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Conservative governors are focused on welfare reform at the state level to ensure taxpayer dollars are spent more effectively.

Republican governors call for welfare reform at state level
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SHAMEFUL: New Jersey Dem Gov candidate Phil Murphy compares the President of the United States to a genocidal dictator who slaughtered millions. LIKE & SHARE if you think he should apologize!

New Jersey Democrat Compares President Trump to Hitler
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Happy President's Day!
These remarks were outrageous, offensive and insulting. LIKE & SHARE if you agree!

Dem Gov. Candidate Apologizes for Saying Trump Win Was Like 'Political 9/11'
Tom Perriello should immediately apologize for his offensive comments – directly to the 9/11 families who lost loved ones in Virginia, New York and Pennsylvania on that horrific day.

Va Gov Candidate Compares Trump To 9/11 [VIDEO]
SHAMEFUL! Virginia Democrat Tom Perriello compares the election of President Donald Trump to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

VIDEO: Virginia Dem Tom Perriello Compares Election of Trump to 9/11
Fake news? After their worst electoral showing in 95-years, the head of the Democrat Governors Association says they had a "good" election year in 2016.

After Falling To 95-Year Low, DGA’s Dan Malloy Says Dem Govs Had A “Good” 2016
With 33 Republican governors, the most in 95 years, GOP chief executives are fired up to take action, reform their states and get results.

Republican governors in charge
After promising he wouldn't raise taxes if elected, West Virginia's new Democrat Governor Jim Justice just proposed to the largest tax hike in state history.

Democrat Governor Jim Justice Proposes Largest Tax Hike in West Virginia History
Congratulations to Jeff Sessions - America's new ATTORNEY GENERAL!
"Gillespie’s declarations at Liberty ought to earn him admiration and thanksgiving. They reflect a humility that deserves greater dissemination."

Editorial: Republican Ed Gillespie tells students that faith sustained him during difficult times
Missouri elected a NAVY SEAL as their governor in November - and now, he's standing up for taxpayers!

Navy SEAL Governor Beats Back Unions
Congratulations to Betsy DeVos - confirmed by the U.S. Senate as America's new Secretary of Education!
GREAT NEWS ---> GOP Governor Eric Greitens signs Right-To-Work into law, making Missouri the nation's 28th Right-To-Work state! This law ensures that Big Labor Union Bosses cannot force workers to join a union or pay dues.
Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan! Born on this date in 1911, he was a courageous President who always stood up for freedom and liberty.
Great to see America's VICE PRESIDENT Mike Pence at tonight's #SuperBowl in Houston!
AWESOME to see President George H.W. Bush with the coin toss at the #SuperBowl!
Missouri is set to become our nation's 28th Right-To-Work state, which prevents Labor Unions from forcing workers to join and pay dues.

Missouri lawmakers send right to work to Republican governor
We're pumped to see President George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara partake in the coin toss to kick off the Super Bowl!

George & Barbara Bush Are Letting America Know They Are Just Fine With 'Super' Appearance on Sunday