Here are the answers to yesterday's quiz. How did you do? #AmericanEnglish
What are you terrified of? #AmericanEnglish
Do you ever play baseball or tennis? What other sports do you like to play? #AmericanEnglish
I am so grateful for all of the wonderful #AmericanEnglish Facebook followers! It's difficult to say goodbye. Starting April 1, I will no longer be Admin of this page. I am so thankful for all of the amazing people I have met on this page! Thank you, everyone!
Which sentences/questions are correct? Can you fix the incorrect ones? We'll post the answers tomorrow. #AmericanEnglish
Are you excited about the weekend? What are you going to do? #AmericanEnglish
How do you pronounce the vowel "i" in the words "light" and "fish"? Is the sound different? Learn the difference between long and short vowels with this short #AmericanEnglish #pronunciation #video.
In the U.S., there is a stereotype of the absentminded professor. Does this same stereotype about professors exist in your country? Are you absentminded? #AmericanEnglish
Don't let these "commonly confused words" confuse you! Study these today and then test your understanding tomorrow. We'll post a quiz tomorrow. #AmericanEnglish
Do you like to shop for clothes? Learn useful sentences related to shopping with this #AmericanEnglish graphic.
Do you like to try on clothes before you buy them? Learn phrasal verbs related to clothing with this #AmericanEnglish graphic.
Have you ever met a wolf in sheep's clothing? What did you do? #AmericanEnglish
Articles can be very tricky in English! This #AmericanEnglish graphic will help you know when to use articles (the, a, an) with mountains. Is there a famous mountain and/or mountain range in your country?
What's the difference between e.g. and i.e.? These two abbreviations can be really tricky. Find out more with this #AmericanEnglish graphic!
Which is correct: The Lake Michigan or Lake Michigan? Find out how to use articles (the, a, an) with bodies of water with this #AmericanEnglish graphic. Happy World Water Day!
Have you ever been in hot water? Today (March 22) is World Water Day. Celebrate with these water-related idioms! #AmericanEnglish #WorldWaterDay
It's officially spring! What do you like to do in the spring season or during nice weather? #AmericanEnglish
Are you allowed to read aloud at work? Learn the difference between these two commonly confused words (allowed / aloud) with this #AmericanEnglish graphic. Do you sometimes wonder aloud about things?
What's on your desk or table right now? Is there anything beside you? Learn to talk about the location of objects in your home with this short #AmericanEnglish #prepositions #video.
Happy World Poetry Day! "I have never started a poem yet whose end I knew. Writing a poem is discovering." (-Robert Frost, American poet) Do you have a favorite poem?