Secretary of Defense James Mattis wasted no time upon getting sworn in. ISIS is in a world of crap!

Maddog Wastes No Time After Being Sworn In, Takes Immediate Action
Donald J. Trump and his wife Melania Trump attended the National Prayer Service this morning. The First Lady captured the attention of everyone.

The Trump’s Arrive At National Prayer Service, Everyone Notices Instantly What Melania Does
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Some are infuriated, some are thrilled with Pence's over-the-top behavior...

VP Mike Pence Publicly Gives Obama And The Clintons The Treatment They Deserve [WATCH]
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The internet is abuzz over former first lady Michelle Obama’s facial expression after incoming first lady Melania Trump handed her a gift. Cameras showed Melania handing Michelle a large Tiffany & Co. gift box as Michelle responds somewhat oddly, BuzzFeed reports. The video shows an unsmiling Michel...

Seemingly Ungrateful Michelle Acts Oddly As Melania Hands Her Tiffany Gift Box [PHOTOS]
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The profile says, “ALL SIX OF US,” but a close look at their clothing reveals the truth. Do you see what gives it away?

Six College Girls Post A Picture To TINDER With A ‘Demanding’ Proposition For ONE SINGLE MAN
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Trump is making immediate changes and liberals are in disarray!

Second Reporter Slams Barron Trump…Don Trump Jr Responds
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This has to be the best video I have seen all week! Bill you horn dog.

Bill Clinton BUSTED Checking Out Ivanka Trump [WATCH]
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Fuck your peaceful protests
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Too soon?
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Did he have any idea he would be filmed and go viral?

UPS Guy Is CAUGHT IN THE ACT By Hidden Camera
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This is the bug that ruins your day. People are furious after receiving this message!

If You See This Catastrophic EMOJI TEXT MESSAGE, Delete It Immediately And Never Forward It
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So then there was another celebrity putting everything out there.. then having to defend their stupidity.

Bella Thorne Disputes [NSFW] Photos, ‘Not What You Think’…