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Do as I say, not as I do: Virginia Democrat candidate for governor Tom Perriello accepts a $500,000 donation to his campaign, then ranted against big money in politics.

Hypocrisy Alert: Tom Perriello Accepts $500K Donation, Then Rails Against Big Money In Politics
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President Trump's budget would increase military spending by $54 BILLION - a 10 percent boost!

Trump budget seeks defense spending boost, major cuts in other agencies
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Democrat Governor caught using taxpayer funds to promote a New York Times puff piece about herself. Is this a good use of hard-earned taxpayer dollars or another example of wasteful spending?

Rhode Island Dem Gov Gina Raimondo Spends Taxpayer Funds to Promote Herself On Facebook
Michigan Democrat Gretchen Whitmer advocated for raising the state's minimum wage - but when asked what number it should be raised to, she flatly responded "I don't know."

Clueless: Michigan Dem Gov Candidate Gretchen Whitmer Bombs Minimum Wage Question
The best they can do? With a very weak bench, Democrats recruit a 25-year old losing congressional candidate from California to run for Wisconsin governor in 2018.

Wisconsin Democrats Resort To California College Grad For 2018 Gov Race
New Jersey Democrat Gov candidate Phil Murphy AGAIN makes his ridiculous and offensive comparison of the President of the United States to Adolf Hitler and the Nazi's. Murphy is unfit to serve!

Unhinged: NJ Dem Phil Murphy Triples Down On POTUS To Hitler Comparison
Gov. Scott Walker's conservative reforms continue to save Wisconsin taxpayers billions & move the state forward. #Results
CNBC ranks Dem Gov Gina Raimondo's Rhode Island as the WORST state for business in America. When it comes to jobs, Raimondo is all talk and no action.

50. Rhode Island
A Democrat gubernatorial candidate in Florida is facing a criminal investigation for using a government email system for political purposes. Democrats continue to play fast and loose with election laws.

Investigation Launched On Gillum Emails
Unhinged: Michigan Democrat gubernatorial candidate caught on video saying that listening to President Trump causes "brain damage." Does she think the 2.2 million Michigan voters who cast ballots for Trump are also brain damaged?

Michigan Dem Gov Candidate Says Listening To Trump Causes Brain Damage
Congratulations to Governor Rick Perry - CONFIRMED by the U.S. Senate as America's new Secretary of Energy!
In his response, Beshear failed to mention the disastrous Kentucky insurance co-op, which despite being subsidized $150 million by taxpayers, collapsed due to poor management and unrealistic rates.

Despite Steve Beshear's Democratic response, Kentucky is a case study in Obamacare's failures
Conservative governors are focused on welfare reform at the state level to ensure taxpayer dollars are spent more effectively.

Republican governors call for welfare reform at state level
SHAMEFUL: New Jersey Dem Gov candidate Phil Murphy compares the President of the United States to a genocidal dictator who slaughtered millions. LIKE & SHARE if you think he should apologize!

New Jersey Democrat Compares President Trump to Hitler
Happy President's Day!
These remarks were outrageous, offensive and insulting. LIKE & SHARE if you agree!

Dem Gov. Candidate Apologizes for Saying Trump Win Was Like 'Political 9/11'
Tom Perriello should immediately apologize for his offensive comments – directly to the 9/11 families who lost loved ones in Virginia, New York and Pennsylvania on that horrific day.

Va Gov Candidate Compares Trump To 9/11 [VIDEO]
SHAMEFUL! Virginia Democrat Tom Perriello compares the election of President Donald Trump to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

VIDEO: Virginia Dem Tom Perriello Compares Election of Trump to 9/11