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King Ndevu .. the G.O.A.T #Ibokwe
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King Ndevu .... 2017 is about to be taken over , Album on the way, New HeatWave bout to burn the streets. It's Almost time !
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PTA it's on Tonight !! @neo_rsa , @klyofficial @lasaucesa
"Words are this weapons, music his army ..."
@emteethehustla on a road trip to Cape Town #Road2RunWay
Ngihambe kwaze kwashona ilanga mama
ngifunana nothando lwangempela
engibatholayo badlala ngami
badlala ngothando lwami
ngisize ngisize ube yimpendulo yami ngoba uthando lungehlule
mmmm' uthando lungehlule mama :
Isina Muva by Sjava
[ Link ]
Amanda Black at the SAFTAS ... ❤
Catch the beautiful @amandablacksa tonight performing at the SAFTAS .
Amazulu: [ Link ]
Those that did it before us serves as an inspiration, being the best of who we are serves as the motivation .. S/O to the real #Mdlwembe for paving the way @realzola.7 . @sjava_atm .
A preview to the Ambitiouz of tomorrow..!
Their time is NOW...
Coolerbag - [ Link ]
"I'm so God-damn High
To listen to that bullshit nah
She pull down my draws
Went down on fours
Blew my God-damn mind " KLYear is here ... @klyofficial
"Not slave to the gold chains , but I still wear them cause I f*ck with them.. all black with the whole squad it's a funeral .,somebody gon get it " .. #KLYear is here !
The #Vura Gang on your Telly tomorrow .. kindly check them out !!
#NoPressure .. by @neo_rsa .
#Phumelela Music Video (SABC) Debut
#SABC 1,
#LiveAmp !
[ Link ] #Phumelela
#Phumelela Music Video Debut
#SABC 1,
#LiveAmp !
The creative Mecca , Hook Gods, Effortless Hitmakers, Craft-full Songwriters ... #EnufSaid
Msotra, King Ndevu & Sjava !