Small business owners have called the new #BAT Consumer Tax, "a deal killer," that would affect industry across the country.

Florist tells House panel that border tax would be a 'deal killer'
Not enough time in the day? The early morning hours can be key to a more productive daily routine!

7 Ways to Make Your Morning Amazing - Americans for Prosperity Foundation
Huge THANKS to House Speaker Richard Corcoran for standing up for Florida taxpayers and bringing the Sunshine State one step closer to eliminating Enterprise Florida!

Where's Enterprise Florida? On Its Last Leg - Americans for Prosperity
The Keystone XL pipeline will deliver a double benefit to our economy, creating jobs and improving access to affordable, reliable energy. We thank the new administration for approving it!

AFP on Approval of Keystone XL Permit - Americans for Prosperity
AFP Mississippi State Director Russ Latino says there's, "no good reason" to grow the size of government with the online sales tax in Mississippi.

Online Sales Tax is Wrong for Mississippi
Following the canceled vote on the AHCA, it's time to start fresh and repeal Obamacare's core problems.

AFP on Cancelled House Health Care Vote - Americans for Prosperity
Will Trump's first budget proposal reign in excessive government spending? Find out on the latest episode of the Prosperity Podcast!

Does Trump's First Budget Get a Passing Grade? - Americans for Prosperity
AFP President Tim Phillips' reaction to the signing of Obamacare seven years ago. [ Link ]
Opinion | Neil Gorsuch is a judge for all seasons and ages.

Armstrong Williams op-ed: Gorsuch, a judge for all seasons and ages
We can't afford to gamble with the budgets of American families! That's why we say NO to the BAT Consumer Tax!

Border adjustment tax is a gamble: Sen. Tom Cotton
AFP Foundation believes that free countries, free societies, and free people give everyone the best opportunities to pursue happier, healthier, and more successful lives! Find out more!

Inspiring Hope through Community Partnership - Americans for Prosperity Foundation
AFP's Chrissy Harbin has a few tips for the Trump administration on how to take a conservative approach to transportation and infrastructure spending.

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In 2009 we made a commitment to repeal Obamacare. With the finish line in sight, take a look back on the Road to Repeal to see just how far we've come!

The Road To Repeal
Donald Trump gave the American people the first sense of where his spending priorities are with his “skinny budget.” This budget is an outline to Congress highlighting where he wants them to spend money in 2018. Predictably, it’s been met with outrage from Democrats that claim cutting spending on programs will hurt vulnerable Americans. This new episode of our podcast discusses!

Does Trump's First Budget Get a Passing Grade? - Americans for Prosperity
We will defend lawmakers who stay true to their principles & fight for better health care.

Koch network pledges to defend Republicans who vote against GOP health bill
7 years ago, Obamacare was signed into law. We're fighting for a FULL repeal and against Obamacare 2.0: AHCA! [ Link ]
We made a commitment in 2009 to repeal Obamacare and never looked back. For eight years, we have been fighting Obamacare with our grassroots army. Join us as we look back on our long and winding road towards a FULL repeal of Obamacare. [ Link ]
Decades of evidence show that publicly funded stadiums rarely benefit taxpayers. The new Potomac Nationals proposed in Virginia would be no different...

Letter: Public investment in stadium is rarely a good move
"Conservatives should defeat the American Health Care Act and simply do what they promised: repeal Obamacare... After all, the American people elected Republicans to end the Obamacare nightmare, not simply replace it with more of the same." - AFP Director of Policy Akash Chougule

Why conservatives should oppose the House Republican healthcare bill to 'replace' Obamacare
We need to CUT wasteful spending, not make things more expensive for American families. The #BAT Consumer Tax would do just that

Barron's: "Kill the Border Tax Before it Kills Us"