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When these birds hit the right notes, they get a hit of the "feel good" neurotransmitter, dopamine, which helps them evaluate their song performance.

Hitting the right notes makes zebra finches feel good

You might not know how your pet got so lost, but if they're microchipped, you know how they're getting home.

The mysterious case of the cat that disappeared and showed up 700 miles away

As the weather gets colder, livestock producers should adjust management accordingly and watch for signs of stress.

Cold Weather Tips for Livestock Producers | Radio 570 WNAX

Did you know that pet blood banks save lives, too? Cats and dogs may need blood transfusions, and your family pet could be a hero.

Family pets can save a life by donating blood

Yoda, a therapy sheep, will undergo surgery to correct a congenital heart problem called a patent ductus arteriosus (PDA).

Veterinarians set to do first-ever procedure on a sheep | The Cross Timbers Gazette

The veterinary profession is tackling the issue of student debt, focusing on ways to lower the debt-to-income ratio by reducing debt and increasing income.

Fixing the debt: Your profession is working to ease the burden

"And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for that meddling cat!"

Cat assists police in finding fugitive in Ephrata

The Translational Genomics Research Institute, with help from the Humane Society, is seeking canine saliva samples to study the fungus that causes valley fever in dogs. Because valley fever causes illness in humans, too, this research could help more than one species.

TGen wants dog slobber for valley fever study, Humane Society lends helping paw

This volunteer veterinary clinic gives care to the pets of people struggling with housing insecurity. Their pets are a bright spot in their lives, but it can be difficult to get the animals the medical care they need.

Veterinary volunteers are needed all over the country, and the AVMA serves a small population in New Mexico with volunteer clinics through a program called Reaching UP. To find...
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Four-Legged Medical Care Helps San Francisco’s Homeless

Radioiodine treatment can give cats with hyperthyroidism better quality of life. As pets live longer, there is a greater need for treatments like this to allow pets to live comfortably as they age.

For AVMA resources on caring for senior pets, visit: [ Bit.ly Link ].

A radioactive cure for ailing older cats | Penn Current

It's important that we welcome animals back to their natural habitat, and we have to be aware of the challenges that come with sharing the land. If you live where coyotes, wolves, mountain lions, bears, and other predators are native or common in the area, take the necessary steps to keep every person and animal safe.

- Don't make food or garbage easily accessible on your property.
- Don't...
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Wildlife officials: Video captures possible 2nd jaguar in US

Have you ever brought your pet to meet Santa Claus? Show us your best Christmas pet photos!

Santa Paws: Pets line up to meet Santa at LSU Vet School

On January 1, the FDA's Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) goes into effect, and the administration of certain antibiotics for food animal species will require veterinary oversight. Are you ready for this change? Here are a few tips to prepare yourself and your clients for VFD compliance: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) Basics

This veteran needed a place to work that didn't object to his service dog, which is trained to help him get up if he falls. Lowe's hired him and even gave his service dog a Lowe's vest to wear while on the job.

Veteran can’t work without his service dog — so Lowe’s hired them both

Just another reminder to watch what your pets put in their mouths this holiday season! Mistletoe, for example, is not something you want your pet eating in large amounts, and holiday decorations like tinsel and ribbon pose dangers, too.

Take the "Oh No!" Out of Your and Your Pets' Holiday "Ho-Ho-Ho!"

The AVMA Veterinary Career Center explored various veterinary career possibilities in a recent webinar called “Need a change? Think corporate veterinary medicine!” A recording of this webinar is now available for on-demand viewing.

Learn more: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Animal health is important because it protects people, too. Many viruses that affect human health are zoonotic, and animals can transmit or serve as reservoirs for diseases.

If you have questions about the relationship between zoonotic diseases, your pet, and your health, see our resource at [ Bit.ly Link ].

Scientists identify pandemic threat viruses - BBC News

Injuries from animal fights are one of the top issues that emergency veterinarians see around the holidays. If there will be multiple family pets around, be sure they are properly introduced and acclimated to each other, and watch them at all times. For more holiday pet safety tips, visit [ Bit.ly Link ].

Help your pet stay on Santa’s ‘nice’ list during the holidays

Our governmental relations externship program is just one way the AVMA ensures that the unique scientific, medical and business expertise of veterinarians is represented in policy decisions.

10 veterinary students named as 2017 AVMA governmental relations externs