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The Obama Administration is approving a plan to have India make our fighter jets. More U.S. jobs will be moved overseas. It's unbelievable.

Sign and Share our urgent petition to reject this deal.

Don't Give India the Right to Make & Sell Our Fighter Jets

One million babies are murdered each year by the abortion industry – and now Planned Parenthood wants YOU to pay for it with your tax dollars.

We cannot let this happen. Sign our petition to fight back.

Don't Force Us to Pay for the Murder of Babies

Disturbingly, Planned Parenthood is fighting for the right to perform abortions based solely on the child's potential disability, race, or sex. It's sickening.

Sign our petition to fight back. Selective abortions should be outlawed.

Babies With Disabilities Shouldn't Be Murdered

VICTORY: We helped defeat an absurd attempt to undermine the U.S. election process in state court.

But the fight is not over yet. We can't back down. Read and Share.

ACLJ Files Court Brief to Protect American Election Process From Abuse

President Obama’s IRS has engaged in the unconstitutional targeting of conservative and Tea Party groups since at least 2011.

With your help, we fought back and secured several victories against the IRS.

2016 Victories: Battling the Corrupt IRS

Sign and Share our petition. If President Obama takes one more unconstitutional Executive action, we will fight back. We will hold him accountable during his last days in office.

Stop President Obama's 73 Days of Danger

Attacks against Israel are running rampant, and now there are reports that President Obama may betray our ally before he leaves office.

We're not going to let this happen. Sign our petition to defend Israel: [ Aclj.us Link ]
Are public schools permitted to display Christmas decorations with religious themes or symbols? Several federal court cases have dealt directly with this issue.

Read and Share.

May public schools display religious symbols during Christmas?

ISIS is waging genocide against our brothers and sisters in Christ. Children are being tortured and crucified. Their suffering is incomprehensible.

Sign and Share our urgent petition to stop the genocide.

Stop the Genocide. Protect Christians.

This year, for the first time in history, a bill defunding Planned Parenthood was sent to the President’s desk. It was a major victory for the pro-life movement.

With your help, we'll continue to stand up for the sanctity of life – here in America and beyond.

2016 Victories: Defending the Sanctity of Life in America and Beyond | American Center for Law and Justice

In a major victory for life and religious liberty, the Supreme Court unanimously sided with the Little Sisters of the Poor against the Obama Administration’s abortion-pill mandate.

This is a huge step in the right direction as litigation continues.

2016 Victories: Massive Victory For Religious Liberty at the Supreme Court

Sign and Share our urgent petition. Military chaplains should be free to openly pray in uniform without fear of angry atheists attacking their religious liberty.

Protect Military Religious Liberty and Honor Chaplains

Is it constitutional for a government entity to erect a holiday display with religious themes?

Read and Share to find out what the Supreme Court has to say.

Can the government erect holiday displays with religious themes?

Little girls in Kenya are being sold as child brides to much older men. They're forced to endure years of cruel torture and enslavement. It's pure evil.

Sign and Share to take action on behalf of these children.

Stop the Sexual Enslavement of Young Kenyan Girls

Planned Parenthood and its political allies will stop at nothing to force you to pay for abortion with your tax dollars. They're trying to repeal the pro-life Hyde Amendment.

It's shameful. SIGN & SHARE our petition to fight back.

Don't Force Us to Pay for the Murder of Babies

Is it legal for a private citizen to erect a religious display on public property?

There have been several Supreme Court cases that deal directly with this question. Read and Share.

Are private citizens allowed to erect religious displays on public property?

The widespread anti-Christian discrimination on college campuses is illegal and unconstitutional. It must end.

Sign and Share our petition to defend religious liberty.

Christian College Students Denied Admission For Their Faith

Sergeant Martland – a decorated war hero who faced expulsion from the Army for defending a child – was exonerated in April 2016 and allowed to remain in the U.S. military.

It was a massive victory that was only possible through your relentless support.

2016 Victories: Sergeant Martland Exonerated

"I forgive my persecutors. I do not hate those who did me wrong." – Asia Bibi

Christian mom Asia Bibi is still on death row in Pakistan for her faith. Please SIGN & SHARE our petition to demand her freedom.

Save Christian Mom Asia Bibi from Execution

Planned Parenthood aborts more children than any other organization. Taxpayers should not be forced to directly fund the slaughter of innocent unborn babies.

Sign our petition to demand an end to the federal funding of Planned Parenthood.

Stop Giving Tax Dollars to the Abortion Industry