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Thank you to everyone who submitted a board game for our 4th annual Create Your Own Board Game Competition! We received A LOT of games, and we are still reviewing them. We will announce the winners next week!
Do you enjoy learning English? Do you like learning about gerunds and infinitives? Learn some verbs that are followed by gerunds (not infinitives) with this #AmericanEnglish graphic. What do you miss doing (that you used to do as a child)?
Are you good at making "small talk"? (Small talk is casual conversation about things that are not very important.) Here are some questions you can ask people to start "small talk." What do you like to do for fun? #AmericanEnglish #SmallTalk
Have you ever seen this type of sign before? This "Priority Seating" sign is posted in public transportation (train, bus, etc.) in the U.S. We are posting this sign because today is International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Does public transportation in your country have signs like this? #IDPD2016
Do you have festivals in your country? In this VOA Learning English episode, Anna goes to a festival in Washington, DC. Find out what she learns by watching the video! [ Bit.ly Link ]

What is Anna Matteo doing in this photo?

Do you ever need to shift (or switch) gears? Often, people who know two or more languages need to "switch gears" when they change from speaking one language to another. Learn more with this #AmericanEnglish graphic and VOA Learning English video > [ Bit.ly Link ].
Is it easy to ask for help? Learn how to use modal verbs to ask for help and make other requests. Watch this short video to learn more. #AmericanEnglish #ModalVerbs #video Practice by making a request in the comments below!
Could you give me some tips about learning modals? Learn how to use modals for making requests with this #AmericanEnglish graphic. Stay tuned to learn more about using "can" and "could" for requests; we will post a new video soon!
Learn idioms with our graphics!
Why do you love English? We asked, and nearly 100 of our Facebook followers responded by video! We will post their individual videos on YouTube soon. For now, enjoy our final video, "Voices from American English"! #AmericanEnglish #WeLoveAE #EnglishforAll
Are you looking for ways to develop your writing skills? Check out this Developing Writing book on the American English website. It's free to download! [ Bit.ly Link ]

American English | For English Language Teachers Around the World

Do you ever disapprove of people's actions? #AmericanEnglish #VerbOpposites
Are you ready to order? Learn phrases used when ordering in a restaurant with this #AmericanEnglish graphic. How often do you "go out to eat" (eat at a restaurant)?
Do you like to go to restaurants? Learn vocabulary related to restaurants with this #AmericanEnglish graphic. Stay tuned! We'll post a graphic about ordering in a restaurant later today.
Do you like food from other countries? In this VOA Learning English video, Anna eats food from different countries around the world! [ Bit.ly Link ]

Let's Learn English Lesson 23: What Do You Want?

Here are the answers to yesterday's quiz. How did you do?
"Small talk" is informal, friendly conversation about unimportant subjects. In the U.S., the weather is a common subject of "small talk." What subjects are "small talk" in your country?
What strategies help you to learn English? Today's #AmericanEnglish #VerbOpposites: help & hinder. How will you help someone today?
What is the connection between turkeys, Thanksgiving, and grammar? Find out with this VOA Learning English article about stative verbs! [ Bit.ly Link ]

What Can Thanksgiving Teach You About English Grammar?

Here's a short quiz to practice your understanding of the present progressive. We'll post the answers tomorrow.