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It's gonna be a wild night! Don't miss the final build in the Sacred Steel Bikes season finale.
Christhian Vera
Isaac Mitchell
Miquel Mendez
Afi Keita James
James Shaffer
Emma Smith
Who else is excited to see two chopper builds on Monday?!
Jeremy Storey
Ellison Leon Gamba
Six Week To Six Pack ABS
Sergio Gabriel Diaz
Before they were American icons, motorcycles were put to the test in the Murderdrome.
Before they were American icons motorcycles were put to the test in the Murderdrome

The Murderdrome - Lords of the Boards : Harley & the Davidsons
People ask me all the time how Michael is and whether I see him. He's doing great, and yes, I see him as much as possible. And of course he has been a wonderful uncle to Hudson, like he is to our brother Daniel's kids. You can't beat having Michael around -- he always makes you laugh. -- Paul Jr. Designs
People ask me all the time how Michael is and whether I

Where Are They Now: Mikey Teutul
Nathan McMillan
Neil Andrew
David Baggett
As most of you know, Vinnie started his own shop, Dimartino Motorsports, a garage that services and repairs cars and trucks. It's right down the street from me, actually. While we don't work together, he does sometimes pitch in, like with this year's GEICO Armed Forces Bike's annual maintenance. I wish I saw him more, but between his business and his family he's really busy! -- Paul Jr. Designs
As most of you know Vinnie started his own shop Dimartino Motorsports

Where Are They Now: Vinnie DiMartino
Glenn Brose
Ron Aslan
James Perry
Vinnie's spitballs. I really couldn't tell where they were coming from -- they were coming out of nowhere. This scene makes me laugh. Those were the raw days, when we were just having a good time and building bikes. It’s one of my favorite moments. -- Paul Jr. Designs
Vinnies spitballs I really couldnt tell where they were coming from they

Sr vs Jr: Spitballs From Nowhere
Nick Lentaris
Garry Graham
Victor Clark
When 9/11 happened, it was maybe the second year of my father and I making motorcycles. I was at the steel shop when I heard the news over the radio, and I remember thinking, How horrible is that — some small plane must have gotten off course and hit the towers. I’d been in the towers before, and I was feeling terrible that people there might have gotten hurt. Of course, once the second plane...
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When 911 happened it was maybe the second year of my father

PJD's Final Unveil
Peter Manera Manse
David Beaudoin
Fay Holland
Get ready for some amazing chopper action.
Get ready for some amazing chopper action
Afi Keita James
Billy Spinelli
Jeffrey Jacobson
Matthew Novosedlik
Leo Romani
Tom Bohanan
Time for some choppers!
Time for some choppers
Darryl Shukitt
David Pickles
Sara King
George Galanoplos
Joseph Williams
Alexander Rapp
Who's ready to see some choppers on Monday nights?!
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Paul Johnson
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You know the name, but have you heard the story? Check out new show Harley And The Davidsons coming to Discovery this fall
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