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AQHA: Reach Out To Inspire

Age, activity, and travel are all factors surrounding the need to vaccinate your horse. As a reward for taking care of them, EQStable from Zoetis wants to take care of you!

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AQHA: The Importance of Annual Equine Vaccination

It's #CoatColorChat time!

From now to 4pm, post your coat color and genetics questions below with a picture, and #AQHA Equine Color Specialist Lisa Covey will be standing by to answer them.
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AQHA members and Board of Directors approved four bylaw changes and three registration-related items at the 2017 #AQHAConvention. Items include creation of a task force to investigate the use, distribution and value of microchipping in all or just certain American Quarter Horses. The task force’s findings and/or recommendations will be presented to appropriate committees at the 2018 annual...
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AQHA: AQHA Bylaw and Registration Changes

Can't make it to Houston, Texas for the Zoetis VRH World Championships, AQHA Cowboy Mounted Shooting World Championships, and the Zoetis AQHA Ranching Heritage Challenge Finals? EQStable from Zoetis

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Live Stream of Show Events

The Zoetis Versatility Ranch Horse World Championship opens its 10th edition today!

The event will be held during the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, in conjunction with the #AQHA Cowboy Mounted Shooting World Championships and, new this year, the Zoetis AQHA Ranching Heritage Challenge Finals.
EQStable from Zoetis

AQHA: Zoetis VRH World Championship Opens March 23

Kate is just one of the many talented #cowgirls we're rooting for at Road to the Horse! Be sure to watch these talented horsewomen via the LIVE broadcast this weekend at roadtothehorse.com!
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Your #stallion is a key component in creating new life, and you want to give the mare owner the best shot at a successful pregnancy.
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AQHA: Stallion Nutrition for Breeding Season

After a productive and incredible five days at #AQHAConvention in San Antonio, Chief International Officer Dr. Anna Morrison is in the air again headed to Equitana in Essen, Germany. She and a couple other AQHA staff members will provide onsite services for AQHA members, experience Equitana's western day and visit the offices of the DQHA, our German affiliate. Safe travels to our awesome team!...
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As that #AQHAsnow starts to melt away, it is time to get your #horse back in the arena and back in shape.

AQHA: Reconditioning After a Winter Break

From the #beach to the #mountains, we want to know about the best #vacation you've taken with your #AmericanQuarterHorse! Find out how you could revel in more than the memories for next year...

My Dream Vacation Essay Contest

The snow is gone – skijoring is out. Spring is here – surfing is in!
Who's taking a beach trip with their #AmericanQuarterHorse?
Congratulations are in order for the connections of the five horses and five horsemen who were inducted into the #AmericanQuarterHorse Hall of Fame at the 2017 #AQHAConvention in San Antonio.

AQHA: 2017 American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame Inductees

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Enter the #IVaccinated Sweepstakes

Once again, welcome and congratulations to your new AQHA Executive Committee. Safe travels home to everyone who attended #AQHAConvention in San Antonio. Visit aqha.com/convention for more information about this important yearly event open to all AQHA members!

AQHA: 2017 AQHA Executive Committee

Congratulations to new AQHA President Ralph Seekins of Fairbanks, Alaska! And welcome to the executive committee, Norm Luba of Louisville, Kentucky.

AQHA: 2017 AQHA Executive Committee