It’s the last day of #HFWeek2017, but you can still show your support for those affected by heart failure. Tag 3 friends who need to know more about HF. #RiseAboveHF
Some drugs taken by heart failure patients raise potassium levels to abnormal rates causing #Hyperkalemia. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, consult your healthcare provider. #HFWeek17
Do you suffer from #heartfailure? If so, you may be at risk for higher than normal potassium levels in your blood stream - #Hyperkalemia. Stay informed! Ask your healthcare provider and learn more at #HFWeek17
DYK avocados contribute good fats to the diet? Submit your favorite heart-healthy avocado recipe to win up to $1,000. Hass Avocados #AddAvocado #HealthyForGood

Take Avocado to Heart Recipe Contest
When you join the You’re the Cure network of advocates, you add your voice to millions of others working toward a healthier future. [ Link ] #RiseAboveHF #HFWeek2017
#RedDressCollection presented by Macy's came and went in a flash! We hope to have raised awareness for women's heart disease & stroke and inspired women to take care of their hearts. <3 Take a look at our big day!
We never get tired of seeing these videos. We're so glad our Jump Rope for Heart program could play a small part in this beautiful moment. <3
Aimee shares how she lives, and rides, with heart failure. "It's important to understand the signs and symptoms of heart failure, but it's just as important to understand how to live with congestive heart failure." It's HF awareness week: How do you live with heart failure? [ Link ]
After a heart attack, you have a lot of questions. Here’s a guide to help you ask the right ones at your next doctor’s visit. #DontWaitForASecond

Cardiac Rehab Questions for Your Healthcare Professional
If you have high blood pressure, home monitoring is an important part of managing your health. These steps can help you get it right. Do you monitor your BP at some place besides the doctor's office? If so, how often? [ Link ]
ICYMI: Today's The Young and the Restless episode focused on heart disease in honor of American Heart Month. Get the scoop here: [ Link ]
Everything you need to know about shared decision making in advanced stages of HF: [ Link ] #RiseAboveHF #HFWeek2017

Heart Insight - Fall 2016 - 22
Adding color to your plate doesn’t have to break the bank. Look for budget-friendly fruits and veggies in the produce, canned and frozen aisles to keep your plate full of the good stuff. #addcolor
This is literally heart pounding drama. See what happens on The Young and the Restless today at 12:30 ET on CBS.

New Storyline For 'Young & Restless' Icon Jill Abbott Atkinson May Save Lives
We all have loved ones and friends who have been impacted by heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure. During American Heart Month, let’s honor their memories and commit to improving our own heart health! Share your reasons for living a longer, healthier life below! #lifeiswhy
Melissa shares amazing before and after pics of the artery that caused her heart attack, and encourages everyone to be heart smart. “Start your new path to a healthy heart this February and don’t look back. We owe this to our loved ones.” Who are you keeping your heart healthy for?
Need some guidance as you deal with heart failure? Our free, downloadable guide is with you every step of the way. [ Link ] #RiseAboveHF #HFWeek2017
It's American Heart Month. Understand the risk factors and help protect your heart from cardiovascular disease!