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With thanks for all our blessings, Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at American Action Network.
A great tribute to all those who serve – past and present - our country and protect our freedoms! Happy Veterans Day!
Happy 241st Birthday, United States Marine Corps. Thank you to all Marines, past and present, for your service to our country. Semper Fi.
Today’s decision will have a major impact on policy the next two years, four years and beyond. The stakes are enormous. The polls are open. VOTE!
Bill Clinton called Obamacare “crazy” … so it must be even crazier with up to 116% premium increases and fewer choices.
This Halloween, what’s scary is the possibility of 116% Obamacare premium increases. Let the White House know.

[ Americanactionnetwork.org Link ]
Average premiums on Obamacare are increasing 25% for 2017, and they could go as high as 116% for some people.

Tell the White House: Obamacare isn’t affordable.

Tell the President: Obamacare is Unaffordable - American Action Network

Left-wing Senator Elizabeth Warren’s CFPB is punishing small business, limiting consumer choice, and suffocating the economy!
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The CFPB hurts the lower- and middle-class people it claims to help. Watch our video now to learn about this rogue agency. [ Americanactionnetwork.org Link ]
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is unaccountable and out of control. Tell the president to stop the CFPB right now before it does more damage!

Tell Obama to stop the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - American Action Network

The candidates had their say on the issues, now we want you to have yours. Take our survey! [ Bit.ly Link ]
The third time’s the charm? Watch the presidential candidate’s debate the issues during the third and final #POTUSDebate tonight.
On Boss’s Day, we recall that especially under Obama’s watch, not everyone has the privilege of having a boss…or a job.
Happy Birthday to the United States Navy! Thank you for protecting the freedom of the seas for 241 years
If no changes are made to fix the law, what do you think will happen to Obamacare in 2017? Take our survey and let us know today!

Three Years of Obamacare - SURVEY - American Action Network

Obamacare premiums are so bad for middle-class Americans that Bill Clinton just called Obamacare – “the craziest thing in the world.” Well, yes it is.
[ Cnn.com Link ]

Bill Clinton calls Obamacare 'the craziest thing in the world,' later tries to walk it back

After three years, the verdict is in on Obamacare: It’s been a disaster. Sign our petition and tell Congress to repeal and replace it with health care reforms that actually lower costs and expand access.

Repeal and Replace Obamacare - American Action Network

Victory in the House! Help us keep up the momentum in the Senate. Tell your Senators: No Cash for Iran!

Tell the Senate: No Cash for Iran! - American Action Network

The presidential candidates debate is tomorrow! While there’s still time, tell us: What issue do you want to hear the candidates debate the most?

First Debate Poll - American Action Network

Have your say today! What issue do you want to hear the candidates debate the most?