (and with the invention...

Things In Home Alone Everyone Just Ignored
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Recording Loveline tonight with Dr. Chris Donaghue. Leave a vm at 213.375.5258 and we might call you tonight to be on the show!

Loveline with Amber Rose on iTunes
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Peel-off facials are becoming more and more popular these days and everyone seems to be trying masks with charcoal in them. When out and about in the world, toxins from the environment get onto our skin. This clogs our pores, putting your complexion at risk. There are several different ways people u...

Easy DIY Blackhead Remover Peel Off Mask
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By day, Adam works as a web developer in Vermont. But by night, he’s spending time with his family and building things for his two little girls. In this video, the creative handyman is ready to wow his little ones with one of the most epic DIY project of all time!

Kids Can't Get Over Dad's Amazing DIY Tree House Project In Their Bedroom
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The Simpsons are one of the most recognized and beloved families on television. It’s both the longest running animated series in prime time history as well as the longest running sitcom in America. However, have you ever wondered what they’d look like in real life? Here are some people who bear a st...

These People Actually Look Like Real Life Simpsons Characters
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A wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. It’s a celebration of the love that two people share, but can also be extremely weird.

20 Amazing WTF Wedding Photos
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Put your skills to the test by trying to figure out what has been changed from the picture on the right to the picture on the left.

93% Of People Can't Spot The Difference