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A generation ago, young men earned 85% of the average American wage; now it’s only 58%.

Civil society and job training

Dr. Sally Satel in The Wall Street Journal: Addiction isn’t an illness like any other. Patients need not just the right medicines but therapy, support and, in some cases, tough supervision

How to Treat an Opioid Epidemic

Americans use this anniversary not only to pay tribute to one man’s efforts in the cause of equal rights, but also to celebrate the Civil Rights Movement as a whole.

Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.

If anything, political repression in Cuba has increased since Obama normalized relations with the Castro regime.

Thiessen | Obama finally finds illegal immigrants he wants to deport: Cubans

To capitalize on this once-in-a-generation opportunity, Republicans must dispense with any wishful thinking about health care reform, argues James Capretta.

The GOP must be practical when replacing the ACA

Yesterday, President Obama awarded the Medal of Freedom to Vice President Joe Biden. The Medal of Freedom is the nation’s highest civilian honor and several AEI scholars and many of its supporters have been its recipients.

The Presidential Medal of Freedom at AEI

Michael Auslin is a resident scholar and the director of Japan Studies at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), where he specializes in Asian regional security and political issues. He joined Scot

Michael Auslin: The End of the Asian Century

Making high-quality child care accessible to parents will allow them to remain in the workforce while providing their kids with the foundation they need to thrive – giving millions of families a better shot at the American Dream.

Katharine B. Stevens: Child care is critical

Maybe you've heard this one: America’s tech giants are profitable and possess huge market values, but they don’t create that many jobs. Or at least not many jobs compared to the industrial giants of old.

Or do they?

Some numbers on tech job growth vs. big companies of the past

Last week, the Navy quietly scored a $100 billion victory against the Army and Air Force.

Eaglen & Berger: Navy's deterrence fund is just another Washington budget gimmick

Winter has returned to northern China. And so has the country’s trademark, deadly smog.

The filth they breathe in China

Rick Hess discusses the leftward tilt of education scholarship with Elizabeth Rich, Education Week's Commentary editor.
The value of China's overseas investment and construction combined is approaching $1.5 trillion. Check out the latest update to see how China is spending across the world.

China Global Investment Tracker

Why do terrorists attack randomly? James Mitchell, former CIA interrogator, explains the deliberate strategy behind Al-Qaeda’s plans for seemingly random attacks and how these attacks were thwarted.
Does the leftward tilt of universities spell trouble for ed. policy? Rick Hess of American Enterprise Institute thinks so. Join us tomorrow at 12:30 ET for a Facebook Live discussion on this topic.

Read Rick's Commentary piece on the topic here: [ Edweek.org Link ] and submit your questions in the comments below.
Columnist Liad Agmon shares how playing poker taught him solid lessons as a startup entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurial lessons from an amateur poker player

Phil Gramm and Michael Solon say the Senate’s 60-vote threshold is a bulwark of freedom. Instead of nuking it, the GOP should defund Obama’s agenda.

Preserve the Filibuster—Then Overcome It

Today AEI's Political Corner launches the online version of a book that has become the Bible of Congress watchers.

AEI on Congress: Keeping track of 'Vital Statistics' and Congressional ethics

Thinking about moving this year? Charles Murray proposes a new strategy for finding a way out of the bubble and into mainstream America.

Escape the bubble but still find happiness — in college towns