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Liberal arts education is under attack from much more than political correctness.

The Biggest Threat on Campus

Alfred Carlton Gilbert was told he had 15 minutes to convince the United States government not to cancel Christmas.

A.C. Gilbert, the Toymaker Who (Actually) Saved Christmas

"One thing I've learned is that we get so much negative information from the media, especially now with the internet. Working on board the trains, you actually see that mankind is still nice." -David Pryor, a conductor at Amtrak, talks about why his job on the train makes him optimistic about American society.

The Secret Lives of American Workers

Our new home at 1789 Massachusetts Avenue.
When it comes to K-12 education, possibly the most important question for any incoming Republican president is, โ€œAre you hoping to advance particular programs or a steady, coherent conservative philosophy?โ€

Uncle Sam and Americaโ€™s schools in the Trump administration

Announcing the winners of our #AEIGOW caption contest.
Today is Jobs Day, so let's go beyond the headlines with research from Aparna Mathur and the AEI Economics team.
Live now- While many economists argue that immigrants fill necessary jobs that native workers are less likely to take, George J. Borjas, a Cuban-American Harvard labor economist, argues that this misses the full picture.

AEI Grand Opening Week: George J. Borjas

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Now is the perfect time to revisit the work of late AEI constitutional scholar Walter Berns on the "right" to flag burning.

Flag burning and the difference between speech and expression

During this AEI event, Representative Bill Flores (R-TX), who has chaired the Republican Study Committee during the 114th Congress, and Representative Mark Walker (R-NC), incoming RSC chairman for the 115th Congress, will share their thoughts on the future of the conservative movement.

AEI Grand Opening Week: Conservatism in the 115th Congress

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As part of AEI Grand Opening Week, Professors Robert George and Cornel West of Princeton University took to the stage in a thrilling, exacting, and soulful discussion of the health of liberal arts in America.

The 25 best bits from Robbie George and Cornel West

Starting soon: Join us as AEI experts with a broad spectrum of policy expertise outline the most pressing domestic, economic, and foreign policy challenges facing our country and put forward a series of corresponding policy proposals.

AEI Grand Opening Week: Setting priorities for governing in 2017

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To bring some economic reality into the national discussion on the #Fightfor15, the Employment Policies Institute released four new mini-documentaries today featuring victims of dramatic minimum wage increases.

Faces of $15: Small businesses and their employee are the real victims of the minimum wage movement

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The university campus: Animal House, or epicenter of culture war?

Is free speech in danger on campus? Answers from Jonathan Zimmerman

While they are on opposite ends of the political spectrum, Princeton Professors Robert George and Cornel West have spent the past several years teaching and lecturing together to accomplish a common goal: the provision of a true liberal arts education to their students.

AEI Grand Opening Week: Robert George & Cornel West

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