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After losing both legs in a bomb blast inAfghanistan, Officer Ferreira (Former US Marine) becomes the first double leg amputee to join the police force. Well done brother!!!

03/26/2017 at 01:55. Facebook
When these soft cupcakes start seeing the backfiring, we hope they wise up!

03/25/2017 at 03:57. Facebook
Gun mods, gun cleaning.... just your average Firearm Freedom Friday around here at American Strong.

If you don't support the second amendment, this isn't the page (or country) for you!
03/25/2017 at 00:27. Facebook
Our brother Sgt. Avila, US Army - always the one upper!


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It's FIREARM FRIDAY! His & Hers Edition

Springfield Armory
Guns, Ammo & Blades
NRA Institute for Legislative Action
NRA's American Rifleman (Official)
03/24/2017 at 01:06. Facebook
Grabbed a pretty rad shot of our pal's boy this past weekend. When your daddy is a combat wounded Marine... you've got some big shoes to fill, but little Andrew is up for the challenge!

03/23/2017 at 20:29. Facebook
Congratulations to #TEAMUSA for winning the our First World Baseball Classic!! Competing adjacent the entire world, we came out on top.

[ Link ]

United States Beats Puerto Rico for First World Baseball Classic Title
03/23/2017 at 15:55. Facebook
Navy Officer, wearing his uniform on Jeopardy, gets a navy question wrong?????

Come on Navy, get your sh*t together. Gotta love officers! No enlisted military personnel will ever forget their branches birthday!

[ Link ]

Navy officer jeopardy

Pretty Interesting - might make people think twice -

Use your brain AMERICA

[ Link ]

Toronto bar serves drinks on coasters made from cars that never made it home
Even though this was years ago, There's is not a big enough beer in the world to buy this man...this in support of all of our brothers who laid it all on the line in Vietnam.

[ Link ]

Missouri Man Spits on Jane Fonda

U.S. Marine Corps
Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego
Somebody please get ahold of this gentleman, and THANK HIM! We need more people like him. The truth & knowledge he shared is invaluable. The full length video, has the gentleman making the two young men shake hands. We as humans are better than this. Well done sir!

Did you know, a decal pack is included with EVERY order???

Stop by today!
Hope your Monday was half as good as ours.....

So scary......

Right now I identify as a dog, I would like someone to walk me in the park each day, and pick up after me when I feel the ned to do my business. If you question that, you're a bigot.

[ Link ]

Short white guy tells college students he identifies as tall Chinese woman… their responses prove we’re DOOMED - Allen B. West -

Go out at make it happen America! We were so honored to complete yet another 5k Charity Run last weekend, our Brother Carlos, USMC Ret. showing everyone up in his silkie shorts. Dead sexy brother - keep up the great work!

Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego
Unstoppable Heroes - Wounded Veterans
Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego
Honored and thrilled to have attended our brothers Homes For Our Troops welcoming ceremony. Cpl. Van Etten, had lost both of his legs in combat, and this amazing organization has stepped in to build him a beautiful mortgage free home. This will be a fully equipped "smart home" enabling him to move around his home whether it be on his prosthetics, or wheel chair.

You may also recognize Van...
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Yup - It's pretty much like that

Mission Complete!

For the 5th year in a row, American Strong was honored to join the city of Huntington Beach, Ca in the 3/1 run. A 5k which raises money for the 3/1 Marines. This is an annual fundraiser, in which funds go back to the Marine Corps. It's always an amazing time, and quite rewarding to all of those involved

3/1 5k Fun Run/Walk Benefiting the 3rd Battalion/1st Marines 3/11/17