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Follow Amboseli's wild elephant through our Elatia program. Elate is unique and enriching for anyone interested in elephants. For just US$30 per year you will get exclusive updates every 2 months on your chosen family. You can register for yourself or give the subscription as a gift to another. Visit our website and register now! [ Elephanttrust.org Link ]
This #GivingTuesday lend a helping hand to elephants! There are several ways you can support our work, visit our website on: [ Elephanttrust.org Link ]
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Happy Sunday everyone! Tuesday next week is 'Giving Tuesday' #givingtuesday whereby people are urged to donate to their favourite charitable organizations. We rely on your donations, consider an Elatia subscription for just USD30 per year. For more information: [ Elephanttrust.org Link ]
If Elatia does not appeal to you, you can simply donate towards our work on: [ Clickandpledge.com Link ]
Christmas gift time! Elatia subscriptions are the perfect gift for an elephant lover. Support our work and donate $30 for a one-year subscription. [ Elephanttrust.org Link ]
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Friday Games! Guess which of the Elatia Family these cute calves belong to and win one year free subsription for Elatia! The first to guess the family wins. [ Elephanttrust.org Link ]
#TBT This weeks' throwback features a special elephant called Estella from the EA family. Estella was born in 1938 and died of old age in 2006. In 1980 she gave birth to twins, this is very rare in elephants. In most cases one calf dies when twins are born, but Estella managed to successfully raise her twin calves, both of whom are alive today and are called Eclipse (female) and Equinox...
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A powerful film on the ivory trade and elephant poaching. ATE helped with advice. Part of it is filmed in the Amboseli ecosystem with Big Life. It's on Netflix. Highly recommended.


Loving the rainy season skies in Amboseli!
This one's not a mating... Sometimes males build their dominance relationships by mounting each other. Sometimes it's just messing about. This interaction definitely got the attention of the EB females and generated a lot of rumbling.
So we had a few hungry visitors last night. Delighted to host them, but they left us some tidying up to do this morning...
Christmas is getting close! How about giving your loved ones an elephant family on Elatia? You can register a gift from yourself to another - For more information: [ Elephanttrust.org Link ]
Well hello there!
While the world reels at politics, and we all worry for the future, take a moment to look at some baby elephants and think about all the good and beautiful things we are still fighting for. Peace and love.
share some love this Sunday...
Yesterday was a bit of a fieldwork fail!
When listening, an elephant holds still with ears held out from the head in a stiff, extended position. We have carried out many studies on the way elephants communicate both vocally and using signals & gestures. The findings of this research is in our book: [ Elephanttrust.org Link ]
Be a part of something bigger! How about an elephant family? For just US$30 per year you can join a family on Elatia and follow their lives with exclusive updates every 2 months. For more information: [ Elephanttrust.org Link ]

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This weeks' throwback features a photos from 1975 of Jezebel from the JA Family. She was born in 1935 and passed away from natural old age in 1993. Her uneven slightly up-curved tusks have been passed down to her daughters who are alive today, the resemblance is uncanny! #genetics #looks #elephants #amboseli #research #likemotherlikedaughter