When 5-year-old Lyla was in need of a kidney transplant, her teacher 'Miss Beth' discovered she was a perfect match. We're so happy to announce the transplant was a success and both are recovering tremendously!
Weston’s #hearthero story as told by his mom, Kayla. ❤

As a mama, the hardest thing I've gone through is watching my first child come out of open heart surgery (and all the poking and prodding beforehand!!) at 4 months old.

I took the picture on the left to document that moment because, as horrified as I was seeing my child appear almost dead, I knew I didn't want to forget how it felt....
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Amelia’s #HeartHero story as told by her mom, Kelly. ❤

Amelia was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (a birth defect that affects normal blood flow through the heart). At just 6-days-old, she had Norwood surgery – an open heart surgery that re-routes the heart's blood flow. Shortly after, at 1 month-old, Amelia went into cardiac arrest and needed a repair surgery. She had multiple set...
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❤ Here is Ezekiel’s #HeartHero story as told by his father Ron.

They day after Ezekiel was born, nurses noticed that he had a bluish completion and a very low blood oxygen level. We were transported by ambulance to American Family Children's Hospital and there he was diagnosed with pulmonary valve atresia. After having surgery to open his pulmonary valve, we waited for a few weeks for his...
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Wisconsin has seen a rise in the use of heroin and other opioids.

If you or someone you know is struggling with a drug addiction, contact your health care provider. Signs of a heroin or other opioid overdose include: disorientation, depressed breathing, blue color to lips/nails, pinpoint pupils, extreme drowsiness or difficulty arousing, and loss of consciousness. Call 911 if you see any of...
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Shocking Increase in Overdoses in Wisconsin

Leah’s #HeartHero story:

I have been a heart patient of the University Hospital and Dr. Wilson for the last 25 years. I was born in 1991 with Tetralogy of Fallot and underwent my first heart surgery in April 1993. My second heart surgery took place in 2009 when I needed to have a valve replaced. Following the heart surgery in 2009, I had an ischemic stroke and was in a coma for 3 days. When I...
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There are many reasons why practicing mindfulness is good for you - and it's good for the whole family, too.

Being Mindful: Especially for Families

Ezekiel’s #HeartHero story told by his mother, Heather. ❤

My son was diagnosed with TGA and VSD before he was born and came to the UW the day he was born. He had heart surgery before he was even one week old and I will never forget that day or the night that followed. He then proceeded to give the Cardiology and PICU teams a run for their money through his difficult recovery process and...
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PLEASE VOTE Voting for round 2 closes today at 11:59am. Hurry!! go.wisc.edu/votegard
Even though it's against the law to sell e-cigarettes to minors, they remain the most commonly used tobacco product in the U.S. And leave it to some clever kids to figure out how to use them to get an even stronger high. Dr. Paula Cody explains what "dripping" is - and why it's so dangerous.

Taking Vaping to a New Level

We would like to honor and recognize our patients affected by rare diseases on Rare Disease Day (Feb. 28). Your child's story can help raise awareness for these diseases.

Send us your child's story and a photo via Facebook Message and we may share it on Rare Disease Day.
February is heart month. ❤ To celebrate, here is Brynlee’s #HeartHero story as told by her mother Emily.

Brynlee was born May 9th, 2016 with coarctation of the aorta (narrowing of the aorta). Within hours of birth, she was transported from Wausau to American Family Children's Hospital for surgery.

For four days, I was stuck recovering in Wausau while our baby went to the amazing doctors...
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Wisconsin Badgers Men's Basketball Coach Greg Gard dreams of a cancer-free Wisconsin. Vote every day for his charity to receive $100,000 in the Infiniti Coaches’ Charity Challenge: go.wisc.edu/votegard
Celebrate with us as we share amazing stories of our remarkable heart patients.
In honor of today being World Cancer Day, our Pediatric Cancer Dream Team stands strong in determination to cure cancer quickly through research and make a worldwide impact in saving kids’ lives.

Learn more about UW’s fight against cancer: uwhealth.org/fightkidscancer
So far this season 8 children have died from the flu - including a few who were teenagers. While we tend to worry about very young children, the flu can be dangerous for older kids as well. Dr. Paula Cody takes a look at this year's flu season - and remind us of how to decrease our risk.

It’s not too late for the flu vaccine!

Today is National Girls and Women in Sports Day! #NGWSD

Research has shown that participating in organized sports offers unique benefits for young women, including better grades, improved well-being, lower incidence of drug use, increased confidence and more.

How to Keep Girls Playing Sports (And Why We Should)

We're so happy Dawson got to have this experience with Wisconsin Men's Basketball and Badgers Give Back. Go Badgers!
Is it a challenge to get your kids to turn off their electronic devices when time is up? If screen time has become a “battle," Dr. Slattery has some suggestions for you.

Screen Time Stresss

It is important for both health care providers and patients to know about antibiotics and inappropriate use so that we can work together to limit evolving antibiotic resistance.

Inappropriate Antibiotic Use Contributes to Antibiotic Resistance