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Coal-based electricity helps keep electricity prices low for our homes and businesses. In fact, states that get their electricity from coal pay 13% less than the national average. That’s why it’s so important for industry leaders like Kevin Hughes to help us speak out and share the incredible value that the U.S. Coal Fleet provides—every single day. [ Link ]
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The coal-based industry is a critical component of America’s diverse energy mix. It consistently delivers reliable and affordable energy to millions across the country. But there’s another reason it’s so important—our national security. Fact is, when we rely on the abundant natural resources that are right here in the U.S., it means we rely less on foreign reserves. It’s a smart, common sense...
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Having sensible environmental policies in place that provide clean air and water, while keeping electricity reliable and affordable has never been more important for the coal-based industry. That’s why we’re entering into such an exciting time for the U.S. Coal Fleet. We now have the opportunity to stand up for affordable electricity, and to defend thousands of U.S. jobs. Find out how industry...
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The U.S. coal fleet provides millions of U.S. families and businesses access to affordable, reliable electricity. It also has positive economic impacts by creating jobs and strengthening our global competitiveness by cutting costs for American industry. Baseload coal electricity must be an integral part of America’s energy future.
The Senate has just confirmed the nomination of Scott Pruitt as EPA administrator. And it couldn’t come at a more crucial time for America. His leadership is needed to promote sensible policies that protect the environment while keeping electricity reliable and affordable. [ Link ]
Coal is responsible for more than 700,000 U.S. jobs and is mined in 25 states across the U.S., including Wyoming, West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Illinois. That’s why it’s so important for The U.S. Coal Fleet to keep running strong. We rely on it for more than electricity. Thousands of American families count on the coal-based industry for their livelihoods.
Wind and solar power provide intermittent (not always available) power. But when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing, we must have an always available and always reliable electricity source — like coal-based electricity— that can keep up with consumer demand night and day.
Green jobs. It’s a term that gets thrown around a lot these days. But the definition of a “green job” can include anyone from a person who installs solar panels to a bus driver to an EPA employee. And, depending on which definition you use, there are many very different estimates of the number of green jobs. But we do know that the coal-fired electric power industry supports over 740,000 U.S....
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The U.S. coal fleet is a crucial part of our nation’s energy mix; but for too long the industry has been attacked by unreasonable and unattainable regulations that don’t make any meaningful difference on climate change. But the new administration brings a new opportunity for common sense energy policies that can showcase the immeasurable value that the U.S. coal fleet provides. It’s the right...
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The coal-based electricity industry is responsible for more than 700,000 U.S. jobs. These jobs provide crucial income for American families, our communities, as well as our local and national economy. It’s more than an important natural resource—it’s important for our livelihoods.
The Energy Information Administration (EIA) released its energy projections for the future —and it’s good news for coal-based electricity industry and electricity consumers. In fact, the U.S. coal fleet is expected to be almost 70% as large as it was during its peak in 2011. These data are further proof that despite all the rhetoric, coal-based electricity continues to be an important part of...
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Here’s the truth. Since 1970, coal-fired power plants have invested more than $111 billion in emission control technologies, reducing emissions by 92%. By 2018, industry will have invested more than $126 billion. It's important people know the facts about advancements in coal-based electricity—and you can help us spread the word. Learn more at .
Over 500 million tons of coal is mined every year in the U.S. and it takes thousands of hardworking Americans to make this possible. These individuals rely on their jobs—just like you rely on the light and warmth their hard work provides.
Only abundant, reliable coal has the power to bring electricity to millions of homes across America. And when we’re in the deep freeze of winter, it just doesn’t make sense to take chances with anything else.
Coal is America’s most abundant and reliable fuel source. It’s an affordable way to meet America’s energy needs now—and for the next 280 years.
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Rising electricity prices are bad for all of us. But for some hard-working American families, it means they won’t be able to afford their monthly electric bill. In fact, 41% of American families spend an average of 16% of their take home pay on energy. That’s why it’s time to take a stand against rising electricity prices and help everyone see the value that coal-based electricity provides....
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Happy Holidays from America's Power.
At least 15 clean coal technologies are used by the U.S. coal fleet. And by 2019, the coal-based power industry is expected to have invested more than $126 billion to reduce emissions and use this critical resource more cleanly and efficiently than ever before. That’s why it’s so important for people to have all the facts about coal-based electricity. Get the facts at
Over the past 20 years, coal-based electricity has brought power to more than 830 million worldwide. It’s a reliable way to turn the lights on—and keep them on. Even if it’s way past bedtime.