Ambika Pillai
01/20/2017 at 09:06. Facebook
Kaytra in ambikapillai salons in both Tvm and kochi ❤
Here's what I want you to do☺grab your Kaytra products, use it and and take a video on what your thoughts on kaytra is and send it to me on this link.. [ Link ]
I will compile it and post it on the Kaytra page and my page .. and of course the Kaytra utube channel ❤please hold your phone sideways while you shoot videos for me.....
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Ambika Pillai
01/20/2017 at 03:36. Facebook
People ask me for the KAYTRA HAIR PACK Ingredients... like I say it's a box full of goodness????10 powerful herbs with medicinal properties, that heal and strengthen your roots, scalp and hair. ❤see for yourself❤❤

Hibiscus rosa sincensis (Japa)
Flower: Hibiscus flowers are useful in promoting hair growth. This plant has softening and anti-greying effect on hairs.

Azadirachta indica...
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Ambika Pillai
01/18/2017 at 04:49. Facebook
Pimples are a problem for both girls and boys...and sometimes for grown ups as well..

For a pimple to form, you need a blockage in one of those tiny holes that are there everywhere in your skin called a pore. Everyone has sebaceous glands (oil glands)everywhere in their skin, which pump out small amounts of oily stuff called sebum. Sebum protects us. its why when we get in the bath or go...
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Happy new year friends ❤
Growing up I was inquisitive, impatient, in a tearing rush to grow up and talked more than I listened...Amma's words still ring in my ears ... Listen ambu.......... She'd said to me soooo many times.
I've always believed that history repeats itself only because no one listens the first time around.
From my experiences in my life, history has repeated itself in the most unwanted episodes,...
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Dear friends I have a confession to make... I try so hard to read and reply to as many mails and messages I get everyday from all of you.
I love the personal connect I share with you❤❤❤I've forgotten what boredom or being lonely is all aboutIts really great to receive so many messages and wishes but at the same time it gets difficult to be able to respond personally to all of you.. Facebook...
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People have written in time and time again, asking me to start my own Utube channel so that I can upload all my videos there and it is easier for everyone to scroll down and select what they want to see.. it will take me awhile to upload all my videos but eventually I will I'm working on it right now I've kick started with my Kaytra hair pack video on the 'Kaytra utube channel'
Pl subscribe...
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12 December 2016

The kaytra hair pack is for all types of hair... it restores shine, bounce, strength and conditions your hair... here I am telling you all about it ????????❤️

R.I.P beautiful Iron Lady ...
Look & listen carefully.... my heart aches a lesson for everyone.
It's never happened to me before.. but then there's always a first time for everything I guess...
Yesterday I got on a Delhi- kochi flight at 6am and took off at 12.20pm.. partly due to thick fog ... that's more than 6 hrs we sat in the plane without moving .. I can't even begin to tell you how harrowed everyone was.. I had a meeting I had to get to at 11.30am and of course I was still in...
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Happy shopping!!!
For any further information please write to or call toll free 1800 103 1282.
Dreams do come true