A month into the Trump presidency and Washington’s powerful elites are battling for their political lives. The lobbyists and special interest groups along with politicians from both parties are working behind the scenes to regain the power that President Trump has taken.

Powerful Elites Battle for Their Lives

“If NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell thinks football unites us, then why is his league taking political sides?” The National Football League has had trouble keeping TV viewers this year. There are many theories for the rating drop ranging from concern about concussions to the ongoing Colin Kaepernick controversy. [ Ow.ly Link ]

NFL and Bathroom Bill

The American Family Association is applauding President Donald Trump today after he revoked federal guidelines that would have allowed public school students to use restrooms and other facilities corresponding to their gender identity rather than their biological gender, according to Fox News.

American Family Association Applauds President Trump’s Rollback of School Bathroom Directive

Because God is a God of work, Christians should never regard labor and work as a result of sin or part of the curse of the fallen world. In the Word of God, Christians find a call, not to a life of ease but to a life of good, hard work.

The Christian’s Work

The Washington Supreme Court ruled that Barronelle Stutzman could and should be punished for the crime of deep biblical conviction.

That Moment You Realize We’re All Barronelle Stutzman

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The fundamental conflict in our culture and in our politics right now is a simple one. It is conflict between those who love the truth and speak the truth and those who hate the truth and want it repressed.

Haters Will Hate Those Who Speak the Truth

Teaching is an honorable profession, but oftentimes a thankless job. One Million Moms wants to support and encourage educators, not belittle, mock, or bring them down as TV Land is doing.

'Teachers' Imitates One Million Moms

Fellow conservatives, we must remain vigilant to reverse the destructive policies of the Obama administration that still remain in effect. One example is the Obama administration's directive for public schools to allow boys who think they are girls into girls' restrooms and locker rooms.

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Tell Trump administration to revoke Obama's transgender directive

Watch this video of a teenager taking Teen Vogue to task for a recent pro-abortion article it recently published.

Response to Teen Vogue by a Pro-Life Teen

One of America’s leading historians and constitutional experts has divulged four major arguments proving that the recent ruling against a Christian florist was wrong – a decision that penalized the business owner for declining to provide service for a homosexual couple’s wedding.

4 arguments against Christian florist ruling

The lies of Satan blind the mind (2 Cor. 4:44) and disable the capacity to walk in truth, which is why the Bible likens this condition to walking in darkness.

The Christian's Defense Against Deception-Part 1

Teen Vogue recently ran a story on supposedly great ideas for a friend who just had an abortion. In reality, there were no good ideas, only ridiculous suggestions that were overtly political (an F-U-terus pin and a coloring book of liberal Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg). SFLA did our own...

This is Autumn. She’s Planned Parenthood’s worst nightmare.

In 1776 when America separated from Great Britain, the rights of religious conscience were once again promptly preserved in the new state constitutions and then in the federal Constitution.

The United States of...Not America

Yiannopoulos will get as much prominent speaking time as the vice-president of the United States, Mike Pence, and former presidential candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz.

It's Now PPAC: Pedophilia-Promoting Action Conference

There is confusion even in the Christian community over this issue of religious freedom. AFA will keep informing and keep fighting. We encourage you to do the same.

What Happened to this Florist Is Wrong!

To more fully understand this war of worldviews, we must first understand that every nation is built upon some set of presuppositions, some basic ideas of right and wrong, which are ultimately rooted in the religion of the people. The laws of a society will reflect these foundational principles.

Why Do the Leftists Rage?-Part 3

Law, from a Christian perspective and as the Founders of America viewed it, originates in the will of God, revealed in general to man through nature and his conscience, and more specifically in the revelation of the Scriptures.

Why Do the Leftists Rage-Part 2