When elected officials know you are watching them, and holding them accountable, they are more likely to do the right thing. AFA helps make your ability to contact officials quickly and easily.

Urgent: Congress voting soon to end federally funded abortions

Planned Parenthood has been fighting for survival in recent years as centers have been closing at a rapid pace. But, still, it remains at the forefront of the evil practice.

Planned Parenthood Clings to Life

A common protest sign was, “Trump is not my president.” But that statement says more about our education system than it does about those who held the signs. It affirms the failure of American education in four areas: American history, government, Constitution, and truth.

Presidential Protestors Don't Understand America

What my husband heard that day was powerful, convicting, heart-wrenching … and real.

The Sound of Death

It all started with a country preacher from Mississippi...
Despondency, despair, and fatalism seem to have a vice-like grip on our nation and even the entire world.

Only Christ's Faithful Church Can Restore Hope

I hope, for my child’s sake, that Donald Trump’s presidency is a successful one. His is a unique president to say the least. Yet, we will all take part in the residual effects whether we voted for him or not. Christians, though we feel victorious now, we would do well to remember that it is on our knees that we are saved.

What I Want to Teach My Child About Donald Trump

NRB's most prestigious award is presented to an individual NRB member for invaluable contribution to the field of Christian communications, exhibition of the highest standards, and evidence of faithfulness in Christ.

AFA Founder Don Wildmon to Receive Prestigious Award

Yes, the university named for our first American president won’t require students graduating with a history degree to actually take a course on the history of this country.

American History Requirement

The celebration starts tonight at the third Christian Inaugural Gala, hosted by a number of Christian ministries that are in Washington, DC, for the inauguration.

Celebrating God's mercy and 'second chance'

"I have been thinking a lot lately about what I am going to teach my son about life as he grows – everything from why it is important to obey and respect his mom and dad, and why he should clean his room, to the more awkward issues we will encounter in the teen years. It is a scary prospect, but I do have the Word of God and direct access to the Father through prayer." - Jordan Chamblee

Eleven Things I Want to Teach My Son

If Don Lemon would agree that what these four individuals did to a disabled person is immoral, vile, or dishonorable, then why would he hesitate to call it evil?

What Is Evil?

While it is good to reverence the word of God, it is much better to read and obey its teachings.

The Best Bible Translation

For years it has seemed as though the Church in general has been asleep.

Will the Church Come Alive in 2017?

Several minority leaders and celebrities have recently visited with Donald Trump. What's it all about?

Trump's Outreach to Minority Communities-Video

I would be eternally grateful if you would please watch this video and consider sharing it through your social media platforms. It's less than 5 minutes in length.

Watch this Awesome Pro-Life Video!

Despite a reputation for being an originalist who is guided by the Constitution and the law, Pryor joined that 11th Circuit ruling which conjured up these special protections with absolutely no constitutional or statutory warrant.

It's Time for Some Pryor Restraint