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American Heart Association
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The holidays can be stressful! Gifts, family, cooking, traveling… we get it! But it’s important to sit back, relax and enjoy the season. Your heart will thank you!
Find out your risk for heart disease and stroke with this useful tool to map out your family history.

My Family Health Portrait Tool

Hang up your pots & pans! Try slow-cooked goodness with our hearty, healthy recipes & share your own, too [ Spr.ly Link ] #supportiswhy
Don't waste good color on refined grains. When it comes to crackers, always make sure the first ingredient is “whole grain” – and eat them with plenty of fruits & veggies on top. #addcolor [ Spr.ly Link ]
Strong and silent type? That may not be a good thing when it comes to dealing with heart disease. Find support at supportnetwork.heart.org #SupportIsWhy

Proud Men Still Need Help with Heart Disease

Making good food choices is one of the most important things we can do for the health of our hearts. Even so, many of us find ourselves looking for comfort from food. [ Spr.ly Link ]

Hungry? Or Coping?

Your heart health is important. But your financial health is just as important.
Learn how you can create a plan that reflects your personal values.

Request our free brochure, 10 Things Every Woman Should Know About Planning Her Financial Future.

It took cardiac rehab for Julie Kubala to fully understand that she would have to make significant changes to prevent a second heart attack.

Making changes to prevent a second heart attack - News on Heart.org

For the first time ever, NFL players will be wearing custom cleats during a regular-season game. Check them out.

PHOTOS: #MyCauseMyCleats

Where have you drawn inspiration to overcome heart disease or stroke? [ Spr.ly Link ]
Daddy’s little girl may have dad’s risk for heart disease. Make your family history a story worth telling this holiday season.
A few weeks after surgery to give me a new coronary artery, I was to begin cardiac rehab in my hometown of Portland. I was scared. No. I was terrified to do anything that would stress my heart. It had betrayed me once, and I did not trust that it wouldn’t do it again. [ Spr.ly Link ]

Learning to Trust My Heart Again

Stroke has a secret: You’re not the only one in recovery #supportiswhy [ Spr.ly Link ]
You don't have to break the bank to get fruits and veggies on your plate - just add a little at a time and look for ways to save. #addcolor [ Spr.ly Link ]

+color - American Heart Association

Your support helps us help millions each and every year. That’s why this season, you’re our reason! Thank you! #MyReasonThisSeason
Pulse ox, which can measure oxygen levels through a toe or finger monitor, may help save over 800 babies born with CHD's every year.

Pulse oximetry screening successes set stage for more work to save babies

Always wash your grapes – but wait until you’re ready to eat them to do so. Their natural protective coatings help them stay fresh, allowing you to #addcolor longer. #lifeiswhy [ Spr.ly Link ]
This colorful black eyed pea salad has a little bit of everything! #addcolor [ Spr.ly Link ]

Black-Eyed Pea Salad

Try and eat 4-5 servings of color each day! Don't know how much a serving is? A whole medium-sized fruit or one cup of raw leafy veggies will give you a full serving. #addcolor [ Spr.ly Link ]