Everyone has a favorite part of a Relay For Life event. The community coming together makes each moment powerful. WE is greater than ME, join now and bring your family and friends: [ Goo.gl Link ]

As a reminder, the event in each division with the greatest percentage increase in online signups will receive an exclusive Relay For Life inflatable arch for their local event.
The event of the year starts now. You and your squad can change people’s lives by joining Relay For Life and fundraising to help support those with cancer. Impact the world around you, join today: [ Goo.gl Link ]
WE would like to take a moment to remember. WE love you, WE miss you, WE will never stop supporting people in memory of you!
Don’t be a ME, be a WE. Whether you will join as Participant, Event Leadership, Team Captain, or Survivor… WE must all come together to support those impacted by cancer. Join today, build your team, earn your shirt, and let’s make 2017 the best year of Relay For Life yet! [ Goo.gl Link ]
Every friend, every neighbor, every family member, every co-worker… WE will need them all in 2017 to save lives, celebrate lives & lead the fight for a world without cancer. Comment below YOUR Relay For Life goals in 2017. One lucky person will win Relay For Life swag!

Contest Rules: [ Bit.ly Link ]
In 2017, an estimated 1.6+ million people will be diagnosed with cancer. Together WE can help them and those currently battling. Join American Cancer Society Relay For Life, the largest fundraising cancer community making a difference: [ Goo.gl Link ]
WE is greater than ME. Everyone, everywhere… WE must come together to support those impacted by cancer. Sign up now: [ Goo.gl Link ]
WE is greater than ME. Everyone, everywhere… WE must come together to support those impacted by cancer. Sign up now: [ Goo.gl Link ]
Tomorrow WE begin one of the biggest Relay For Life moments of the year. Get ready, WE will need you!
Relay For Life participants Rachel and Sara, from Bowling Green State University, are taking on cancer – one lap at a time. That’s the Relay For Life way! [ Bit.ly Link ]
Calling all Relay For Life participants: Stay in the know about the latest cancer statistics. Read our report:

New Yearly Cancer Statistic Report

We’re always looking for creative, fun ways to fundraise for Relay For Life. Thanks to our AMAZING volunteers at KING of the WING for creating this event and raising “bucks for clucks."
Roll call: Do you participate in Relay for someone special? Tell us in the comments!
NEW resource for survivors: an easy to use online tool that can help you face the challenges ahead. Whether you need extra support, help coping with stress, or other wellness tips – Springboard can help. Learn more here: [ Smokefree.gov Link ]

Are You in Control of Your Cancer?

As we begin 2017, let’s take a moment to honor & remember our loved ones. Who are YOU honoring or remembering?
YOU ARE Relay For Life. The love, support, and power of the Relay For Life community makes a difference in the lives of those with cancer every day. Help keep Relay For Life at its full potential and donate $25 or more by midnight tonight: [ Goo.gl Link ]
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From our family to yours...
From our Relay For Life family to yours - wishing you peace and happiness. #HappyHanukkah