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"More than 99 percent of the thousands of IRS employees investigated for violating federal tax laws in the last five years avoided termination"

It’s Nearly Impossible To Get Fired At The IRS For Tax Evasion
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"Donald Trump's responsibility is to the American people who elected him"
Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump picked up 2,780 more votes

Dallas County failed to report 5,842 votes cast in 2016 election
School choice can mean the world to families looking for a better option.

How School Choice Changed These Brothers' Futures
Missouri is now the 28th right to work state.

Navy SEAL Governor Beats Back Unions
President Reagan was born on this date in 1911, 106 years ago.
AM CEO Ned Ryun set the record straight.
"Current U.K. law allows women in Wales and England to abort their disabled babies up to the moment before birth"

Disabled Lawmaker Speaks Out On Abortion: People Like Me Face Extinction
Neil Gorsuch is Trump's nominee for Supreme Court Justice!

Neil Gorsuch: Who is he? Bio, facts, background and political views
Last week this FedEx driver used a fire extinguisher to stop protesters from burning American flags.

FedEx Driver Who Stopped American Flag Burnings Will Not Be Fired
Should Left-wing groups like Media Matters influence what shows up in your newsfeed?

Media Matters Says It IsSecretly Working with Facebook to Fight ‘Fake News’
The chattering classes are going to lob their criticisms no matter what Trump does, so why not swing for the fences?

How President Trump Can Go Big League In Giving Government Back
Vice President Mike Pence spoke to the March for Life today, the first Vice President ever to do so.
Are you going to the March for Life?

About Today's March for Life
You don't have to go to Washington D.C. to fight for conservative values. Get started in your community today.

Five ways you can get involved in your state legislature
When you create 97,110 pages of new regulations, you're bound to create some nonsense.

The Craziest Regulations in the Obama Era
How do you win over voters who aren't paying attention? Here's 10 ways you can get to them.

10 Ways to Win Over Less Informed Voters