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John Bel Edwards' Tax And Spend Liberalism Is Completely Out Of Touch With Louisiana Voters

REMINDER: John Bel Edwards Is Just Another Tax And Spend Liberal
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02/27/2017 at 18:59. Facebook
Mayor Bill de Blasio Can't Stop Generating Awful Headlines. See All The Recent Ones Here

Ripped From The Headlines: As Problems Mount, Feds Investigation Of De Blasio Takes Serious Turn
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Senator Chuck Schumer Gets An F For Failing To Get Keith Ellison Across Finish Line
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Where Are All The Senate Democrat Town Halls? Associated Press Reports That 2018 Senate Democrats Won't Face The Voters.

Fearful Senate Democrats Refuse To Even Face Their Voters
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Mayor Bill de Blasio Is Meeting With Federal Prosecutors Before Jetting Down To Atlanta To Campaign For Keith Ellison.

Scandal-Plagued Bill de Blasio Meeting With Federal Prosecutors Today
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Fearful Senate Dems Have Spent The Week Hiding From Their Voters & Town Hall Meetings!
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With The DNC Vote On Saturday, The Chaos In The Race Clearly Shows The Democratic Party Is Divided As Ever

DNC Vote Approaches With The Party As Divided As Ever
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MAJOR: Tammy Baldwin Has A Serious Problem With The Truth. Four Bad Fact Checks In February Alone!

Tammy Baldwin’s Growing Problem With The Truth
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Extremist Professor Zephyr Teachout, Reeling From Her 2016 Loss, Is Now Even To The Left Of Rachel Maddow

Reeling From Loss, Teachout Moves Left Of Maddow
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Sen. Bill Nelson Announces How Close He Is With DC Insider Senator Chuck Schumer, Further Provoking Florida Liberals

Facing A Liberal Primary Challenge, Nelson Cozies Up To DC Insider Chuck Schumer
Backroom Deal: Keith Ellison Gets An Endorsement, While Ray Buckley Gets "An Expanded Role" Within The Democratic Party

Keith Ellison’s Corrupt Bargain Shakes Up DNC Race
Sen. Bill Nelson Is In Trouble, As Three Liberals Already Talking About Launching A Primary Challenge In 2018

Numerous Ambitious Liberals Eyeing Primary Challenge To Bill Nelson
Disqualifying: Tom Perriello Calls Donald J. Trump's Election A “Political And Constitutional September 11"

Tom Perriello: Trump Presidency Is A “Political And Constitutional September 11”
Bernie Sanders And Senator Chuck Schumer At Each Others’ Throats As Democratic Civil War Reaches New Heights

Sanders & Schumer At Each Others’ Throats As Democratic Civil War Reaches New Heights
Mayor Bill de Blasio In Hot Water After His Latest Shady Dealings Were Revealed

Ethics Woes Mount For Embattled de Blasio
Embarrassing: Tom Perez Can't Name A Single Bernie Sanders Supporter Backing His Candidacy

Tom Perez Cannot Name A Single Sanders Supporter Backing His DNC Candidacy

Just last year, Tammy Baldwin said leaving a #SCOTUS seat open was "outrageous" but now that a Republican is in the White House, she plans to filibuster!

MASSIVE HYPOCRITE: Tammy Baldwin To Filibuster Judge Neil Gorsuch
Two developments this week laid bare the growing divide among a weakened Democratic Party

Winter Is Here For The Democratic Party - America Rising
Gridlock and obstruction are what Democrats are all about...

McCaskill And Tester Already Talking About Obstructing Gorsuch