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Melania Trump just made Michelle look pathetic on one of the biggest days in history.
This is what a real first lady looks like.
Can we get 10,000 'LIKES' for our new first lady!

Melania Trump Makes Michelle Obama Look Like A Complete Fool In Front Of The Entire World [VIDEO]
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Just as he was talking about attacking America...
God decided to intervene.
Do you think this is divine intervention?

Jihadist Nailed By Mortar As He Talks About Taking Down America [VIDEO]
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Trump finally decided to change his hair style for the start of his term.
Should he have kept it?

Trump Actually Got A New Haircut For Inauguration... Take A Look For Your Self
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The Obamas were trying to pull this off before they left.
Not under Ivanka's watch.
Do you love Trump family as much as we do?

Ivanka Trump Slams Her Foot Down... Stops Obama's From Further Destroying Our Country
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Obama just slapped Trump right in the face.
The amount of disrespect from Obama is unbelievable.
Do you think Obama has no class?

Obama Makes Sick Move For Trump's Inauguration... Here's What He's Going To Be Doing
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Barack And Michelle Obama just got a brutal wakeup call.
We will not let them go quietly...
Do the Obamas deserve this?

BREAKING: Barack And Michelle Hit With Widely Unexpected Devastation Right Before They're Departure
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Nicole Kidman is taking putting everything on the line to support her president.
We love her bravery, and we will stand with her.
Can we get 5,000 'LIKES' for Nicole Kidman?

Nicole Kidman Get's Blackballed By Hollywood After Calling For Americans To Stand With Trump
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They started to burn Ole' Glory, but then these bikers showed up.
Think twice before you decide to disrespect our nation's flag.
Can we get 3,000 'LIKES' for these patriotic bikers?

Protestors Start Burning American Flags, Receive Instant Justice From Patriotic Bikers [VIDEO]
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Sarah Palin is taking heat for her recent words about Obama.

She's right. This is an end of an error.

Was Obama the biggest error in American history?

Sarah Palin Under Fire After Destroying Obama For Final Time 'The End Of An Error'
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Rob Schneider put John Lewis in his place so hard that he got banned.

It's called freedom of speech!

Do you support Rob's right to express his opinion?

GOP Rob Schneider Ripped John Lewis So Bad His Career In Jeopardy... Give Him Your Support
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Trey Gowdy puts libs on blast.

Things are going to be different from now on.

Can we get 2,000 'LIKES' for Trey!

Trey Gowdy Sets The Record Straight, Slaps Angry Dems With Brutal Reality Check
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Trump stepped off his private jet in Washington and then...

We're ushering in a new era, we're going to make America great again.

Are you excited for our country?

Watch What Happened Immediately After Trump Got Off His Private Jet In DC... Look Closely
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Obama is will be known for this for the rest of his life.

It can never escape him, he made his own bed.

Do you think Trump will make a better president than Obama?

BREAKING: Obama Is Going Down In History As The First President To Ever....
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Tim doesn't care what people say about him, he preaches the truth.

We stand behind him 100%.

Do you love Tim for doing this?

Tim Allen Puts Everything On The Line To Humiliate Trump Haters On Live TV
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We were all focused on Trump's ceremony she pulled this.

Unbelievable, even up to the last day.

Are you happy we are finished with her?

While All The Attention In The World Was Focused On The Inauguration, Michelle Obama Silently Did This...
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They thought they could have a free ride for the rest of their lives...
Brutal wakeup call.
Do you think it should be illegal to mooch off other's hard work?

Food Stamps Stripped From Welfare Leeches In This State, Watch Their Reaction [VIDEO]
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Dorothy Hendrix unloaded on thugs who broke into her house... but look what happened next.
She has every right to blow those intruders away.
Do you stand behind her constitutional right to defend herself?

THIS Happens To 76 Year-Old Dorothy Hendrix After She Shoots Three Home Invaders
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Scott Baio is taking heat for standing up for what he believes in.
He needs our help, let's give it to him.
Can we get 3,000 'LIKES' for Scott Baio?

Actor Scott Baio Blackballed From Hollywood For Taking Massive Stand Against Illegals On Live TV [WATCH]
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Celebrities are taking a stand against Trump.
The liberal Hollywood can't take anymore.
Do you think they should stop complaining and accept reality?

BREAKING: Celebrities Ban Together For Total Hollywood Strike
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Whoopi Goldberg loses big after picking battle with Trump.
That's going to cost her.
Should Whoopi Goldberg be banned from national television?

Whoopi Goldberg's Career Is Over After What She Just Pulled