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Obama as the face of the 1$ bill...
It's time to vote.
Comment 'ABSOLUTELY NOT' if you think they should leave the bill the way it is!

Do You Want To See Barack Obama On The $1 Bill?
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Miley Cyrus declared that she is going to be leaving the country.
Good riddance. We don't want her here.
Can we get 20,000 'LIKES' to have Miley gone?

Miley Cyrus: "Today I Leave America And In Ten Days I Will Be A British Citizen"... What Happened?
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Obama's own family just exposed him.
His past has finally come back to haunt him.
Is Obama a liar? Comment 'YES' or 'NO'

BREAKING: Obama's Brother Released Barak's Birth Certificate And It's Not Hawaiian
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Look what they are giving refugees coming in.

This has to be stopped.

Do you think you should have to be a registered citizen to vote?

Nebraska Libs Welcome Refugees With Basket Full Of Goods + Voter Registration Forms
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The House is going to come to a verdict.

A decision will be made.

Would you vote to ban Sharia Law?

BREAKING: House Votes To Ban Sharia Law For Good
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Trey Gowdy doesn't care what anyone thinks, he wants the truth.

This is why we love him. Let's show him our support.

Can we get 4,000 'LIKES' for Trey Gowdy?

Trey Gowdy Just Did What No One Else Would Dare Do
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She has completely lost it.

This is why we never listen to liberals.

Use one word to describe her in the comments below!

Crazy Dem Storms GOP House Floor With Outrageous Accusations... Claims She Is The Sane One
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They wanted to honor their vets in a unique way.

Look very closely... This is awesome.

Can we get 3,000 'LIKES' for our vets?

High School Art Project Goes Completely Viral For All The Right Reasons
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They doubted the wall, but this is a whole new level.

He's not messing around with our border.

Do you support the wall?

Look What We Just Learned About Donald Trump's Wall... This Is Going To Be Yuuuuuge
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Another tragic shooting...

This is out of control. Please send your prayers.

Has anything happened like this near you?

BREAKING: Shooting In Major US City... Please Send Your Prayers
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Nancy Pelosi has lost her mind.
She's told old to be in politics.
Should Nancy Pelosi be forced to retire from congress?

Nancy Pelosi Goes Completely Crazy On Camera In Humiliating Hysterics [WATCH]
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The government would get rid of them, so he decided to do this.
It shouldn't have to come to this.
Can we get 5,000 'LIKES' for this farmer!

Gov Refuses To Remove Migrants From This Farmer's Land, So He Took Matters Into His Own Hands
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Hannity just blew up a ticking time bomb, things are about to get ugly.
Here's the reality that we need to face.
Do you agree with Hannity?

Hannity Drops Bombshell On Live TV... This Changes Everything [WATCH]
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You'll never see a story about this, but while everyone was watching the Oscars...
Look what he did. This is amazing.
Do you support Trump?

Media Refuses To Report What Trump Just Did, You'll Cry Tears Of Joy
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They can't do this to him.
Please send your prayers.
Can we get 4,000 'LIKES' for Pence and his family?

Pence Receives Devastating News... He Needs Your Support Now More Than Ever
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Judge Jeanine just risked everything to take down Michelle Obama.
This is it, people, she needs our support.
Can we get 10,000 'LIKES' for Judge Jeanine?

Judge Jeanine Pirro Goes All In, Rips Michelle Obama Limb From Limb On Live TV
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Donald Trump just sent those terrorists back to their hole.
America will not coward in fear.
Do you think ISIS should be wiped off the face of the earth immediately!

Donald Trump Just Sent ISIS A Brutal Wakeup Call, It's A Whole New Presidency
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