Tomorrow is the first step in taking your talent to new heights.

Thanks for auditioning, Memphis, Tennessee!
Rise and shine, Memphis! Doors are officially open and auditions are under way!
✔ Practice your routine one last time.
✔ Find the perfect outfit.
✔ Slay your #AGT Audition.

See you tomorrow in Memphis!
Telling your friends how you're going to crush your audition in Memphis on Saturday like...
Thank you, Charleston, South Carolina! You rocked your AGT Auditions!
Last year we discovered Grace VanderWaal at our New York auditions. Will you be our next big star?! Audition today:
Just what the doctor ordered for your case of the Mondays!
A quick look back at this week's #AGT Auditions in Vegas. New York - you're up next!
Putting the finishing touches on your routine like...

AGT Auditions heads to Vegas tomorrow!
Are you Howie Mandel's next Golden Buzzer? We're holding auditions LIVE on YouNow in one hour. See you there:
Do you have what it takes to wow Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell? Doors in Philly are open! Audition today:
Making your way to Philadelphia auditions tomorrow like...
When you realize Philly auditions are only two days away.
We're rooting for you, Los Angeles! AGT Auditions are one month from today - sign up now:
Doors are open in Jacksonville! Good luck to all!
Get your game face on Jacksonville! Auditions for next season are TOMORROW! See you there:
Do you have what it takes to be a part of #AGT?! Jacksonville auditions are this Saturday:
Buckle up - it's a busy month for #AGT Auditions! We're headed to Jacksonville, Philly, Vegas and NY! Where will we see you?!