Can you identify which of the following is the most likely composition of these gallstones?

USMLE Step 2: Test your knowledge of gallstones
Despite revision, we still cannot support #AHCA bill that leaves coverage out of reach for millions. #ForOurPatients

Latest draft of AHCA still doesn't measure up
Get physicians involved early, influential health care chief executives tell a standing-room-only crowd at tech incubator MATTER.

Mayo, AMA CEOs urge: Seek physicians as innovation partners
Efforts to prevent the transmission of HIV from mother to child during pregnancy are starting to pay off.

Why Fewer Babies Are Being Born With HIV
What if there was a way to connect specialists with front-line docs in underserved areas? One project proposes a solution.

Project crowdsources specialists' diagnoses for safety-net care
Population health coordinators help patients with diabetes, cardiovascular disease and hypertension to improve outcomes.

Mass General brings population health outreach to primary care
Organizations representing patients with cancer, diabetes and heart conditions ask Congress to "go back to the drawing board."

Major patient groups join AMA to voice concerns on House bill
NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital put together a playlist of songs that clock in at 100 beats per minute -- the right beat to perform CPR.

Songs to Save a Life | NYP
One in every 45 Americans 75+ suffered brain injuries from falls, up 76% from 2007.

Falls Are Taking a Huge and Rising Tolls on Elderly Brains
How the pains of prior authorization are creating pressure to reform the process.

Pains of prior authorization create pressure for reform
People without insurance live sicker and die younger. Even healthy people need coverage. #ForOurPatients

Health reform: Patients deserve a healthier individual market
An easy way to make your voice heard on health care reform -- speak up #ForOurPatients.

Patients Before Politics
As a medical student, do you ever wonder what it’s like to specialize in preventive medicine?

What it's like in preventive medicine: Shadowing Dr. Blumenthal
Are filters effective in shielding kids from the darker corners of the Internet? A recent study says "no."

Internet filters may fail to shield kids from disturbing content
Jargon-laden explanations impede patients' decision-making and self-care. These methods can help close the communication gap.

"Medspeak" can shut down effective communication with patients
Curious how #TEDMED selects its speakers? Congrats to the 2017 Research Scholars, including AMA's Jeff Blackman.

Announcing the TEDMED 2017 Research Scholars - TEDMED Blog
Happy Match Day! Tell us where you matched for a chance to win a Blue Apron subscription (and other prizes).

Tweet or post a picture of yourself with a sign saying where you matched, using #Match2017 to be entered.
As you wait to find out where you'll spend your residency, prep for the transition into the next phase of your career! #Match2017

Graduating med students: Make a successful transition to residency
Most residents, weighed down by debt, feel behind on saving. An expert outlines five essential steps residents should take.

Financial plans on track? Residents, see how you compare
What forms the foundation of senior residents’ trust in junior colleagues? Learn the factors at play and become a master. #Match2017

How 1st year interns can establish trust with resident supervisors