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America in WWII magazine
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75 years ago tomorrow the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, launching America into WWII. Here's an article about top Pearl Harbor myths, debunked: [ Americainwwii.com Link ] photo: US NAVY
The 15th annual Pearl Harbor Day Troop Train made its way twice between Los Angeles and San Diego yesterday. The day-long event, which included special historical and holiday programs, great food and service and a good showing of World War II veterans, paid special tribute to the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Among the nine World War II veterans I counted on board there were...
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On the Pearl Harbor Day Troop Train, last run San Diego to Los Angeles. Lots of photos and videos to post tomorrow because the signal hasn't been so great today on the rails.
Seen from a Japanese plane, a torpedo slams into the USS Oklahoma during the Pearl Harbor attack. Note the plane in the center of the image. Photo courtesy of NPS/USS Arizona Memorial photo collection.
On the anniversary of his assassination, a story about JFK's Other Rescue: [ Americainwwii.com Link ] Click through to read a PDF of the article.
We also had the honor of hearing Bataan Death March survivor Lester Tenney years ago, an amazing story of survival from an amazing man.
There were empty seats at the table, and there was plenty to worry about, but that didn't stop WWII Americans from celebrating Thanksgiving Day. Read more here: [ Americainwwii.com Link ]

"Thankful Anyway" article pdf - WWII Thanksgiving from America in WWII mag. www.americainwwii.com

Last call!
Starting tomorrow, LIVE streaming of sessions from the National WWII Museum's conference! See the website, below, for the stream.
Not the rehash of the attack seen everywhere else, here we’ve incorporated the latest research from the USS Arizona's historian, new eyewitness accounts, artifacts never seen before, and more in this 120-page expanded special issue. Get your copy now! [ Bit.ly Link ]

PEARL HARBOR REMEMBERED 75th Anniversary expanded special issue

Today, Veteran's Day, we thank all of the men and women who have served America in our armed forces. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.
Image: National Archives photo. On Mt Suribachi, Iwo Jima. February 1945.
THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM. Ford Island 75 YEARS AGO today, 10 November 1941, before the Japanese attack on 7 December. According to the National Archives: "Vertical aerial photograph of Ford Island, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (USA), taken 10 November 1941, with five battleships tied up along "Battleship Row" at the top of the image. The aircraft carrier USS Lexington (CV-2), a seaplane tender and a...
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Yes to free speech, but NO to desecration! Call the number shown below if you know of the vandals who did this.
Want election coverage? How 'bout 1944?
FDR knew he was dying, so he picked vigorous Harry Truman to help win the 1944 election, and to see the war through to victory. Read "Truman: FDR's Exit Plan" here, from the article archive of America in WWII magazine:
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Seen from a Japanese plane, a torpedo slams into the USS Oklahoma during the Pearl Harbor attack. Note the plane in the center of the image. Photo courtesy of NPS/USS Arizona Memorial photo collection.
Today is the 100th anniversary of the commissioning of USS Arizona (BB 39). When most people think of the Arizona, they think of what happened after the attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. #NeverForget

Here's a beautiful photo of U.S. Navy battleship Arizona in the East River, New York City, at the time of her trials, circa mid-1916. She is accompanied by many tugs, and has small pine...
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A great thing to do if you are near DC tomorrow - and bring the kids!

Honor Flight Greeting at WWII Memorial!

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By September 24, 1944, when the USS Tang left Pearl Harbor on her fifth patrol, with 87 men aboard, she had already sunk 17 Japanese ships and rescued 22 downed US airmen. In the excerpt below from Alex Kershaw's book Escape from the Deep, we join the Tang and her captain and crew on October 22 in the Formosa Strait between Formosa and mainland China.

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The Last Torpedo - America in WWII magazine