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Criticism of the incoming President by Barack Obama's office of ethics director Walter Shaub walks an ethical fine line—> [ Link ]

Obama's Ethics Director Criticizes Without Credibility - America Rising
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America Rising PAC files multiple FOIAs targeting the politicization of Barack Obama's ethics office under Walter Shaub!

Read more about our efforts to uncover what partisan politics are afoot HERE: [ Link ]

America Rising Announces Multiple FOIAs Targeting The Politicization Of Obama's Ethics Office
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Brazen Partisanship!

Obama's ethics office echoes attacks from Senate Dems on Trump Cabinet picks during Congressional hearing! [ Link ]

Obama's Ethics Office Can't Stop Itself From Helping Senate Democrats’ Obstruction Campaign!
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America Rising PAC takes a closer look at Obama ethics office director Walter Shaub's role in Hillary Clinton's unethical paid speeches!

Read more here: [ Link ]

A Timeline Of Walter Shaub & Hillary Clinton's Unethical Paid Speeches
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“The American people deserve to know if Walter Shaub has turned the ethics office into an arm of the Senate Democrats’ Campaign of Obstruction,” said Scott Sloofman, rapid response director at America Rising PAC.

Ethics Chief Scolded as Congress Squares Off Over Trump’s Plans
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01/18/2017 at 23:00. Facebook
Obama's Ethics Office just criticized the President-elect, breaking with the office's "longstanding practice" in an unprecedented move!

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Obama's Ethics Office Comes Under Fire For Unprecedented Public Criticism
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01/18/2017 at 20:52. Facebook
America Rising PAC, accused Mr. Shaub of applying a “double standard,” saying he had taken a lighter approach to the claims that Hillary Clinton had not properly disclosed her speaking fees.

The organization released a timeline on Friday that it said showed how Mr. Shaub had “one set of rules for the Clintons and has another one for Republicans today.”

Head of Ethics Office Speaks Out. Some Republicans Ask, Was It Ethical?
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Let's face it...2016 was a rough year for Democrats across the board.
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As Barack Obama bids farewell to the White House, America Rising PAC takes a look back at his legacy of failures
The divisive Democratic primary for Virginia governor is looking like a replay of 2016 schisms! [ Link ] #VAGov

Divisive Democratic Primary In Virginia Could Be A Replay Of 2016 Schisms
"Cory Booker was the most brazen in using the confirmation hearings to raise his personal profile"

Ambitious Democrats seize the spotlight during Trump cabinet hearings
Is he joking?

In ridiculous interview, out of touch Jon Tester says that campaign finance reform will solve the national debt! [ Link ]

Jon Tester Thinks Campaign Finance Reform Will Solve The National Debt
Ater Hillary Clinton's devastating loss, Tom Perez is floundering. [ Link ]

Gaffe-Prone Tom Perez Mulls Run For Governor, DNC Chair
Keith Ellison just announced he's running for DNC Chair & America Rising PAC is already out with a research backgrounder!

Read More about his extreme, progressive record—> [ Link ]

Keith Ellison's Extreme Progressive Record
Time To Hit The Panic Button:

The civil war to define the future of the failed Democrat party has already begun! [ Link ]

Ripped From The Headlines: Dems In Civil War To Unparalleled Extent
This election cycle, America Rising PAC got results...and here are the videos to prove it. [ Link ]
From His Strong Support Of Obamacare To A Failed Campaign Finance Pledge, Russ Feingold Has Made One Disastrous Decision After Another! #WISen
A #FLSen Retrospective:

Patrick Murphy Is A Historically Weak Candidate Who Has Relied On Outright Falsehoods To Bolster His Failing Campaign! #sayfie
On Election Eve, America Rising PAC Looks Back At Hillary Clinton's Campaign...Which Was Just One Ethical Issue After Another!