The liberal fools in California continue to set the standard for being stupid.

California City Passes Unanimous Resolution to IMPEACH President Trump
This is amazing to see the students had the GUTS to do what the School officials could not. WAY to go! Now these are future leaders!

Students Stand Up For Religious Freedom After Being Bullied To Break A 70yr Tradition, Crowd Rises To Feet [WATCH]
A republican law maker is wanting to liberal professors KICKED OUT of universities. Would you support a bill like this for your state?

NO MORE LIBS ALLOWED! New State Bill Would Purge Universities of Liberal Professors
This is what happens when your cockiness writes checks your butt cannot cash!

Cocky MMA Fighter Taunts His Opponent and Gets KNOCKED OUT Instantly
I have a feeling Martin Luther King, Jr. would be very proud of his niece!

MLK’s Niece, Alveda King: “FAKE NEWS” Is Why People Believe President Trump Is Racist
He may float like a butterfly but got stung by the bee.

Cocky MMA Fighter Gets Knocked The F##k Out! [VIDEO]
"Slipped into drinks and then given to the unsuspecting victims. Sometimes done by strangers, but more often than not by friends and/or acquaintances."

Authorities Are Warning of The Newest Rape Drug Hitting The Bar Scene [WATCH]
Yet he would have been pissed if his opponents tried to steal his Obamaphone and EBT card.

BLM Activist Arrested For Trying to Steal Confederate Flag
Conservatism begins with the belief that sovereignty resides in the person.

Alt-Right Leader Thrown Out Of CPAC [VIDEO]
President Donald J. Trump needs to make an example out of this to give pause to other elected left wing idiots!

Democrat Governor Tells Police Not To Enforce Trump Immigration Policy
This is so sad how this woman acts towards him. Who does she think she is?

Foul Mouthed Entitled Millennial Berates Taxi Cab Driver [WATCH]