#TBT Enid is one of Echo's daughters and is now a matriarch of her own family unit in the EB family. It is incredible to watch these individuals grow and lead their lives in a free wild environment. We try to share this experience with our followers through the Elatia program, for just US$30 per year you can follow the lives of a wild elephant family. Join the EBs on: [ Elephanttrust.org Link...
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Another insightful article by Dave Curry about UK's influence on the ivory trade over the last 3 decades. [ Davecurrey.com Link ]

UK'S 30 YEAR ROLE IN ELEPHANT POACHING | Dave Currey Photographer Writer Environmentalist

Monday blues? Cheer yourself up by following an elephant family, choose a family and subscribe on: [ Elephanttrust.org Link ]
Email is back! Looking super chilled as he sauntered across the plain, we were very happy to spot him after three months of him cruising the ecosystem.

If you want to follow the gossip of the EBs and their boys, be sure to check out our Elatia project [ Elephanttrust.org Link ]
#TBT Meet Rebecca from the RA family, born in 1968. The photo on the left was taken back in 1977; hasn't she grown into a gorgeous elephant? :)
Sylvi Nyambura, ATE's Administrator and the "mother" to our scholarship students, recently visited Top Ride Academy to see how our girls are doing. She was pleased to report that Rebecca, Margaret, Rampei and Ikanga are all flourishing. ATE has a scholarship program for primary, secondary, and university students from the Maasai community in the Amboseli ecosystem. We would appreciate support...
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Follow a wild elephant family of your choice for just US$30 per year! Read the family profiles and join: [ Elephanttrust.org Link ]
Trunks up for Friday!
On International Women's Day, we celebrate our dedicated field team, especially Katito Sayialel and Norah Njiraini, who have collectively spent 57 years watching the Amboseli elephants. Norah and Katito have helped countless collaborators and underpinned the longest running elephant study in the world with humour, grace and style. We love you ladies!
With the news that another of Tsavo's great and beautiful males has fallen victim to poachers, Carl Safina reflects on the terrible price ivory extracts and the other problems elephants now face. His voice is of respect and love, which elephants badly need, and a call to *continue* supporting the ivory bans that will remove an immediate threat for the future of these magnificent and special...
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What Does It Mean That Another Giant Elephant Has Fallen?

Because everyone needs a curious elephant on a Tuesday!
Swamp stomping and ear flapping is a good way to cool down from the heat. #elephant #amboseli #worthmorealive #coolingdown #kenya
Happy World Wildlife Day! Celebrating all creatures big and small.
#worldwildlifeday #biodiversity #helpwildlife #worthmorealive #amboseli #elephant
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News from ATE - January-February 2017

A look into the past for this weeks' #throwback
This old faithful car has been in the project for many years. It was used in several filming projects including the famous Echo documentaries and was Dr Cynthia Moss's research vehicle as well. Amazingly it is still running; we now use it to transport water to our camp from time to time. #TBT #oldcars #amboseli #kenya #landrover
In an effort to keep China to their word of stopping the ivory trade this year, we would like to keep up the pressure so that what is promised is indeed achieved. Please share and spread the word. [ Vimeo.com Link ]

China's Promise

The matriarch of the FB Family Felicity cooling off with a mud splash. Join the FB family on Elatia for just US$30 per year and enjoy an exclusive window into this family's lives. [ Elephanttrust.org Link ]
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News from ATE - January-February 2017