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New episodes of WellieWishers are now streaming on Amazon Kids! Just remember, good friends scooch over to make room on the couch.
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Make hugs happen on #NationalHugDay!
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Gabriela’s Performance Case has everything to showcase her creativity. #GOTY2017
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It’s #NationalPopcornDay! Celebrate with Z’s puppy pal, Popcorn, and all 13 episodes of #AGZcrew available now on our YouTube channel. [ Link ]
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Happiness comes in herds for Kaya.
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Gabriela-inspired outfits and PJs are now available for inspired girls everywhere. Tell us, what brings out your girl’s creative side? #GOTY2017
Today, we commemorate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We’re proud to celebrate Dr. King’s messages of hope and unity with girls everywhere through the stories of Melody Ellison, a girl who lifts her voice during the civil rights movement of the 1960s. #MLKDay
Love brings out the best in us! In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, An American Girl Story - Melody 1963 is now available to stream to all non-Prime members through 1/16. [ Link ]
Holidays may be over, but Slumber Party Season is just getting started. #TGIF
Junior dance company program or spoken word performance—what’s #GOTY2017 Gabriela getting ready for today?
Today is #StepInAPuddleAndSplashYourFriendsDay. Or, as the WellieWishers call it: “Every Day.”
Inside the dance studio of her beloved Liberty Arts Center, Gabriela puts her poetry in motion. #GOTY2017
Learn how to create Gabriela’s signature hairstyle—it’s the perfect performance-ready look! #GOTY2017
Dancing into the weekend with #GOTY2017 Gabriela. #TGIF
Steady & At-the-ready—just like a good friend should be. ❤❤ #FriendsForever
Old gloves into brand-new doll accessories! Check out this easy, upcycled #craft for you and your girl.
Creative combinations in a Snap! Shop our new mix-and-match collection for girls and dolls: [ Link ]
“When speaking up gets scary, I focus on expressing my true feelings—My Poetry is My Power.” - Gabriela McBride #GOTY2017 #MondayMotivation
Today is Melody Ellison’s birthday! If you forgot to buy her a present, give her a “Like”—and please, wish her #HappyBirthday in the comments below. #HBD
Meet Gabriela McBride—our new Girl of the Year! She’s a true talent who gets creative for a cause. Learn more about her story: [ Link ]