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How to shoot in the scorching Delhi heat.
Tie your hair and wear cotton
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( Image Credit - iDiva )
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#GETTHELOOK new season premieres tonight at 8 on NDTV Goodtimes !
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23rd March | 8 PM | NDTV Goodtimes
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Watch the new season of #GetTheLook on 23rd March | 8 PM | NDTV Goodtimes
#aifwfw2017 things we do when a show is delayed by over an hour❤
In love with #Patanpatola #indianfabrics @shahgaurang #getthelook
Ambika at #Amazonfashionweek!

( Image Credit : Fashion Design Council of India )
#dontlookfor an occasion to celebrate being a woman, make it a daily habit!
Watch #InTheSpotlight featuring Kiara Advani | 5th March | 7:00 PM on NDTV Goodtimes!
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#InTheSpotlight featuring Amy Jackson tonight at 7:00 PM on NDTV Goodtimes!
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