From death row in Pakistan, Asia Bibi is living out the forgiving message of Christ. She has forgiven her captors and persecutors.

Sign our petition to demand her release. It's time for this Christian mom to be home with her family.

Save Christian Mom Asia Bibi from Execution
Since Hamas is a terrorist organization with the stated goal of destroying Israel, doesn't Israel have a right to defend its people?

The answer is yes. Every nation has a right to defend itself from terrorism. Period.

Three Questions for Hamas Terrorist Apologists | American Center for Law and Justice
Please join us in praying for the heroes of our Armed Forces.
In an act of utter cowardice, President Obama betrayed and bullied Israel on the public stage. He might unleash a final attack against them before he leaves office.

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Little girls in Kenya are forced to marry older men, endure the horrific practice of female genital mutilation, and face years of terrifying sexual enslavement.

Sign and Share our urgent petition to end this evil once and for all.

Stop the Sexual Enslavement of Young Kenyan Girls
President Obama had the audacity to state that "no foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland these past eight years."

His willful ignorance is a threat to our nation. It's time for it to end.

It Appears "Lone Wolf" Jihadists Do In Fact Run in a Pack
President Obama isn't even pretending to be Israel's friend anymore. He's declared an all-out diplomatic war on our greatest ally in the Middle East.

Sign our petition to tell the people of Israel that we stand with them, always.

Stop President Obama's Betrayal of Israel
Pro-abortion advocates claim that women cannot have equality with men unless they have access to abortion.

This is extremely offensive. The value of a woman is not contingent upon her ability to emulate men.

Three Pro-Abortion Messages that Demean Women & Children
Under the First Amendment to the Constitution, the right of free speech is guaranteed to every American. But what exactly does "free speech" mean and are there limits to it?

Read and Share.

Are There Limits to Free Speech?
ObamaCare represents a massive pro-abortion tax increase on the American people. It's an egregious violation of our religious liberty.

Sign our urgent petition to demand the immediate repeal of ObamaCare.

Repeal Pro-Abortion ObamaCare Now
In memory of Martin Luther King, Jr., let us stand with courage and speak out about the things that matter.
President Obama has once again betrayed Israel. He just used his final interview as President to speak out against our ally.

Sign our petition to tell the Israeli people that we stand with them: [ Link ]
Pastor Kuwa has been freed from prison in Sudan, but Pastor Hassan still faces a possible death sentence because of his Christian faith.

Please keep praying for Pastor Hassan and sign the petition for his release.

Save Christian Pastors from Possible Death
We must not be silent. We must stand up with courage in the face of evil.
Atheists are attacking "In God We Trust." Again. They claim that it's "extremely offensive."

They're wrong. Sign the petition to fight back and defend our Christian heritage.

Defend "In God We Trust" from Atheist Attacks
Our freedoms come from God, not government.
ISIS is waging genocide against Christians. It's barbarically torturing and slaughtering thousands of people – simply because they refuse to convert to Islam.

Sign and Share our urgent petition to stop the genocide and protect Christians.

Stop the Genocide. Protect Christians.
Planned Parenthood – the largest abortion business in America – takes more than $1.5 million of our tax dollars every single day. This must end.

Sign our petition to defund Planned Parenthood and protect life.

Defund Planned Parenthood Now
When a teacher instructed her class to bring in a book about Christmas, a little girl brought the story of Jesus. When the teacher saw the book, the little girl was told that she couldn't read it.

We must stand up for our rights.
Just like President Eisenhower, we recognize that without God, America would not exist.