America's religious landscape is changing, but our representation isn't.

Majority of states have all-Christian congressional delegations
Trump's healthcare plan would put essential health benefits at risk.

Latest version of Trumpcare makes covering pregnancy, hospitalization, and drugs optional
“[T]here are more people using their secular label as a way to move forward and counteract the attacks on women, the attacks on science, and the attacks on facts, based on what their secular values are telling them.” - Dr. Juhem Navarro-Rivera

Interview with Dr. Juhem Navarro-Rivera -
Where can you learn about humanism, social justice, environmental action, meet like-minded freethinkers, and get onsite humanist celebrant training, and more? The AHA 76th Annual Conference!

AHA Annual Conference 2017 - Charleston, SC
Don't try to separate God and government in this Ohio town unless you want violence.

An Ohio Mayor Is Resigning After Getting Threats For His Decision to Stop Prayers at Meetings
Rep. George Faught says rape and incest are the 'will of God' when asked about his anti-choice bill that would prevent a woman from aborting a fetus with a viable genetic abnormality.

WATCH: Oklahoma State Rep says rape and incest are the ‘will of God’ in abortion bill hearing
We're challenging the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals for allowing the Birdville Independent School District in Fort Worth, Texas, to continue subjecting students to prayers at school board meetings.

American Humanist Association Seeks Rehearing in Case Challenging Texas School Prayers - American Humanist Association
A teacher who was harassing a student for sitting out the Pledge of Allegiance has been fired.

Teacher Fired After Confronting Student Who Sat For Pledge
Don't miss the 2017 Secular Summit and Lobby Day. Get hands-on lobby training and become an effective advocate for secular values!

2017 Secular Summit & Lobby Day
Most people think that climate change will harm Americans, but they don’t think it will harm them.

How Americans Think About Climate Change, in Six Maps
Neil deGrasse Tyson has a few words about Trump's proposed anti-science budget.

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Trump's anti-science budget will make America stupid again
This Senator went on a rant about atheism and humanism because of some outdated blue laws.

Atheism and Humanism: Senator's comments on Sunday Blue Law vote raises eyebrows
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton wants religious freedom, but only the Christian kind.

The Texas AG sued to keep a Bible quote in school. Now he’s troubled by Muslim prayers.
Don't blame us! The rise of Trump is not due to America's movement toward secularism; it's a backlash against liberal progress and diversity as white Christian conservatives begin to lose their advantage.

America’s Empty-Church Problem