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Obama wants to take him down, he needs our help.
Let's show him our support.
Do you stand behind Krauthammer?

Obama Goes After Krauthammer After He Lays Out Perfect Plan To Destroy Him Live On The Air
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Matthew McConaughey doesn't care about the backlash, he is committed to our country.
He needs our help. Let's give it to him.
'LIKE' if you stand behind McConaughey!

Matthew McConaughey Blackballed From Hollywood After Destroying Actors Who Go After Trump
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Watch very closely as Trump get's off his plane.
This would never happen to Obama.
Do you think Trump is doing a better job than Obama?

Watch What Happened Immediately After Trump Got Off The Jet In Florida [VIDEO]
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Barron Trump cannot seem to get a break.
Keep the kids out of it.
Do you think Barron should be left alone?

BREAKING: Terrible Announcement About Barron Trump Just Made... This Is Tragic
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Trump is not going to go easy on them.
It's time we crack down.
Do you support the deportation of illegal immigrants?

Trump Gives Obama's Illegals A Brutal Wakeup Call... It's All Over Now
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The FBI just came out and said that Hillary should be in prison.
It’s time to arrest her. She has dodged this bullet for way too long.
Should Hillary pay for her crimes?

FBI Finally Admits Hillary Rodham Should Be Behind Bars... Here's Why
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Since the recent Russian intel scandal there has been a lot of controversy surrounding Trump.
The FBI recently investigated Trump, and here are the results.
Do you still stand behind Donald Trump?

BREAKING: FBI Makes Major Announcement About Trump... This Changes Everything
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Obama should have kept to his golf course.
It's all coming crashing down.
Would you be happy if Obama was arrested?

BREAKING: Obama Is About To Be Exposed, He Just Got The Worst News Of His Life
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Ivanka has been taking fire, but she is a true leader.

We love her, let's give her our support.

Can we get 4,000 'LIKES' for Ivanka Trump?

They Tried To Stop Her, But Ivanka Refused To Back Down... Look What She's Doing Now
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This speaks volumes about who they are as people.

Thank the good lord we are done with them.

Were the Obama's the worst first family ever?

Look What Malia Obama Was Just Caught Doing... Ivanka Would Never Be Seen Doing This
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Trump just slapped CNN in the face.

You mess with the bull you get the horns.

Hit 'LIKE' if you think CNN should be shut down!

Trump Gives CNN Brutal Taste Of Their Own Medicine HAH!
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Watch him shame a 12-year-old girl for not wanting to see naked boys in the locker room.

What an animal. Pick on someone your own size.

Should he be barred from network television for this?

CNN's Chris Cuomo Destroys Little Girl Because She Doesn't Want To See Guys In Locker Room Shower
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Barack doesn't care about anything except bringing Trump down.

He should mind his own business, and let Trump fix our country.

Was Obama the worst president in history?

Barack Hussein Obama Does The Unthinkable To Bring Down Trump, He's Risking Everything
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They've found a loophole and they're going to exploit it.

This is unbelievable.

Is this the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard?

BREAKING: Supreme Court To Nullify The Election... They Are Actually Doing It
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She mouthed off to the judge, and instantly learned that was a huge mistake.

No free ride in this country!

Are you sick and tired of people using you to pay their bills?

BRUTAL: Watch This No-Nonsense Judge Slap Obama Voting Welfare Leech With Horrible Wakeup Call [VIDEO]
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Trump just wiped the floor with this Obama traitor.

No integrity. What a disgrace.

Do you think Trump did the right thing?

Straggler Obama Official Caught Doing Something Absolutely Sickening... Trump Immediately Delivers Devastating News
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Barron Trump cannot seem to get a break.
Keep the kids out of it.
Do you think Barron should be left alone?

BREAKING: Terrible Announcement About Barron Trump Just Made... This Is Tragic
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Trey Gowdy deserves a promotion for the solution he just created.
He could be the best hire Trump has made.
Do you love Trey Gowdy as much as we do?

Trey Gowdy Finds Miracle Loophole To Trump's Travel Ban... This Changes Everything
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She had the nerve to try and tell him what to do, but she didn't know who she was dealing with.
Can you believe the nerve of this woman...
Do you love his response?

Disrespectful Lib Demands Sheriff Clarke Remove His Hat, Watch How He Responds... Epic
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Nancy Pelosi just got the worst news of her life.
It's finally happening.
Should Nancy Pelosi be banned from politics?

BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Get's Devastating News... She's Through