The beginning of a new era of American prosperity under conservative solutions has arrived. Congratulations, President Donald Trump! #inaugurationday
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Today we remember Martin Luther King, Jr. and the legacy he built on freedom of faith, equality, and justice for all. #MLKDay2017
It’s Friday the 13th! On this unlucky day, we’re looking out for black cats and holding up a broken mirror to a few of the most unlucky parts of Obamacare:

Obama told us that health premiums would be lowered by up to $2,500. Unlucky for us, premiums have skyrocketed.

Remember the 2013 Lie of the Year?: “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it.” Unlucky for millions of...
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Did you know that there is a House Republican Healthcare Plan to replace Obamacare without disrupting existing coverage?
Give your family the health care it deserves. Visit: [ Link ]

A New Path Forward - American Action Network
Tune in TONIGHT! Speaker Paul Ryan will discuss a better way forward on health care and more. 9PM ET on CNN. Bonus: you’ll see AAN’s new Obamacare TV ad debut during the program!
Imagine a new path forward: health insurance that provided more choices and better care, at lower costs. House Republicans have a plan to get there --- without disrupting existing coverage. Watch AAN’s new ad for repealing and replacing Obamacare with a better way:
The Wall Street Journal's Editorial Board sums up Obama's legacy: A Presidency of great promise ends in rancor and disappointment.

The lesson is that progressive policies won’t work when they abjure the realities of economic incentives at home and the necessity of American leadership abroad.

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NEW SURVEY: A majority of Americans want Obamacare repealed or see major changes made to it. No. 1 reason given for opposing Obamacare was that it is TOO EXPENSIVE — INCREASED the COST of health care. More survey results: [ Link ]
In just the first week of this Congress, House conservatives have already scored BIG victories for Americans by passing the Midnight Rules Relief Act. Ruth from AAN shines the light on Obama’s “midnight” activity.
Time for Obamacare to go! As Congress begins the process of repealing the disastrous law, here's a look at a few of Obamacare's BIGGEST broken promises. Credit: American Action Forum.
Do you stand with Israel? Obama Won’t. Sign our petition against Obama allowing an anti-Israel UN resolution today! [ Link ]

Sign Our Petition: Obama Won’t Stand with Israel. But We Will! - American Action Network
“The good news: Congress on Wednesday began to stop and repeal the binge.”
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Midnight Rules Need Morning Repeal
Since election day, Obama has been busy, pushing through over $21 billion “midnight” regulations and counting. He’s doing as much overreach as he can before leaving office. Thankfully, a conservative majority in Congress is set to roll them back, starting with a vote in the House today! Check out some of the regulations Obama’s been making in the dead of night: [ Link ]

Administration has Published $21.7 Billion in Regulation Since Election Day - AAF
Happy New Year! We hope your 2017 is a great one. --From your friends at American Action Network.
American Action Network wants to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!
Have a Happy Hanukkah from your friends at American Action Network.
"Seniors across America have scored a victory over Washington bureaucrats controlling their health care. The Obama Administration’s about-face on a dangerous Medicare experiment shows the power of seniors’ voices as bipartisan lawmaker opposition stopped the experiment in its tracks.

"American Action Network is proud to stand for seniors’ care, spending millions of dollars to oppose this...
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Plan to Reduce Medicare Drug Costs Is Withdrawn After Bipartisan Criticism
Remembering the price tag of freedom, honoring the living and the lost of sailors and soldiers in Pearl Harbor 75 years ago today.
With thanks for all our blessings, Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at American Action Network.
A great tribute to all those who serve – past and present - our country and protect our freedoms! Happy Veterans Day!