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We have joined forces with other conservation organizations to push the EU into closing their Ivory Export market. Many of you are probably unaware that although an international ban on commercial ivory trade exists, significant legal commercial trade in raw and worked ivory continues, including within and from the EU.

While much of the Ivory coming through the EU is exported to consumer...
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Thank you to all the groups who have been protesting the treatment of elephants and other animals in circuses for years. Thank you to all the individuals who stood outside the venues holding placards in the heat, cold and rain to raise the consciousness of the public. You did it!

Famed Ringling Bros. circus closing

Some commentary on the Chinese ban, on why we are cautiously optimistic that this represents A Good Thing for elephants

China bans ivory, offering new hope for elephants

#TBT This weeks' throwback features some of our non-elephant friends. This is a photo of Dr Cynthia Moss, Norah Njiraini, and Katito Saiyalel working on a GIS project in 2002. They are still working with the ATE team today, making our long term elephant research a long term human commitment too! #dedication #elephant #amboseli #kenya #whyilovekenya #teamwork #GIS
Our knowledge of elephants is always growing; and through that we are able to show the world how incredible they are, and how important it is to protect them. Elephants do notice you when you are near them! In 2014 our team of scientists and collaborators were able to demostrate that elephants can determine ethnicity, gender, and age from acoustic cues in human voices. #amboseli #elephant...
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Missed out on one of our FLOAT t-shirt designs in 2016? Second chance; *for this week only* both our designs are available again.

Check out the links below to see both designs again and kick off 2017 in elephant style.

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Fun fact! Elephants, humans and whales share a lifespan of 70–100+ years, making them rare among mammals. Our tooth- wear research has shown that the maximum lifespan is about 74 years in wild female African elephants and ~80 years for Asian elephants.
So far 2017 is looking like a good year for elephants. China has announced a plan to phase out all ivory processing and trade by the end of 2017. If this indeed is achieved, it will make a huge difference for elephants. Our studies have shown that if elephants are left in safe and large enough habitats their population is able to recover quickly. Thumbs up for 2017! :)
Happy New Year! As 2016 comes to an end and we begin a New Year, we hope that everyone of you will achieve your dreams and resolutions. We hope to see a bigger movement to protecting elephants in the wild. We hope that all of you will join us, and keep supporting our work.
As these adults and older calves reassure a small calf, we're wishing for a secure and peaceful year for all elephants. Happy New Year from ATE.
We would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and all the very best in 2017! Thank you all for supporting our work and for your dedication to elephants.
We want to wish you all a Merry Christmas! While we spend it at camp and with the elephants, we hope all of you are with family and loved ones enjoying the festivities. :)
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News from ATE - November-December 2016

Piling on the Christmas gifts? Consider giving your loved ones an elephant family this Christmas with our Elatia program. For just US$30 per year you get exclusive photos, films, and updates. Visit our website to subscribe: [ Elephanttrust.org Link ] #supportagoodcause #elephant #christmas #family #gift
'Then and Now' This photo features Astrid from the AA family. She features heavily in our Elatia program as she has had many notable events in her lifetime. To follow the AAs for yourself or as a gift view their profile and sign up! [ Elephanttrust.org Link ]
#TBT #Amboseli #Kenya
Our wonderful & dedicated team with our soon to feature family in our Elatia program! Watch this space for more news :) #elephant #worthmorealive #amboseli
The ATE team with Olympic gold medalist David Rudisha at today's Maasai Olympics. This event is organized by Big Life Foundation, aimed at bringing the communities together and enjoying sports which dont involve killing lions. #rudisha #BigLife #maasai #amboseli #olympics
Watch and learn! Calves learn so much from their older family members, including feeding techniques.