Have you watched our elephant families zip through 44 years of life yet? We can't stop playing this animated graph and talking about it. Cynthia's favourite part is the budding off of independent males, hovering at the sides of the families. What's your favourite part?

Thanks again to Mavromatika for this amazing overview of decades of hard work!

Studying wild elephants

Georgia from the GB family is raising her granddaughter since one of her daughters died. The GB family has many fascinating and charismatic elephants: Learn more about them by subscribing to the GB family on Elatia for just US$30 per year. [ Elephanttrust.org Link ]
Introducing our latest addition to the Elatia Project - meet the GB Family! This is a large and dynamic family; for just US$30 per year you can subscribe to follow their lives. Join us! [ Elephanttrust.org Link ]

GB Family

We love finding sweet sleepy elephants on perfect Amboseli mornings. This morning, Eden was lying down until Erwin cruised past and he stood up, yawning before they headed off to the swamp together.
We are very excited about this... Watch how our elephant population has changed through family growths, splits and extinctions over 4 decades. [ Elephanttrust.org Link ]

A big thank you to Pierre Massat from Mavromatika for working on this. You can view more data visualizations on his website. [ Mavromatika.com Link ]

Studying wild elephants

We didn't see this headline coming a few years ago! We need the EU to step up for elephants - it's beyond time.

African nations urge EU to emulate China's ivory trade ban - Xinhua | English.news.cn

See and hear this excellent National Geographic article about the work of our colleagues Joyce Poole and Petter Granli of ElephantVoices.

What Elephant Calls Mean: A User’s Guide

An EB Throwback! #TBT Echo was one of our most famous matrirachs in Amboseli. This photo of Echo with her daughter Ebony was taken in 1994, Ebony is now a mother herself - continuing Echo's legacy. You can follow the EB family on our Elatia program for just US$30 per year. View their profile and join us! : [ Elephanttrust.org Link ] #elephant #throwback #kenya #whyilovekenya #amboseli #support...
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ATE was very privileged to host artist and activist Ai Weiwei this past weekend. Cynthia's instructions were to make him fall in love with elephants. It wasn't difficult because gorgeous Tim was in the Park and she was able to take Ai Weiwei to him. With Ai Weiwei
Last night we got 40mm (1.5 inches) of life-giving rain. It was unexpected and totally delightful. Rain means food for the elephants and the other grazers including Maasai livestock.
Aside from poaching, elephants are also threatened by the loss of habitat due to human development and co-existence solutions to those living alongside wild elephant populations. We are glad to see projects with large scale plans for long-term co-existence solutions.
[ Nationalgeographic.com Link ]

EleWatch, a Sustainable Way for Humans to Co-exist With Elephants

Spot! Our first wildebeest calf of the season, taking its first tottering steps. Over the next two-three weeks, all the wildebeest females will calve and Amboseli will be inundated with a new cohort of these rather eclectic looking antelopes. No elephant births yet for 2017, but we will keep you posted!
Its throwback thursday again! This week we feature Flossy, a female from the FB family. Amazing how her ears have remained distinctly similar despite the large gap in years between these photos. You can join the FB family on Elatia and learn more about their lives and the individuals in the family. View the FB family profile & join us! [ Elephanttrust.org Link ]

#TBT #ears #elephant...
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Magnificent Tim is back in the Park after many months away. He arrived with four buddies yesterday and today he is taking it easy near our research camp.
Fun fact! Elephants are capable of producing different sounds ranging from 5 Hz to over 9,000 Hz; resulting in a broad range of vocalizations from very low frequency rumbles to higher frequency trumpets and barks.
The elephant’s trunk is under exquisite brain control, such that it can pick up and put down an egg without breaking it.
We have joined forces with other conservation organizations to push the EU into closing their Ivory Export market. Many of you are probably unaware that although an international ban on commercial ivory trade exists, significant legal commercial trade in raw and worked ivory continues, including within and from the EU.

While much of the Ivory coming through the EU is exported to consumer...
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Thank you to all the groups who have been protesting the treatment of elephants and other animals in circuses for years. Thank you to all the individuals who stood outside the venues holding placards in the heat, cold and rain to raise the consciousness of the public. You did it!

Famed Ringling Bros. circus closing

Some commentary on the Chinese ban, on why we are cautiously optimistic that this represents A Good Thing for elephants

China bans ivory, offering new hope for elephants