Another lost pet and owner reunion brought to you by a #microchip. For information about microchips and keeping your pets' microchip info up-to-date, visit [ Link ].

New Carlisle man reunited with his lost dog after four years
An older pet might be an animal that has been with you for years, or it might have just arrived in your home in order to live out its golden years in comfort. No matter how long an aging pet has been with you, there can be many challenges that come with loving and caring for a senior pet. Veterinarians have helped countless owners care for their pets as they age, and they have kept those pets...
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When You Love An Old Dog, Managing Care Can Be A Challenge
Like other pieces of litter and pollution, coins thrown into ponds, lakes, and even fountains can make their way into the stomachs of wildlife species.

You should stop throwing coins into wishing wells
Did you know that your pet's oral health is tied to their overall health? Book an appointment with your veterinarian for your pet's dental exam, and learn more about your pet's dental health at [ Link ].
Combat the health concerns that come with spring weather by committing to regular maintenance and preventive care.

Ask the Vet: Mud and Horse Health
Various states have introduced bills protecting dogs in hot cars and/or the people who rescue them. Leaving pets in vehicles can be dangerous in both cold and warm weather—even in temperatures that don't seem "hot" to you. For information and client education materials about pets in hots cars, see our page at [ Link ].

Colorado bill protects people who forcibly enter vehicle to rescue people, animals
Bird flu overseas is worrying some U.S. poultry farmers. An outbreak in the Chesapeake area, for example, could rock both the domestic and international poultry trade, according to Maryland State Veterinarian Michael Radebaugh. Research on the migratory patterns of waterfowl could provide vital information to help prepare for a domestic outbreak of the virus.

Scientists Build Avian Flu Defense for Chesapeake Farmers
Researchers at Mississippi State University's College of Veterinary Medicine completed their own canine shelter population survey, and the findings could help provide a baseline with which to compare future data. Replicable surveys about the canine shelter population can also help shape animal health policies concerning the spread of heartworm and other diseases.

MSU College of Veterinary Medicine researchers complete canine shelter population survey – Winston County Journal
Nevada Department of Agriculture is getting reports of exposure to equine herpes virus type 4 and Streptococcus equi bacterial infection, both of which are highly contagious. Horse owners are encouraged to talk with their veterinarian and ensure their horses' vaccinations are current. The American Association of Equine Practitioners has information about transmission, symptoms, and vaccine...
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Dozens of horses statewide with reported disease exposure
"The trouble is, [dolphins] are a bit like dogs. You think you know what they're doing, but when you're not looking, you'd be surprised what they get up to."

Action cams give the low down on dolphins
Feral pigs cause expensive damage each year to Texas agriculture, but using poison to control the hogs might have implications for other wildlife species in the ecosystem.

Fearing "feral hog apocalypse," Texas approves drastic measures
Too much food and not enough water can be factors in feline urinary tract issues. Be sure your cat has access to clean water, and ask your veterinarian about feeding and diet recommendations to help prevent urinary tract diseases. If you'd like to learn more about the causes and signs of feline urinary tract disease, AVMA has more information at [ Link ].

The vet’s office: Recognizing and treating feline lower urinary tract disease
Unlicensed practice of veterinary medicine was a key discussion topic at the AVMA's recent House of Delegates meeting, and the AVMA's Model Veterinary Practice Act is scheduled for review later this year. If you're an AVMA member and think it should be changed in any way, you can submit comments and suggestions online, here: [ Link ].

House asks for review of unlicensed practice
Like children, dogs tend to explore the world with their mouths. So, like children, it's best to supervise your pets while there are choking hazards on the floor, and try to keep items out of reach that would be dangerous if swallowed.

Dog back on track after surgery to remove swallowed toy train - BBC News
It's National Dog Biscuit Day! While a treat is okay every once in a while, remember that food does not equal love. If you celebrate with a biscuit today, consider using healthier methods such as praise, toys, or long walks to reward them tomorrow.
Tracking individual wild animals over time can provide valuable data to researchers. This facial recognition tool could eliminate the need to trap and tag individuals for study.

Lemur facial recognition tool developed - BBC News
At the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, veterinarians are using special collars to monitor dogs' heart rates, respiratory rates, and more. Similar to human activity trackers, these collars collect data that could aid veterinarians in keeping their canine patients healthy.

Fitbit for dogs?
As with other holidays, it's important to remember your pet's physical and emotional well-being during Mardi Gras. Do not give your pets people food or leave food within their reach, do not allow pets to consume alcohol, and, if possible, keep them home and away from crowds. Also, check that their microchip information is updated in case they get loose during the festivities.

Mardi Gras do's and don't's for pets
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