APA has relaunched a collaboration with Microsoft to hold a series of lessons that will bring psychologists into elementary and secondary school classrooms via Skype. APA's “ Let's Talk about Mental Health” initiative is part of the Skype in the Classroom program, a platform used for educators to learn from other educators around the world. FAQs and more details are on the APA website.

APA and Skype in the Classroom: Let's Talk about Mental Health

The Economist offered this visual take on the results of a a new study that examined the key determinants of happiness and misery in honor of World Happiness Day (which we missed by a day...sorry!). Do you find visual representations of research results to be effective and/or helpful, or do you prefer reading?

Daily chart: A new study tries to unpick what makes people happy and sad | The Economist

APA is thrilled to welcome new CEO, Arthur C. Evans Jr., PhD! Dr. Evans is widely-known for his transformational and trailblazing leadership style.

Arthur C. Evans Jr. is named APA's new CEO

Is your dream to be invited to the Academy Awards? This year, that dream came true for psychologist Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, PhD, Distinguished Faculty Fellow in the Psychology Department at Temple University. Read about her son's Oscar win on the APA Books blog.


Many psychology practitioners help families talk through their issues with money, but psychologist Kristen Armstrong, PhD, has a particularly focused tack: helping wealthy families deal with the impact their money has on the family, the community and the world.

Risky business: Mixing money and kin

Today, APA expressed serious concerns regarding deep cuts in the president’s proposed fiscal year 2018 budget that the organization says will curtail advances in research and education while threatening the health, well-being and competitiveness of our nation. Read the full statement here.

APA Urges Congress to Reject President's Proposed Budget

The latest episode of the APA Journals Dialogue podcast focuses on the unique challenges facing caregivers of veterans with traumatic brain injury and polytrauma. Listen online or subscribe through iTunes or Feedburner.

Examining Burden Among Caregivers of Veterans

APA and the APA Practice Organization have sent a letter to congressional leaders stating their opposition to the American Health Care Act after a Congressional Budget Office analysis projected that the bill, if enacted into law, could double the proportion of Americans without health insurance by 2026.

APA Calls Upon Congress to Oppose American Health Care Act

How should a psychologist advise a heterosexual man who has sexual thoughts about men? In this month’s Monitor on Psychology magazine, psychologists with ethics expertise weigh in on how a clinician should address this scenario.

How should a psychologst advise a heterosexual man who has sexual thoughts about men?

It’s official: money is stressful. If you’re struggling with financial avoidance or financial denial, here are some ways you can take action to get your money matters back on track.

Face the numbers: Moving beyond financial denial

Feeling disconnected in the age of smartphones? Psychologists’ research shows how our devices are affecting our health and well-being, and points the way toward taking back control.


Join us live on Facebook as we kick off our 125th Anniversary Speakers' Series with Erlanger A. Turner, PhD next Monday, March 13 at 2:30 pm EDT. Dr. Turner will explore the psychological influences of aggressive policing on mental health among African-Americans and discuss some of the challenges, as well as possibilities, for change.
We'll be live with Dr. Earlanger Turner in just a few minutes kicking off our 125th Anniversary Speaker Series.
UPDATE: due to the impending winter storm in the DC area, we have canceled the in-person event with Dr. Erlanger Turner at the APA building that had been scheduled for 6-8 p.m. tonight. However, we will still be streaming Dr. Turner’s talk here on Facebook at 2:30pm EDT. We look forward to an interactive session so get your questions ready for Dr. Turner.
Join us live on Facebook Monday, March 13 at 2:30 pm EDT as we kick off our 125th Anniversary Speakers' Series. Erlanger A. Turner, PhD will explore the psychological influences of aggressive policing on mental health among African-Americans and discuss some of the challenges, as well as possibilities, for change.
Reminder: Tomorrow is our FREE-webinar with Dr. Christina Studebaker. She will discuss her job as litigation consultant. Studebaker has over a decade’s worth of experience with juror and jury decision making. Join us, 03/14/17 at 1pm ET and ask her how she got that job! [ On.apa.org Link ]
Are comedians' brains different than those of un-funny people? New research on the neuroscience of humor reveals some interesting results.

The neuroscience of humor investigated

The new Monitor series, "No Insurance Required,"looks at the ways psychologists are providing services that don't require reimbursement from insurance companies. This month's article focuses on the ways coaching helps clients cope with ADHD while helping psychologists flourish without relying on insurers.

Coaching adults, students and young kids with ADHD

Transgender and gender nonconforming people are becoming more accepted in mainstream society, but they still remain misunderstood and understudied. In this episode, psychologist Anneliese Singh discusses how she and other researchers are trying to understand resilience within this population. She also talks about new practice guidelines for the mental health professionals who work with them.

Speaking of Psychology: Helping transgender people thrive

Today, we issued this statement voicing serious concern regarding the bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Any health care reform legislation considered by Congress should increase, not decrease, the number of Americans with access to affordable health care.

APA Voices Concerns With American Health Care Act