On June 2, 2007, 10-year-old Felix fell while climbing a tree and was seriously injured. He was in a coma for 3 weeks and in the hospital until August. That experience made him realize the importance of blood and platelets. "From the ages of 10 to 16, I would continuously talk to my dad about donating, and I couldn't wait to get to the age where I could donate myself," said Felix. He now...
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Blood recipient Michael knows that you can't predict when or where an accident will happen, but it's critical for blood products to be available when it does. “I've used over 300 units of blood in my life when I was younger after an auto accident. Blood donations helped save my life.” While donors of all types are needed, there's currently a critical need for O negative donors, whose universal...
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Happy National Puppy Day! Now that we have your attention, we have an important reminder. The need for blood is constant. We especially need platelet donors as well as type O negative and AB blood donors. Schedule now: rcblood.org/2mVCwvu.
Happy Red Cross Month! One way we’re thanking you for supporting our lifesaving mission is with Red Cross Donor Rewards. Visit rcblood.org/2o5wglH to take advantage of online deals & discounts from top retailers.

And, if you're eligible to donate, please make an appointment to give at rcblood.org/2mVAUTo. While heroes of all types are needed, there is a critical need for platelets, type O...
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Type O negative red blood cells and type AB plasma are especially important because they can be given to patients of all blood types and are often used in emergencies. Both are critically needed right now! O negative red blood cells can be collected during whole blood or Power Red donations while type AB plasma can be collected during a whole blood, platelet or plasma donation. Make your...
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Meet the blood products that are the MVPs in emergency rooms. Platelet, type O- blood and AB plasma donors are especially needed now. Learn more and make an appointment: rcblood.org/2n1HUi6.

Help Restock Emergency Room Refrigerators with Lifesaving Blood

5 easy ways to be a hero during Red Cross Month: rcblood.org/2mYbfvw
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Join Dave and share some of your luck with patients in need! To a patient with a serious medical condition, your blood or platelet donation is more precious than a pot o' gold. Appointments: rcblood.org/2nvM1X4.
#TBT - While many things have changed since this poster was created in 1958, the need for heroes to roll up a sleeve and help save lives remains. In honor of #RedCrossMonth, we invite you to make a lifesaving difference. Platelet and type O negative donors are especially needed. Appointments: rcblood.org/2mxK8ny.
Severe winter weather this month, especially in the Northeast this week, has forced the cancellation of blood drives and closed donation centers, causing thousands of blood and platelet donations to go uncollected. Platelet donors and blood donors of all types - especially type O negative - are needed. Please give now: rcblood.org/2mPL5Lw.
Severe winter weather this month has caused thousands of Red Cross blood and platelet donations to go uncollected. You can help ensure a sufficient supply for patients by making an appointment to give now at rcblood.org/2nqkmU8. The need is especially critical for platelet and type O negative donors.
In case you missed it: Yesterday we celebrated volunteer Blanche's 101st birthday with a blood drive. Though the blood drive came up 8 pints shy of her goal of 101 pints, it was still a birthday to remember. Check out the awesome video below from WBAY TV-2. And, make your own appointment to give the gift of life: rcblood.org/2np59me.

Blanche's 101st Birthday Blood Drive

Today donors rolled up a sleeve for Blanche's birthday party blood drive. Her birthday wish is to collect 101 pints - one for each year of her life! (Yes, you read that right - 101!) Blanche has been a registration volunteer at Red Cross blood drives for the past 40 years and still volunteers 24 hours a month. "I look forward to coming into work to see the donors. If I had to stay home, I...
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What do Martin, Carrie, Sandy, Cody, Zeinna, Jamie, Johnetta, Lamya, Makenzie, Martha, Arthur, Maryclare, Chad, Terri and Garrett all have in common? Their lives were saved or forever changed by blood or platelet donors. Give blood or platelets this week and you might help add more patients to the list. While heroes of all types are needed, the Red Cross critically needs platelet and type O...
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Psst! Don't forget to #TurnandTest! Turn your clocks forward Saturday night and test your smoke alarm. Learn more fire safety tips at rcblood.org/1TPjgOH.
Be a community hero during Red Cross Month by helping save lives. There's a critical need for platelets and type O negative blood. Please make your appointment to give now - patients are counting on you: rcblood.org/2msSTRt

BOSS Magazine | Red Cross Month & the Importance of Blood Donations

Right now, there's a critical need for platelets. By donating, you are helping to make sure patients like Hannah have the platelets they desperately need. Since her leukemia diagnosis in October, 14-year-old Hannah has received more than 10 transfusions. Please be a #CancerKicker and make an appointment to give this week: rcblood.org/2n4Nrr9.

cc: Hannah Scotlyn will not let Leukemia bring her...
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Type O negative donors, we need you now! Because your blood can be transfused to patients of any blood type in an emergency, you are an important part of the Red Cross #TraumaTeam. Please make your appointment to help patients in the most serious situations: rcblood.org/2m0mm3x
Clara Barton is most known for founding the American Red Cross, but her intense devotion to serving others resulted in enough achievements to fill several ordinary lifetimes. Learn more about this remarkable woman in honor of #WomensHistoryMonth and #InternationalWomensDay at rcblood.org/2mYsXjE.
March is #RedCrossMonth - the perfect time to celebrate the role you play in the lifesaving mission of the American Red Cross. Are you a blood or platelet donor? Volunteer? Supporter? Blood Drive Partner? Share the image that highlights how you support the Red Cross and encourage others to join you!

Make a donation appointment or learn more about getting involved at rcblood.org/2n3ScOo.