For a kid, a stay in the hospital can be very stressful. Music therapy gives our patients another way to cope, heal, and meet their goals through songs and sounds. Our new music therapy program is completely funded by donations and we need your help to expand it.

With just $10,000, we can complete our instrument collection and provide music therapy to 200 more children. Ask your friends to...
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New Music Therapy Program at American Family Children's Hospital
We do everything in our power to help sick kids heal and cope when they are staying with us in the hospital. This is why we’re so excited to give you a glimpse at our new Music Therapy program!

Please SHARE this important video and help us raise $10,000 by Friday, March 24 so we can complete our instrument collection and provide music therapy to 200 more children. Donate today:...
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Well, aren't WE lucky?! Leprechaun Joe Herr is in the building and spreading his St. Patrick's Day cheer to staff and patients.
Join us for a 5k run/walk on Madison’s Lakeshore Path, alongside Lake Mendota, and support the American Family Children's Hospital!

9th Annual Trot 4 Tots

Teenagers are under increasing amounts of negative stress today with issues such as gun violence and cyber bullying on the rise. When they are exposed toxic level of stress for prolonged periods of time, their risk of long-term health complications increases.

Preventing Lifelong Impacts of Stress
When it comes to the NICU, Jody LaReau's job as a Environmental Services Technician puts our patient families a little more at ease.
Fluctuations in appetite are especially common in children. Dietitian Sarah Van Riet shares this advice for your child's appetite ups and downs.

Nutrition and Growth Spurts
Dr. Brittany Allen reviews recent laws related to transgender rights, including those that limit people's access to bathroom use.

Transgender Rights: The (bath)Room Where It Happens
For over 20 years, Piano Playathon has raised money to support our Child Life program. This year, 171 piano students played in an eight-hour piano marathon to help raise $11,500!
An infantile hemangioma or "strawberry mark," is a very common type of birthmark that develops before birth or in the first few months of life. Dr. Lisa Arkin shares what parents need to know about hemangiomas.

"Strawberry Marks"
if you ❤ Andy!

After retiring from a 30-year career as a painter, Andy Hart was looking for something new in a part-time job. What he found was what he describes as “a newfound calling.” You see, as part of the valet services team, Andy is one of the first faces patients and families see when they arrive for their appointments at American Family Children's Hospital. Whether it’s a brief...
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What to do when kids lie.

Dr. Paula Cody has written about the prevalence and warning signs of eating disorders in past blog posts, this time she explores the mental health conditions that often occur with eating disorders. #NEDAwareness

The Intersection on Eating Disorders & Mental Health
7-year-old Justus is enjoying today's Wisconsin weather by catching snowflakes on his tongue with his nurse, Lauren. ❄
Our new Music Therapy program helps young patients cope with pain, while reducing the stress kids may feel while in the hospital.

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Today is #RareDiseaseDay.

1 in 20 children in the U.S. suffer from a rare disease. Join us in recognizing and bringing awareness to some of our patients affected by rare diseases.
Carson’s #HeartHero story as told by his dad, Chris. ❤

Shortly after our twins Carson and Caden were born on March 14, 2012, we learned that Carson had two very serious health problems involving his esophagus and his heart.

Carson’s esophagus was not formed correctly and to save his life, he would need to have a somewhat risky surgery almost immediately. In addition, Carson was diagnosed...
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When 5-year-old Lyla was in need of a kidney transplant, her teacher 'Miss Beth' discovered she was a perfect match. We're so happy to announce the transplant was a success and both are recovering tremendously!
Weston’s #hearthero story as told by his mom, Kayla. ❤

As a mama, the hardest thing I've gone through is watching my first child come out of open heart surgery (and all the poking and prodding beforehand!!) at 4 months old.

I took the picture on the left to document that moment because, as horrified as I was seeing my child appear almost dead, I knew I didn't want to forget how it felt....
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Amelia’s #HeartHero story as told by her mom, Kelly. ❤

Amelia was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (a birth defect that affects normal blood flow through the heart). At just 6-days-old, she had Norwood surgery – an open heart surgery that re-routes the heart's blood flow. Shortly after, at 1 month-old, Amelia went into cardiac arrest and needed a repair surgery. She had multiple set...
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